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In-Person Preparation Sheet

Remote Heart & Soul Healing Session Questionnaire

Emotional experiences we have had in our lives shape the way we think, feel and relate to our world. Whether we are aware of it or not, the strong influence of our early learning impacts our adult sense of self more than we understand.

Subconscious programs and patterns from the past can be released; negative conditioning can be revealed to allow you to discover the next best action along your own journey. You really can make the changes you want.

Are you overwhelmed by the emotions of life?
How many times have you been hurt for helping others?
Are you tired of your own life story?
How many times have you been 'shut down' for speaking your truth?

What decisions have you made based on these past experiences and how are they still affecting you today?

Heart & Soul Healing is a powerful way to discover your own self truth. Its purpose is to assist you by integrating your whole being with your Higher Self - your truer nature. Heart & Soul Healing looks for patterns that your subconscious mind might be giving energy to. Your subconscious mind is the part of you that knows everything that has ever happened to you, all your realities and experiences since the time you came from the Creator/God/Source.

If there is a current conflict at the inner personal level, it can be found, understood and released. Becoming present in your own body (your space) provides safety or protectiuon from outward influences and brings about awareness and understanding of the reality in your own world. By helping you find compassion and acceptance for yourself, your entire being is 'lighter' and less constricted.

During a Heart & Soul Healing Session, you are shown that your current reality is based upon the story you have built of your life - entirely based on your past experiences. We encourage you to accept full responsibility for your own motives, intentions, emotions, desires, thoughts, behaviors and actions so you can be free to create a future that is no longer based only on your past. By freeing you from this karmic burden, you can create based on what you 'do' want, and no longer create only what you 'do not' want.

Often times, no matter how much work we may have accomplished in understanding our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical issues, there seems to be a missing piece which stops our final resolution of life challenges or problems. As a result, we create patterns over and over in our life so that we may have yet another chance to gain the wisdom, understanding, and knowledge of our lessons. In addition, any fears or emotional residue we may be holding over a particular issue may throw further illusion over the problem, making it almost impossible to see the bigger picture.

Heart & Soul Healing is a unique resource used to help understand events and experiences beyond the physical and assist our growth, as we reestablish connection to our inner - truer self.

Combining Physical, Emotional, Mental, and Spiritual Realities

When your Heart & Soul Healing session begins, discovering the consciousness (emotional challenge) that you have subconsciously been attempting to balance is extremely important. The primary emotional energy dynamic that you have been working with for your entire life must be dealt with at the beginning of our work together so that other techniques used later in the session are easier. Once you discover the primary factor that has been keeping you 'stuck' in patterns (over and over), it becomes easy to balance this emotional burden. Your vibration changes - becomes lighter, and you will stop attracting that same energy into your life.

At some point in your past, you became connected with the energy of a collective consciousness. This connection often occurs as a result of a promise you made, such as "I'm going to do something about violence" or "I'm going to do something about sadness." Discovering what those promises are, (promises made sometimes long ago in your past) will allow you to realize that you are actually a part of what you have been creating. You are not a victim in your life, but a creator of your own reality.

It is important that you understand, spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically, your role in balancing this 'collective consciousness'. It is important for you to know that you have been doing your soul's work all along, even if you were not consciously aware of it. Without this understnding, you may feel very frustrated about your life path, or who you really are.

In a Heart & Soul Healing session, we also find pieces of you that are 'out of time'. We believe that we are all one — that there are 70 trillion cells that represent your body and resonate with every other cell in every other person. Here you are, living in the moment, but do your thoughts dwell on your past? We often think about the past so much that it distorts the present moment, and we are then no longer fully present in our body. We have pieces of us, stuck in past circumstances and experiences. We want to help bring everything back into balance with who you are today - not who you were in the past. This will help you become fully present NOW, to become a conscious creator in your own life.

Finding pieces that are 'attached' to you is another key part of a Heart & Soul Healing session. The word "attached" sounds alarming, but what if these are the thoughts, opinions or judgments of other people in your life, or people, that you have loved in the past. These people could still be energetically 'attached' to you. So - here you are in the present, and people in your past are still 'holding' you in their thoughts of the past. Our experience shows that we all 'use' others to reflect back to us who we are, and we constantly do this when we interact. We may not realize the amount of energy that it takes to stay connected with other individuals, either today or from our past.

The fourth area we look at in a Heart & Soul Healing session is any past time where a key program might have been set. If you have a subconscious program that says 'it¹s not safe to love', or 'it's not safe for me to be who I am', that program limits your world and will not allow you the freedom to create..

We always ask clients how much energy they are using (subconsciously) to keep themselves from being happy and most people say they are using 50-75% of their own energy. They have a program that says: 'If I am happy and have everything I want — everything that I could ever imagine or desire — somebody will take it away from me'. The other program that seems to go with this is: 'I will hurt myself first so nobody else will hurt me'.

We cannot get to these past programs unless we have cleared the primary energy, brought the pieces of you that are out of time back into alignment, and disconnected the way you have looped with others energetically in the past. We also must clear the patterns and energy you are holding in your nervous system and the fluid in your spine and brain. If we do not clear these areas beforehand, the subconscious programs you have will be distorted by these other energies, and it will take many, many sessions before we get to the heart of the problem.

At the end of the session together, we bring back and integrate that part of you that left around the age of three years old when you said, "I don't want to be here." We believe this child part of your spirit or soul separated from your body and has been witnessing or observing you from outside of yourself all these years. Integrating this child vibration and bringing back into alignment all the different pieces of you that have been out of time and caught up in distortions. We call this INscension. Being all one's self allows you to experience the moment in a whole different way and changes your reality and your vibrational energy as you continue, empowered, on your life path.

Common difficulties or conditions that may indicate energy interference.

  • Low energy level
  • Character shifts
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Suicidal feelings
  • Hearing voices inside of you
  • Abuse of drug, alcohol or food
  • PMS
  • Impulsive or violent behavior
  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety or panic attacks
  • Poor concentration / memory
  • Reoccurring dreams / nightmares
  • Sudden onset of physical problems with no obvious cause
  • Answers to these questions and more are covered in your private Heart & Soul Healing session:

  • Release energetic patterns you are carrying from past traumas
  • Identify any part of you out of the moment, or held in past emotions
  • Determine whether your primary communication is verbal, auditory or kinesthetic
  • Discover your personal color, resonating with your soul essence
  • Energetically clear your chakras and meridian points
  • Discover your mission and purpose for being here now
  • Learn what patterns you have picked up from your parents
  • Experience INscension and bring those feelings into your body now
  • Release karmic 'attachments' to parents, lovers or others
  • Connect with your God/Creator self in a way you can repeat after your session
  • Release emotional weight you might be holding in your subconscious mind
  • Bring in all of the parts of you which have not felt safe to be here until now
  • Release conflicting subconscious programs that are not healthy.
  • Benefits of a Heart & Soul Healing Session


    To answer the question: How many sessions do I need to heal?

    That is totally up to you.  We both feel that everything you need can be accomplished in one session. With that in mind, we are then prepared for all types of miracles and magic.  We do recognize that an individual will work on the most important (or fearful) area of their life during the first session.  Once they have processed that dynamic, they care capable of moving to confronting, releasing and healing other factors in their lives. 

    So - we can facilitate your healing as fast as you can assimilate and process it. You are in control of your own reality, we assist you to view your life patterns in a different way for self-empowerment. For that reason, Heart & Soul Healing requires a cooperative effort. You are in charge of exactly what occurs during your healing session.


    Ken Page and and Nancy Nester are available for in-person and
    remote (telephone) Heart & Soul Healing Sessions
    in Cleveland, Georgia (N.E. GA. mountains)
    or at any of the locations/events listed in the Calendar.
    To book a session, please contact us at The Institute at
    Tel: 706-865-0322; Fax: 706-223-0291
    contact one of the sponsors listed in the
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    In-Person Preparation Sheet

    Remote Heart & Soul Healing Session Questionnaire

    Current Prices in the USA (please check with event sponsors for session appointments and prices outside of the USA):

    1 hour full in-person session $195 USD (additional charges apply after one hour)
    1 hour phone remote session $155 USD