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ARTICLES by Ken Page and Nancy Nester:

A Life Changing Event The experiences of Ken Page's five-year journey with the consciousness of cancer.
Un Evento Que Cambio Mi Vida

The Art of Being Spiritually Fluid Chapter Eleven from 'The Art of Transference - Healing Through Compassion Becoming Liquid Light

Becoming a Spiritual Teacher Helpful hints and guidance upon entering the Metaphysical World as a teacher
Ein spiritueller Lehrer sein

Being a Witness for Spirit What happens when you have resolved one of your issues? You may then be asked to assist someone else with the same issue by being a Witness for Spirit.

Beyond the Barriers of Time and Space  Topics covered: Ascension, INscension, the "end of time," a holographic state of beingness

Collective Consciousness

Conscious Creation of Your Desires  Topics covered: The Alchemy of Emotion, transmutation, expressing the deepest desires of your heart, living your life with joy and enthusiasm and contacting your Higher Self.

Creating the New Paradigm  Topics covered: Why time is actually slowing down, Earth's changing frequencies, being fully present in the moment, are we really two dimensional beings in a three dimensional world?

Creating without Distortion The non-projection of any thoughts, emotions, ideas or judgments; Being in our own space in order to create from a place of purity - without the distortion from the energy of others

Dancing with Ghosts Ken's story of being an Exorcist

Discernment with Our Teachers    A story shared with us by Jan R.

DNA Communication with Group Collective Consciousness- Chapter 19 from our book 'The Art of Transference-Healing Through Compassion. Speaks to how our DNA can be activated, cleared and healed through releasing old emotions from the past; magnetized wormholes within our DNA that attract and receive information and pass it on to our consciousness

Evolution of Our Soul - How the Dance Starts Topics covered: Changing our vibration; Loving ourselves unconditionally; Energetic looping with those we love; Location and function of the Chakras

From Nightmares to Transformational Empowerment  Topics covered: Psychic attack, personal account of doing healing work with Ken and what happened, becoming holographic, why many of us have come to balance negativity for the collective consciousness.

Greatest Mystery: How Souls Get Lost

Holiday Gift - Use the Pattern Release Technique to give yourself the greatest Gift - every holiday, every moment !

How to Be a Man in the New Millennium

The Creative Human Gate and Living Light Language  Topics covered: Instantaneous creation, bringing in energies from other realities, the sacred geometry of Living Light Language, how to be in the moment.

Illumination of the Heart & Location of the Soul Chapter 20 from The Heart of Soul Healing; Ken's experiences in fully opening the Heart

Illuminating the Pineal Gland & Moving to the Sun Chapter 19 from The Heart of Soul Healing

Immaculate Conception - the Seed of Life Chapter 23 from The Heart of Soul Healing, Ken's experiences in birthing the Higher Self in the space between the Heart and the Soul

INscension™ - when we are present in the moment, all time collapses and we become a portal or gate to any and all other realities and dimensions - we become holographic

Lucid Dreaming, The Indigo Vibration, and Your Thoughts on Taking Your Power

Loving Myself - moving from the victim mentality, expressing gratitude in daily life, efforts in creating change and allowing the reality of Life to create happiness.

Mirror of Relationship - The Alchemy of Emotions. Topics include anger, passion, creative emotion, unconditional love of self and compassion for others in relationship for greater love and intimacy.

Non-Projection of Energy - The Ability to Center within yourself. Chapter 28 from 'The Heart of Soul Healing' book

One True Act of Kindness - One act of Kindness that continues to grow and expand; changing ourselves, our family, our community and the energetic dynamics in our world.

One Life Altering Moment  (by Michael Monahan) Topics covered: A date with destiny, a true account of a man paralyzed in an auto accident and how he comes to an understanding of his life through working with Ken Page.

Oneness Are you One or are you Separate? What does it mean to be One with Source, One with all that is?

Perils of Looking Outside for your Answers: A story of one ashram in India and the client who used discernment to discover the 'scam'.

Ready Set Go  Are you ready for the Shift?

Relationships: How do we balance the Male, Female aspects of ourselves? How do we enter into a meaningful relationship and maintain a sense of safety and vulnerability? Can we change our partner? Expectations, judgments and balanced relationships - a lengthy discussion on all aspects of being in relationship.
Zwiazki Przeklad: Beata Koscielniak

Releasing Rage: Resolving our anger issues, unfulfilled needs and judgments of others. Practicing the technique of lucid dreaming.

The Secret to Love: How can we love others when we don't love ourselves? What is energetic looping? Sending love or sending energy and the projections of our own issues.

Soul Mates: The mirror of heart and soul reflection. How do we love more than our experience of love has shown us? Is there only one Soul Mate for each one of us? Why do we feel so connected with our soul mate?

Subconscious Patterns & Stepping Into Our Personal Power: Testing ourselves to determine if we remember what we came to Earth to experience, learn and master. Becoming a creator, accepting responsibility for creating our life experiences and not judging the creation of others, thereby stepping fully into our own personal power

The Ultimate Quest  Topics covered: Why are we here on Earth, are we creators or victims, how do we master all the conditions we put on love, how we attract people and events to us, why are we afraid to take our power, how do we know what our issues are, how to stay balanced, INscension.

Understanding the Relationship of Self  Topics covered: Family relationships, how do we really love ourselves, we are all one, themost important question to ask in any relationship, moving our focus to our pineal allows us to stay balanced.

Use of Clear Light - Using the most balanced reflection of Souce for healing. Chapter 28 from 'The Heart of Soul Healing'

The Way it Works and the Next Step  Topics covered: All of us are about to be conscious channelers of energy, how being physically fit is a top priority for the new millennium, how to unlock old energetic imprints and programs.

Where Do We Go When We Die? How do we energetically release souls to their journey? How do we allow pieces of othersand of ourselves to become energetically free of each other?

The Yucatan Connection    Ken Page's First Spiritual Adventure / Mission — with Drunvalo (from recorded tapes)
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Planet Vermont Quarterly Interview with Ken Page: Topics covered: The importance of Heart & Soul healing, changing our patterns to attract loving energy,  unconditional love of self, reaping the type of love from others that we have for ourselves, centering and balancing to stay healthy, clearing ourselves before bed, soul mates, a vision for the future.

Sedona with Ken Page:  Topics covered: Patterns and imprints, unconditional love, learning to love ourselves, unconditional compassion, other realities and dimensions and how we are experiencing them here, right now, negative UFO experiences and why they might be happening, thought forms and polarities, being empathic, carrying energies or spirit fragments that don't belong to us, tapping into the collective consciousness of different energies, how to see auras, what is really taking place when Ken disappears during a workshop demonstration and how he does it.

Soul Graffiti Interview with Ken Page: Topics covered: Acts of kindness, learning compassion, the nature of the soul, feeling our souls purpose, love and its relationship to spirituality

Soul Graffiti Interview with Nancy Nester: Topics covered: the role of love in our overall health condition, the meaning and importance of compassion for others, kindness as an extension of compassion, increasing our ability to be compassionate, animal friends as our teachers

Nika Magazine (Slovenia) Interview with Nancy Nester: Topics covered: multidimensionality of the soul, near-death experiences, unconditional love and compassion, the practice of Heart & Soul Healing and the guidance offered by the Goddess Quan Shih Yin.