One of the situations people have mentioned to us over the last few years was they could not energetically 'feel' Ken. We asked what they meant and their response was they could not feel his heart and so there must be something wrong with him. They said Ken was at fault for not being in a heartspace which they could feel or he must be doing something to block their connection with him.

It took us awhile to realize that basically what these people could not feel - was themselves. Ken was not energetically reflecting back what they needed to look at within themselves, therefore they perceived there was something wrong with him. He was not energetically reflecting back to them because Ken's center is in a different place, his pineal.

We believe that individuals energetically loop with other people when they project energy. Looping means to energetically engage with others. Most of us are not actively comfortable with parts of our bodies, especially our first, second and third chakras. Our first chakra is our sexual/creative energy. Our second chakra is our male and female energy within ourselves. Our third chakra is our energy of power and control. Most of us have found these lower chakras challenging in the past and so we use more of the upper chakras in our body. We feel more comfortable with them than we do with our lower chakras.

So what happens when we come from our heart? Is it possible we find people to energetically loop with who would reflect our issues of power and control, balancing our male and female and changing sexual energy into creative energy? When our field is out and we are energetically looping with others, this loop can continue way past the time we are with that person physically. We need to move out of this way of looping. This is one of the reasons Ken suggests pulling our fields in and being 100% in our space as well as bringing our collective consciousness back into our own space.

So when we go back into an old situation where we have been energetically looping in the past, the energetic patterns are still there. Now let's enter the situation from the position of being in our own space and loving ourselves. The person we used to interact with is still going to project their energy onto us whether it is guilt, shame, anger, hurt or pain. How will it be different this time?

What happened in the past was the two of us were energetic. We reflected our issues to each other. Now we are not in the same place energetically and the other person cannot feel us. We are not reflecting back to them. We are not looping. What they will do is find somebody else to loop with so they can continue learning and attracting their lessons. At this point we clearly recognize what our issues have been and by witnessing events around us, we continue to learn. Ken calls this Unity Consciousness.

In the situation of a loved one, let's say our spouse, is a part of our subconscious mind fearful if we do not reflect their issues they will leave us to find somebody else to be with who will? Understand this, if we were to love ourselves unconditionally and our spouse felt this love, it would be very attractive. Even if they were not conscious of it, they would still want to be around us. It is much healthier loving ourselves than reflecting someone else's pain so they won't leave us.

Energetically we are all changing. As our vibrations change, there will be some people we will no longer want to be with because they just won't feel good. One of the reasons may be we don't like what they are creating. We don't want to change their creation or judge it. We understand what they are doing and have compassion for them, yet we can choose how we want to be with them.

By being in our space and not 'looping' energetically with others we will be able to get along with people we have never been able to get along with in the past because we are not reflecting their energetic loop. By not getting into those old energetic patterns, we can understand them for what they are, without judging others or judging ourselves.

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