From an early age, Nancy Nester communicated and received guidance from a 'beautiful lady' later known to her as the Goddess Quan Shih Yin. With angels, ascended masters and other energies of light beings, Nancy's experiences as a child and again as a young woman created a need to question and explore her abilities as a clairvoyant (seeing energy in motion), and as an intuitive and empathic healer. Nancy's several near death experiences have provided her with a unique vision and awareness of the multi-dimensionality of the soul and its journey while here on earth. .

As a professional in the legal field for over thirty-five years, Nancy gained valuable insights into the minds and hearts of clients, learning compassion for all life's events and circumstances. While working in the world of 'right or wrong', she chose to find the center point of truth through her intuition and knowing. Her philosophy in life 's learning experiences, teaching, sharing and healing has always been of Unity Consciousness:

'There is but One Mind, One Truth, One Source in the Universe, and I AM ONE with ALL there is."

Nancy's Doctorates in Metaphysics/Metaphysical Sciences and Divinity, together with a Masters Degree in comparative world religions has brought her thousands of clients and students in the past 40 years. Instructed and certified in the traditional Usui Shiki Ryoho Japanese method of REIKI as a Master-Teacher, Nancy has for many years maintained an active Reiki practice and Reiki teaching schedule for all levels of learning. She has also been instructed in the JIKIDEN REIKI method of Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, and the Western traditional Madam Takata REIKI healing method. Rev. Nester has also completed and received Master Level in the ancient Tibetan Johrei Reiki lineage.

Founder and Director of Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Centre, ADL, Nancy successfully created a full-service metaphysical and spiritual center offering every individual a key to access the wisdom within themselves. She has also created the revolutionary technique known as Gates of Quan Yin™ combining ancient Ninja gates (never before published) with Sacred Seal Hand Mudras for the vibration of compassionate healing within oneself. These teachings are combined in her book 'The Independent Self'.


Director of Clear Light Arts, ADL, and Co-Director of The Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing™, and the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, Nancy is also a Certified Practitioner-Teacher/Trainer of Heart & Soul Healing-The Art of Transference™.

Nancy has developed a unique healing session combining the energy of Reiki with three powerful Heart & Soul Healing™ techniques for a Blended Energy™ session. With her additional experience as a Clinical Hypnotherapist and training in Bio-Energetic and Holographic Repatterning™ , Visualization and Empathic Awareness, she has helped thousands of individuals worldwide to access their subconscious mind and free themselves from the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual patterns of their past.

Based on the MBSR protocol (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), Nancy offers courses in Mindfulness & The Art of Meditation. She has led various mindfulness and meditation classes and workshops for nearly 30 years.

She is an ordained ADL minister, offering relational and spiritual counseling as well as life coaching. Nancy also offers customized ceremonies for life-partners (same gender), weddings, family and children ceremonies (adoption/foster ceremonies), funerals and memorials, coming of age, civic, corporate and other life-cycle events that reflect the needs, beliefs and values of the people they are honoring.

With her educational background in Psychology, Anatomy and Physiology, her training and certification in Pranayama (breathwork) techniques, experiences worldwide as a 44-year Yogini, as well as her experienced Yoga teacher certification (E-RYT and YACEP...Yoga Alliance Continuing Education Provider) as an Iyengar (proper alignment)- Hatha (breath) - Yin (still point), Vinyasa Flow Yoga Instructor, she brings a well-founded approach of body, mind and spirit to all persons and situations. Additional certification in Integrative Therapeutic Yoga has provided her with many tools to assist others along their life journey.

Integrative Yoga is a specialized form of yoga therapy. As a certified therapist, Nancy offers private and group sessions in Holistic, Structural, Flow (asana) and Mindful Yoga Therapy. providing release from stress, depression, anxiety or difficulties of life, boosting well-being through mindful/meditation techniques, declutters negative thuoghts and promotes realistic, positive thoughts - thereby increasing awareness, inner balance and wholeness.

Nancy is also a degreed member of the National Society of Health Coaches.

She teaches classes and workshops throughout the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe. She offers ongoing workshops, classes and private Heart & Soul Healing Session, Quan Yin Healing Sessions and Integrative Therapeutic Yoga sessions. Nancy teaches with Ken Page in every workshop and training course.

Nancy's religious beliefs:
"While my background was Catholic, I have had extensive experience with Native American philosophy and Shamanic Work through schooling and practice, possess knowledge in other traditions such as Taoism, Zen, Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Kabbalah, and other ancient ways of knowing and being. My personal philosophy of 'Oneness' moves me towards a non-judgmental, unconditional acceptance of every road or path taken by every individual - more aligned today with the philosophies of Taoism and Zen Buddhism. Therefore, I have easily worked with clients from all types of religious and non-religious backgrounds. My role is simply as the facilitator for the choices of my clients.

Our goal (both mine and Ken's) is to to support every individual in maintaining their own integrity, accepting them for all their life choices and provide alternative perspectives to broaden and embrace new possibilities."

Nancy is also a trained, certified mediator (neutral) and entrepreneuriallife coachoffering services in the field of group dynamics and interpersonal relationships for both personal and business success. Nancy offers her skills to assist individuals in business and personal relationships to move from adversarial or outcome-based roles towards a centered approach, enhancing a more fluid understanding and a better perspective, allowing for the creation of an open and trusting safe space. Her consultations are designed to increase the art of communication, self-awareness, focus, energy and confidence, as well as to expand creativity, satisfaction, and prosperity.

Nancy is a survivor of the dis-ease known as cancer and offers her Hospice training and life experiences to those individuals or family members dealing with crisis, terminal illness, sickness and the energetic dynamics of life-threatening circumstances.

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