Drugs and alcohol effect the auric field of the user, blowing it out and making them susceptible to energies and entities. We ask clients who come to us to have an awareness of this and, if possible, to make a conscious commitment to be free of the influence of drugs and alcohol.

Most commonly a sudden desire for increased drugs or alcohol is caused by newly attached earth bound spirits who are continually seeking gratification or satisfaction of their need. Since contact with the substance must be accomplished through someone else's body and only felt to a small degree by the attaching spirit, the person using the substance often times feels an ever increasing need to consume certain drugs or types of alcohol. This can also occur to some extent with smoking, if the attaching spirit was a smoker. This type of addiction can be cleared in the spirit release portion of a Heart & Soul Healing session.

When someone has starved to death in a past experience the sensation of them actually shriveling up inside their body may be felt. Often a client may report they have never been able to lose the last ten pounds they wish. If someone has ever starved to death, maybe the last ten pounds was the only thing between them and death. Receiving such a revelation, along with understanding, usually provides sufficient information to the client so they can be any weight they choose.

Taking a different perspective, drug, food and alcohol are all numbing agents and can help a person who is doing their best to survive a trauma, shock or emotionally challenging time. How many of us have stuffed down our feelings and emotions with food? Addressing the issue itself usually clears up any addictive behavior, which is only a symptom rather than the real cause.

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