Mastering & Claiming Our Space

We practice being energetically invisible. Does this sound strange? Most of you have felt invisible at one time or another in your life. Being energetically invisible, however, allows us to choose how we want to use our energy and interact with others.

When most of us go to the grocery store, for example, we want to buy our groceries and leave. We want the experience to be smooth, effortless, and quick. If we pull our fields in and love ourselves before we go shopping, what will happen? If we do not reflect anyone's issues at the store, no one will see us unless we consciously and energetically choose to engage them. Unless we make a decision to connect with someone in the store, say a friend, we will not use any of our energy whatsoever. We believe we should save our energy for our priorities-our passions, our families-whatever we love. If we give our energy away all day long, when evening comes we are tired, we have an attitude, and we don't want to do anything at all. Pretty soon we stop exploring our own passions because we gave our energy away to everyone else.

Practice shaking someone's hand and feeling nothing but their handshake. We should be so energetically in our own space that we can make love to our partners when they've had a bad day and not take on or accumulate any "bad day" energy. We can love them, comfort them, and be with them, and the energy of their bad day will pass through us without any negative effect.

When we suggest that people pull in their energy field, love themselves and not send (project) energy, most people become concerned. We get questions such as:

'Does this mean I will never be able to be with other people and just hang out?'
'How do I open my heart to everyone and not send (project) energy?'
'Does being invisible - being in my space - stop others from feeling me?'

The question actually should be: 'At what point are we loving ourselves enough to accept everyone else as their own creator?' and 'How much of my energy do I need for myself and when am I crippled by giving so much of my energy away?'

It becomes a matter of choice. It's a matter of how we prefer to spend our energy. Pulling in our fields, staying in our own space, and loving ourselves allows choices for us. Not imposing our energy on anyone else allows them to have choices as well.

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