Working With Animals

Animals have a very special place here on Earth.We believe animals are here to be our examples of unconditional love. Because of their unconditional love for us, our animals are open energetically - vulnerable to the energies in which they live. Yet animals cannot process the emotions of humans. It is our responsibility to keep them from getting sick by picking up our dynamics.

If we approach the animals around us as if we were coming from their place of being, they will be much more receptive to us. It is very important to meet them where they are, not as if they were a human, expecting them to feel human-like.

Before you work with your pet, you should pull your energetic field in and begin to love yourself FIRST. You should use the first three -3- clearing techniques for at least one week before working with your animals. They are: the energetic clearing techniquebecoming liquid light, and changing the vibration of your name.

By being in your own space it's easier to feel or hear what the animal needs. Once trust and rapport with the animal has been established, use hand scanning to find temperature or energetic variations in their fields. Once the specific area of trauma or energetic disturbance is found, use your pulling hand to energetically lift off the affecting energy. For men, the right hand is their scanning and pulling hand. Men's left hand is their energetic sending hand. With women it's usually the opposite: the left hand is the scanning, pulling hand and the right is their sending hand.

For cats and dogs, most of the old energy patterns are held in their belly or along the spine, either at their shoulders or hips. First, scan the animal up near the space between their eyes and their ears. For cats and dogs, a spot will be found usually about the size of a dime. The spot will feel either hot or cold. It's like energy coming out of the head area. On a horse, the spot on their head is about the size of a quarter and again is treated the same way as for cats and dogs. Once you detect the spot of energy on their heads, touch it gently with one of the fingers on your pulling hand while talking to the animal in a calm and quiet manner.

The spot on their heads was created in response to some trauma in their lives. They were hurt, abandoned, starved or neglected. This spot is energetically very similar to the subconscious patterns that humans wear. While massaging the energetic spot on the head for 3 to 5 minutes, gently tell them that they are loved, will always have a safe place to live and plenty of food and play. You know what the problems are with your pets based on their history. Basically, say the very same things you would like someone to tell you -- 'I love you, I care for you, I will be there for you.' Be sure there is feeling behind your words so that your pet can feel the energetic vibrations of what you're saying. What you say has to be heart-felt and true.

Work on the spot on the head two or three times for a week. After a week, the spot should be gone forever and the animal will be able to heal more easily.

Next, use your scanning hand and go down the spine. If you find an energetic hot spot, lay your scanning hand on it - your scanning hand will now become your pulling hand. Only allow the energy to go up to your elbow. If you're not sure about this part, put a rubber band below your elbow to help remind you. Now put your sending hand on your animal's chest. All old energy patterns will be drawn into your pulling hand. Do this for 3 to 5 minutes, then wash your hand and think "clear." Keep doing this until the spine is clear. Next do the belly the same way.

After completing this process, you should only have to work with your animal once a week by putting your pulling hand on their belly. Remember your animal picks up your energy and emotions and those of your family. Other pets in the house and the energetics of your yard or neighborhood will also affect your pet.

These techniques are demonstrated on our animal healing video, and our animal healing workshop available from the Institute on VHS or DVD.

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