Keeping Yourself Clear While You Eat

The digestive tracts of our clients are often energetically charged with tension and worry. So here are some questions for you:

Were you quietly and peacefully enjoying your food the last time you had a meal or were you having an argument?

Were you watching television, listening to the radio, or driving? Whatever feelings you had as you ate your meals were energetically transmitted into your food and your body.

We see people all the time who eat healthy diets. They are almost obsessed with what they can and cannot eat. Yet, while they eat, they worry, read the newspaper, watch television, or do something else that has an emotional charge. The intensity of their emotions changes the vibration of the food they eat.

Imagine these scenes. You sit down to a beautiful meal and watch the news on television where murders, wars, and conflicts are today's headlines. You are driving your car during rush hour traffic, eating fast food, and a fender-bender occurs right in front of you. You're having a family meal and start arguing with one of your children. What are the feelings you would be consuming during these stressful moments?

It's important to keep your thoughts clear while you eat. Think about your meal, enjoy the company of loved ones, or have a quiet moment alone until you are finished eating. This will help your digestion system and the quality of the energy you store from your food. Practice eating with a clear mind for three days. We know your life will change.

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