"Our work has taken us to many countries where we have experienced the differences and the sameness - the Oneness - of all life. While we know that the 'wisdom and the answers are within', often life circumstances prevent us from clearly seeing or acting on the choices available to us. We have spent thousands of hours in individual counseling to assist persons recognize their goals and move forward in their lives. There is a measure of understanding that is only possible when facing some of the same life challenges, experiences and responsibilities. We know as we've been where you feel you are now."

--Rev.Ken Page and Rev.Dr. Nancy Nester

You have far more power over your future than you may realize! For some, life is a series of 'do-overs' - doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results. We know that as the definition of insanity!

What do you want to experience for yourself? How to you access the assets and gifts that are within you? That's why coaching is so invaluable; it can guide you to uncover the amazing person you truly are. Life coaching can guide you to those places within yourself that you never realized were there, or you did now know how to access and activate. Allow your awareness of yourself to unfold while working on your goals and desires.

Are you looking for more from your life? Are you wanting to change the circumstances that presently dictate how you are living? Have your experiences given you a painful or fearful perspective? Do you feel stuck? Learn to sharpen your own tools, identify your goals and determine the next best action in your life.

Benefits for Life Coaching:
Develop inner wisdom, move beyond limiting beliefs, and realize your full potential. You can become the person you always wanted to be. You can understand the processes of your life. You can improve relationships with everyone. You can get a clear picture of your objective, direction and goals.

Coaching sessions will look at your individual needs and wishes in order to assist you to come up with and implement strategies to help you progress with the issues that are most important to you. The content of each session is tailored to your particular requirements, depending on the area you wish to discuss. Every coaching session is focused directly on you - your needs, your goals, your wins, your aspirations, your life. You set the agenda based on what is most important to you and we work together on your plans and goals.

During a coaching session, we:
* Review previous actions - life choices
* Look at where you are now
* Explore possible options and alternative choices
* Set goals for that session

Having a life coach provides you with support along your journey. We will collaborate to identify the “next best action” along your path to greater fulfillment.

Examples of areas to discuss: Short or long term goals, Relationships, Awareness and perspective, Self-Esteem, Obstacles, Brainstorming, Mentoring, Relieving Stress, Exploration and self-growth, Becoming Organized and Efficient, Understanding and realizing choices.

As with all facets of our work, we believe that the full benefits are only limited by the client's level of participation, their commitment and willingness to developing their personal power, and readiness to take responsibility for their own happiness.

We support a sense of awareness, balance and a life transforming process gathered through our specialized training, life experiences, intuition, and empathic communication abilities. These consultations are designed to help you define your own objectives and guide you towards a place of personal strength and self-empowerment. We will challenge, encourage and facilitate you to do your own work.

Ken Page has been in the professional and healing fields for the majority of his life. While his career in the corporate world brought him many successes, his life experiences pushed him to determine that life must hold 'more' than what appears on the surface. Ken has devoted much of his own life to personal understanding and development and self empowerment. Working with thousands of persons in more than 25 years of one-on-one meetings, Ken has discovered a unique and valuable insight to living life and creating choices.

Rev.Dr.Nancy Nester is a trained, certified mediator and entrepreneurial coach, offering services in the field of group dynamics and interpersonal relationships for both personal and business success. For almost 35 years, she has assisted individuals to move from adversarial (offense or defense) positions or outcome-based roles towards a more balanced - centered approach. Her consultations with individuals and corporate groups are designed to increase the art of communication, self-awareness, focus, energy and confidence, as well as to expand creativity, satisfaction, and prosperity.

Both Ken and Nancy are survivors of the dis-ease known as cancer. They offer their Hospice training and life experience to those individuals or family members dealing with crisis, terminal illness, sickness and the energetic dynamics of life-threatening circumstances.

Life Coaching can occur in-person, by telephone or Skype. No pre-requisites, just an individualized confidential questionnaire to help you define your own needs.  

As with all our work, everything is strictly confidential, non-judgmental and non-critical. There are no successes or failures in coaching there is only the result of an action. It is only this result that matters.

Initial Session: $75.00 first 15 minutes FREE (initial session: 60 min call)
Single Follow-up Sessions: $75 for 45 min call.

Contact us to see if Life Coaching is what you need. When you set up your first session, you will receive an individualized questionnaire to complete and return before the date and time of your session. That will enable us to maximize our efforts towards your goals.

We hope to hear from you,

Ken and Nancy