More and more, we have to consider one question. What we feel may be true for 99.9% of the people here on earth is, they do not believe they can be One with everything. There is so much out there that we do not want to experience or accept. We do not want to feel or be a part of about 85% of what exists on earth: war, hate, anger, greed, control; all kinds of projections. So the million dollar question is: If you are separate from one thing, are you separate from everything? Either you are One with everything or you are separate. Very few people can accept this fully. Even the majority of metaphysical teachings recommend some form of energetic protection seeking or asking for help outside of yourself.

Almost all religions and cultures of different philosophies suggest that some being outside of us can fix or save us or give us our answers. We have found that many teachers and spiritual or religious groups do not want you to be One with everything. It is what the mystery schools did not want us to know about or to practice. It was the greatest secret. There is a great power in the balance of Oneness. When you reach Oneness, no one can ever control or affect you. You are invisible to any type of projections from other people. Remember, subconsciously no one wants you to take your full power. If you do, you will no longer be the same person or react to them energetically as you did in the past. As the past changes, so does your future.

All belief structures contain the same word: responsibility. If something or someone else can step in and save us, then personal responsibility does not apply.

So, is everything a part of me? Or, am I separate from everyone and everything around me? How can I be One if I have any ideas, beliefs or judgments about anyone or anything outside of myself? The challenge we believe everyone has with ideas, beliefs and judgments is that we have used these feelings to identify who we are, and who we are not. Based upon my clients experiences, We do believe that most people at this time, function from the knowledge of what they no longer want in their life. They aren;t quite sure what it is they DO want, they just know what they DONT want. This causes feelings of separation. By only looking at what is no longer wanted, we become stuck, unable to create anything new for ourself; fearful that each new creation will only bring more of the past and more of what we do not want. We become frozen, trapped helpless to move forward. We wonder then what the entire human consciousness of the planet is feeling. Mankind continues to create based upon what they know they do NOT want rather than what they DO want in their hearts.

We have given a lot of energy to old ideas, beliefs and judgments. We hold onto them far too long. If we dont allow our ideas to flow into creative energy, they cause chaos either within or around us. The more ideas we have - the bigger the problem we can create. Problems begin by giving energy to an idea, then holding onto that idea until something or someone has to give. It usually affects ourselves. So, how do we release or let go of our ideas and those patterns we have so carefully constructed our whole lives? Perhaps it is more a softening of these thoughts and energetics. By allowing and creating the room (space) for other thoughts to enter, it changes our hard-line perception and creates a newer reality; providing an opportunity for greater awareness, healthier balance and a broader vision of Oneness.

One with Source

Perhaps it is in the letting go that we allow ourselves to accept the unlimited potential of all that IS. Perhaps it is by allowing ourselves to relax our tight grip or stranglehold on our fears that we can finally feel the truth of Oneness, the inescapable reality that there is no separation - that I AM truly One, with all there is. I Am Creator.

Question: When you are One with all creation, are you One with Source? Pretty easy, right? Wrong. Here come your ideas again about Source, angels, guides, masters, violet flame protection, spiritual beings - anything outside of you; any fears or illusion will cause a problem. If you give these thoughts or ideas any energy, you will attract people who will reflect these patterns or issues.

In fact, we energetically attract to us everything we choose to separate from ourselves. Attempt to separate yourself from any feeling or energy and it will surely follow you around like a magnet. You are the one providing for that idea to maintain itself. Thats how we all evolve on a soul level. Creator does not separate itself from creation.

Are we afraid to be One because we will lose our identity, or our who we are? Is there a need to have our separate identity? When you are One, does that mean you no longer have any individual importance? Is that the fear that creates the separation? Is that the truth that maintains the idea of individuality vs. Oneness? When you are One - nothing will be attracted to you because you do not reflect any energy back to others. When you are One, you move through all energies as if invisible; no individual essence but the combination of all essences in One.

So if I believe I am One, then the creator or creative energy sees and feels me as a perfect reflection of itself. I have the base vibration for the next dimension or vibration that acts as a catalyst for dimensional change. You believing you are One You can be the creative catalyst for dimensional change. You can make the difference in the evolutionary change on this planet.

Oneness feels like a quiet empty state where nothing exists. That space is so foreign to our senses, our mind immediately attempts to create something, and so our old fears and ideas rush in filling this empty space, comforting our knowledge that we are in control. We feel more in control when there is separation. In actuality however, the more you attempt to control, the greater the separation and the larger the illusion of control. Control is the often the last illusion one can allow to be released. For much of our lives, we have felt that losing control is not a good thing and so we remain in control, only to continue our separation from others and from Creator. Controlling everything creating nothing new.

We know what you are thinking. You only want to attract good, loving people. So, why dont you? Is your soul evolving here on earth - yes or no? If you said yes there must be a way that we energetically attract individuals who can reflect our issues of what we came in to learn on our souls level. (power, abundance, forgiveness, etc.) How else could we have everyone on the planet evolve? Unless we continue to attract what we are to learn on a soul level, we will not grow. Our evolution does not appear to be the physical body the last physical frontier we have to conquer.  

This experience called Life

For over 10 years now, we have been calling into ourselves- all energy: good and bad - everything all creation. For years, other teachers and groups have not wanted anyone to do this or share this information. This has, however, remained the focus of our work. So why is there so much resistance to sharing this information? Its very, very clear. If you fully accept that you are One with all and there is true balance within you and with everything else, then all other ideas or spiritual or religious teachings become challenged or useless, even the teachings of the great mystery schools.

Do you believe you are One? Is this what you are here on earth to master? I believe we each have come to earth to master all conditions placed on love and on creation. If we truly believe: I AM ONE, then nothing - no one - no energy has any power over us. We are the ones that energetically keep perpetuating our own ideas or realities. We are the creators on earth.

Is that what this experience called Life can teach us? That life as we have known it is unimportant, that all experience is a process of understanding we are One with all creation and can at will, flow into each and every living soul simultaneously by surrendering and becoming One with all?

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