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July 2020
Ready to Take Charge or
Make Over Your Life?
before you act or react

2020 News:
Ready to Take Charge or Make Over Your Life?

Do you need help?
Are you feeling overwhelmed by the energies of life?
Are you tired of your own life story?
Are you energetically in trouble?
Do you want to find ways in which to do an extreme makeover in your life?

You might find it helpful to discover more about yourself through a Heart & Soul Healing Session. We are scheduling phone and Skype sessions every day. Just give us a call or contact us by email. If you want to work with your own energy first, read what follows, as these are proven guidelines and tools that have worked for millions around the world.

If you are one of the many individuals who are feeling overwhelmed by life at the moment, might need answers to questions about youirself, or find that your nervous system is on overload, help is here. We get calls and e-mails every day and have been keeping informal track of the questions and challenges faced by most every one of us during these challenging times. People want advice, need help and are often feeling themselves in a desperate situation.

We take time to reply to each and every request for help and, we find ourselves giving out the same information, over and over. We know that going through nearly 6,000 pages on our websites might feel like a lot of reading, so the following might help streamline things when you are feeling anxious or you are seeking help for yourselves and others.

We always appreciate your feedback.

The first thing we would suggest if you contacted us for help would be to STOP. The second thing would be to LOOK. There are answers available if you are willing to do your own work and open yourself to alternative suggestions. Just by being open to another thought, idea or feeling will begin changing our perspective of what is happening to us. So STOP asking others what they think, LOOK for your own answers and LISTEN with discernment to your own Higher Self.


When we say STOP - that means just that: STOP doing what you are doing, thinking what you are thinking and most importantly, feeling what you are feeling - in that moment. We've determined through experience and working with millions of people around the world that the only problem we have as humans is: our conscious mind. After all, our conscious mind only knows what it 'thinks' it knows, sees what it 'thinks' it is seeing, hears what it 'thinks' it hears and knows what it 'thinks' it knows. Using only our conscious mind can be limiting our experiences and our growth. Normally, it is the reason we are in our current predicament!

So the first thing we would suggest if you contacted us for help would be to STOP. The second thing would be to LOOK. There are answers available if you are willing to do your own work and open yourself to alternative suggestions. Just by being open to another thought, idea or feeling will begin changing our perspective of what is happening to us. So STOP asking others what they think, LOOK for your own answers and LISTEN with discernment to your own Higher Self.

STOP: automatically thinking that your inner voice is always your Higher Self. If you feel you are in trouble, if your life feels out of control or if you don't feel safe, the insights or information you think is coming from your 'inner voice' might not necessarily be from your Higher Self. Your Higher Self will never hurt you in any way. Your Higher Self will never put you in harms' way. Your Higher Self will never tell you to hurt yourself or anyone else. There is an easy way of communicating with your Higher Self that just takes practice.

STOP: Calling into yourself any higher beings, angels, or outside force to keep you safe. We really don't know what kind of energy has attached itself to even our own beliefs. Everything in creation is affected by the thoughts, ideas, feelings and emotions of all the people on the planet. . Read Chapters 18 and 20 from 'The Way It Works' (TWIW).

Remember: Old energy patterns that have been attracted to you can not have the same effect when your vibration - your energy frequency - is different. When you raise your vibration, you will change. Old energetic patterns can not re-connect as they have in the past. By raising your vibration, you will become invisible to the denser, lower energies that make you feel unsafe. By loving yourself only one percent more than you have in the past, you can raise your vibration; this WILL change you. Question becomes: how do you love yourself more than you have loved yourself before? How many times do you have to say you love yourself before you actually believe it? One Hundred or Ten Thousand times?

Use this simple technique to raise your vibration and help bring that one percent of love into yourself.

STOP: Centering yourself in your heart. Just for now - allow this information to unfold without any judgment, opinion or reaction. Please just read this with an open mind.

Our heart IS the space from which we are to live, from which we connect to all that is universally Loving and is our main connection to our God Self. All of us were taught to open our hearts. Challenge is, we were also taught to open our heart after opening our chakras; beginning with the first (root) chakra, then our second (or sacral) chakra, then our third (or solar plexus) chakra and then our fourth (heart).

When we were younger and fell in love, we met each other, heart to heart. Often we ended up making love and moved that intensity down to our root chakra. Soon we were looping with the one we loved, heart to base and back up again to our heart, in a spiral of emotions that began drawing in male and female issues (second chakra) and issues of power and control, self and identity (third chakra). This is the way we are energetically designed in order to attract those people who can help us with our own issues.

Our heart is the first organ created in our human self only seven days after conception; it experiences all emotions from our human beginnings.

Our third chakra is the 'seat' of all emotions and energetic attachments to others. When we are open in our heart center from the root chakra up, we literally have 'dragged' into our heart all the energetic issues from our three lower chakras. This is the way our bodies have been running energy, feelings and emotions. No wonder our hearts have become overwhelmed with so many questions, issues, feelings and emotions - it is now hard to feel good about love, even love for ourselves. Our hearts have been hurt so many times that we shut them down, then open them up and shut them down again.

So we can learn to be in our heart in a new way - one in which it is safe to be totally open. We suggest that for one week you re-center to your pineal gland. Our pineal is where we can become more sensitive. This ability gives us more of an opportunity to make choices. We can sense an energetic emotion and then have a moment to decide whether or not we wish to feel that particular feeling. Sense it and yet not have to bring it into our heart. We make the decision that it is safe to be in our heart. We can have the feelings by our choice, rather than by default. Centering in our pineal gland allows us to become actually more sensitive, yet less reactive to situations that come into our space.

The way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. We have found the easiest way to do this is to move our center away from our emotions by centering in our pineal gland. Develop our subtle senses so the five normal senses are not overwhelmed. We can activate our pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of our universe. After developing this ability, then we can move back into our heart in a different way being totally open to experience Oneness with all creation. All the information we are receiving today says this is the next vibration - creation without limitation.

More about the Pineal Gland and the Hara Point (also information on changing the energy of the third chakra) in the latest version of The Way It Works (TWIW)

STOP: Listening to other people and accepting what they have to say without question. Over the years, we have heard many stories from people who have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours doing what others have told them, just so they could feel safe, better or have a good life etc. What we suggest is for you to use discernment. Every individual you look to for help ought to be assisting you to be self-empowered AND showing you ways in which you can take back your own power. This means you are not dependent upon them for what's going to happen, how it will appear, who it will be or why it has happened etc. It does not matter who you look to as a source of information, your Higher Self is your own connection to your God Source.

Your creativity is the energetic path to your Higher Self. You know this because when you are being creative, your insights come to you quickly and easily. You can be creative in any way that gives you pleasure, whether it's gardening, writing, painting, cooking, listening to music, reading, exercising, dancing being physical - anything that makes you feel good.

STOP: energetically looping. Other people tap into your energy field and could literally be 'sucking' the life force from you. Think of yourself as a battery with other people plugged into you through different connections. This could be your family, children, relatives, co-workers, friends.

STOP: Projecting your energy to anyone. STOP: sending (projecting) your own thoughts or emotions (energy) to any area of the country or to any problem occurring anywhere in the world. Remember, your nationality, culture, heritage, family and relatives are all energetically attached to you. Your energy is a mixture of the energy from the area you live in and the space you share with anyone else. We are made up of everything felt throughout our lives - love and fear, good and bad; our own experiences and those from our culture and society. There are literally millions of emotions in our bodies, gathered over many lifetimes. These are all vibrations that make up our energy self. We can let go of these emotions by letting go of our past. That will free us from attracting the same patterns to us over and over. Chapter 13 of TWIW - Pattern Release Technique

STOP: using your own energy for protection. We have all been told to protect ourselves with energetic barriers or protective light around us. Using our energy to do this creates a magnet so that anything we are afraid is automatically and often more powerfully attracted to us.

STOP: getting into emotional encounters with others. Being involved in overly emotional situations takes energy away from us AND others can become addicted to our energy; actually using our life force energy for themselves.

STOP: going to bed at night without showering or bathing. Don’t take your day to bed with you ! Everything we do and everyone we are with all day long is energy that is on our body at the end of the day. A quick shower or a long bath – whichever you choose will help you sleep easier. Chapter 21 from TWIW

STOP: listening to those who promote fear or talk about doom and gloom. There are already so many things we think we have to be afraid of. Create a safe space for yourself. That can be anywhere in your home or your own room; a small space that is just yours where you can be quiet, still and feel safe. Chapter 11 of TWIW

Remember, when we are One with all creation, we have nothing to fear.

STOP: addictions of every kind; whether it is alcohol, drugs, food. Everything in moderation and nothing in excess is an easy 'mantra' for all of us. Certain addictions like alcohol or drugs open our energy fields to become susceptible to lower, denser vibrations. When you know a certain food is not healthy, why continue to eat it? Our bodies are meant to live a long life, if we remember that we are in charge of what goes into them. Run an extreme makeover in your own home and remove anything that is not good for you.

STOP: wearing jewelry, leather belts every day without clearing the energy gathered in them:

STOP: watching television news shows while you are eating. Being clear when we eat will help our bodies assimilate the nutrition from our food.

STOP: watching television news shows right before you go to bed. Getting restful sleep can help our dreamtime and our lucid dreaming processes.


LOOK: at your environment, the place in which you live. Change the energy by clearing clutter. Change your bed pillows if they are old. New pillows will help you have a more restful night’s sleep. Even a plastic cover on your mattress will change the energy of your sleeptime.

LOOK: at your community. If you have the time, join a group or a church that has other like-minded people. Support from others in our way of life is important for balance.

LOOK: at the group you may already be involved with. Group dynamics can often play out in ways that are not helpful to the individuals within the group. Some groups rely on the energies of the group to remain 'status quo' and don't easily accept one individual tapping into their creative power.

LOOK: at your animal friends. Are they healthy? Have you been helping them be animals and not human-surrogates? An easy way is to clear them of the energy they are wearing. Animals are unconditional in their love and will attempt to process our emotions. This can make them sick.

LOOK: at how you spend your leisure time. Do you spend time in nature or outside? Do you play? Life can often be too serious and that can make us feel out of balance in our lives. Do you frequent bars or pubs? Have you ever walked into a bar or pub and felt energy that was ‘not very nice’? Just remember that there are many different energetics with many different people – some good and some not so good. Find your own ideal state from which you can create the life you desire.

LOOK: at where you are in the moment. Are you free to be your own creative self?

LOOK: at the energetic dynamics of your past. Is it possible that when healing ourselves we have to heal our past? Does healing our past mean healing our future?

LOOK: at your relationships. Business, lovers, family, friends and others – we use lots and lots of energy in love relationships.

LOOK: at how you help others. Do you continue to give and give of yourself to others? Have you looked at how that depletes your own energy? Attempting to help anyone else without helping (healing) ourselves first is a no-win situation.

LOOK: at what language you are speaking. What modality are you? What modality is your partner? Knowing the ways in which we communicate can save many relationships.


LISTEN: to music. The frequency and movement of sound helps us to change old energy. Play music in your home or in your car when things feel out of balance. The more in balance we can feel, the quieter we can become and the closer we move to Source.

LISTEN: to what others are sharing. As a world citizen, we should have the best communication. After all, we talk all the time. With the invention of cell phones, we talk even more. Do we listen to others? Do we really hear what they are saying? If we LOOK at this, we quickly determine that communication among humans is not that great. Listening to others, really paying attention with focus on what they are sharing, allows others to listen to us. Especially in relationships.



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