There are many metaphysical people today who are energetically out of balance even though they are coming from a loving place. How can this be? Are we sending love and light and changing the world, based on our ideas of how we believe the world should be? How many of us love ourselves unconditionally? How many of us love the way we look? Love our hairlines, our stomachs, our bodies? Love how we are and what is going on around us? Love our jobs, our houses, our cars? Love every aspect of our lives? Without achieving this, how is it we can send love and light out to others when there is some part of us we do not love? What Ken advocates is to BE love. What is it to BE love and what does that look like? To BE love is to love ourselves unconditionally and have unconditional compassion for others.

In the last several thousand people Ken has seen, he has consistently found the average person's energetic field to be projected out around them several hundred yards. By having their fields out, he found they were being physically affected by everything going on around them. For sure their nervous system was affected. For sure their energy was affected. For sure their emotional body was affected.

When we send love, is it love or is it energy? This is absolutely the most important question we need to ask ourselves. If we are sending love and it is actually energy, then are we intensifying another person's creation? Could the collective consciousness around the person we send energy to, energetically feel us and continue to tap in on us, past the time we send them energy?

How many of us have been loved completely? Most of us have never experienced this feeling. So when we picked our relationships, did we love our partner more or did they love us more? Most of us would say we loved our partner more, hoping that after they experienced our love, they would learn how to love us more than we loved them. Did this ever really happen?

How many of us felt our parents loved us completely when we were just a child? Their love was never enough when we were young. It wasn't until later in life that we realized our parents could only love us as much as they loved themselves.

If we are here to learn how to love unconditionally and there is some part of ourselves we don't love, by sending love, light and energy, what we attract in return will be what we don't love within ourselves. Isn't this a perfect way to look at the things we don't like or understand about ourselves?

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