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Heart & Soul Healing offers an extensive variety of clearly understandable and easy to use techniques to assist you in living a healthy, happy, abundant life. The following techniques are designed to focus in on the healing by releasing old reoccurring patterns, fears and distorted thought programs. In the section on creation techniques you will find highly effective and innovative techniques for creating the life you would truly like to be living.

Techniques for:

Animal Healing & Clearing

Becoming Liquid Light

Being in the Moment - Clearing, Balancing and Centering
(The Energetic Clearing Technique)

Changing the Vibration of Your Name -
The 'I AM' Vibration

Clearing Energy from Children

Clearing Jewelry and Leather

Dehaunting Houses

Energetic Chakra Clearing
Eine Technik zum energetischen Reinigen von Chakren

Finding Our Piece of Inner Polarity

Identifying Our Issues

Keeping Ourselves Clear when Eating

Looking at Our Fears

Mastering & Claiming Our Space

Non-Projection of Energy

Quieting Our Mind

Rebirthing Techniques

Releasing what We are Holding

Taking Our Personal Power

Use and Benefit of Clear Light

NOTE: There are four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, becoming liquid light, moving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name.

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