Time for Spring Cleaning - Spring Clearing
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April 2006: Time for Spring Cleaning - Spring Clearing

* The Courage to Change
* Communicating with Higher Self
* Energetic Clearing
* Spiritual Growth

Winter is now over and all around this planet, people are waking up to flowers blooming, trees budding and sunshine streaming into their windows. For centuries, Spring has meant opening up homes, clearing out cobwebs, cleaning rooms, moving furniture around and generally awakening to that time in nature when everything feels fresher and needs to be refreshed in order to begin again. While many individuals look at the New Year to begin a cycle of change in their lives, the advent of Spring often demands that we finally summon the courage to change.

An Excerpt from Nancy's book: "Dialogue for Relationship - Journey to Self"

The seasons of nature call each of us in different ways. For me, winter has always been a time of renewal, allowing myself to reflect and explore inner truths. Here in the mountains of North Carolina, winter means moving slower to allow for ice and snow and everything around becomes quieter and still. With the arrival of Spring, the need to create becomes a fierce urging. The season says that now is the time of rebirth. The energy of every moment wants to push us to follow opportunities, to yield to potential adventures, to live the truth we feel inside.

So how can you manifest the life you envision, live your 'best life' - your own truth? How can you move with the energy of Spring to create new growth? How do you open up your home/self, clear out the cobwebs, clean your space, move your thoughts around and awaken the inner being? That answer is so simple and yet so fearful that it becomes complex; for it is: Love of Self.

The question is: Do you love yourself enough to allow yourself to create something new? Can you let go of past experiences and not allow them to dictate your future? Easier said than done you say? Depends. Depends on how you view yourself in your own world. Do you even really like yourself? Are you content to just be - with yourself, by yourself? Are there things about you that you do not like, that you want to change? Do you value yourself? Not through the eyes of others, not from your accomplishments or what you DO... Do YOU value yourself - to YOU alone?

These may be questions you can easily answer, or the answers may not be those that you want to face. Can you muster the courage to look at what is happening in your world, in your own life - right in the eye? Can you look in the mirror and examine the experiences you have created without blaming anyone else?

What is ending or what needs to end in your life? What is emptying? What do you NEED to empty so that it can be filled anew? Sit with these questions, be quiet, breathe slowly and then begin to write your answers. I recommend a great technique from Heart & Soul Healing to communicate with your Higher Self.

Notice what comes up for you. I know one thing - Loving yourself WILL change your vibration, which in turn, WILL change your reality. You can view your world in a different way and be less reactive to life circumstances, experiences and energetics that do not feel good, that no longer serve you, that need to be ended in your life. You can communicate with your Higher Self and receive your answers easier. Being in the present moment with yourself, accepting yourself unconditionally as a creator of your world is the most important gift you can give to yourself. Sometimes if feels as if we play a broken record, saying over and over: The energetic clearing technique from Heart & Soul Healing works - it is easy and it works - it WILL change your life if you use it. Perhaps it is too simple, too easy. Perhaps it is too fearsome for some people to consciously accept the love of Self. We do know that millions of people around the world have proven that Love of Self is vital to creating the kind of life you desire, the type of life you deserve.

I encourage you to just give it a try. Just learn to be in your own space with a good feeling about yourself for three days. That's all - just three days. This will create a state of awareness, of being conscious in your life. Depending on your own circumstances, this may come upon you as a troublesome, fearful process. Uncovering or coming face to face with what you do not like about yourself can force you to turn away from experiences that no longer feel comfortable or fulfilling. For many people today, there are so many life experiences created that were painful or hurtful. Is it any wonder that your focus seems to be 'All I know is I don't want any more of this... in my life'?

Learning to create from a space of what you do want rather than what you do not want takes courage - the courage to accept responsibility for every single creation in your life today - blaming no other person for anything. Individual exploration can not be avoided. It is inevitable if you are to find your own power, your own identity and your own self-worth. It is the only way to recognize the intimate relationship you have with your own God-Self, your Higher Self.

Be gentle and allow yourself sufficient time to explore what it is that you truly desire. Then move into action and clear away what is old and dying so you can rebirth your life. Knowing where you are is the first step to changing what you do not like, and creating the kind of life you want. These techniques DO work. Just give yourself three days to notice the difference in how you feel about yourself. This will then relate to how you feel about your life.

Learning to unconditionally love youself allows you to have unconditional compassion for all creation. Communicating from this higher perspective provides you with a loving yet powerful foundation for what you must do next: Have the courage to stand for your own truths. Buddha said 'There are three truths in life, your truth, my truth and the truth'. This is the space from which you find the balance of what you know and what you do not know. While you may not know the truth of any other person, the truth you learn to know about yourself is the only truth you know in the present moment. This is the truth that will serve you the best in that moment. Creating from a place of truth demands the courage to remain in integrity, to be fluid, to listen to your Higher Self and have the knowing of discernment that will anchor you in your own personal truth.

Working with the energetic clearing technique diligently, you may then want to incorporate the Living Light Breath to become more aware of your own space. Moving into your pineal gland can provide you with a bigger picture by allowing you to become more sensitive to your experiences and yet less reactive. This will provide you with the filter of discernment for energy that no longer serves you and the knowledge that you have many choices in your life. That awareness alone WILL transform your world.

Your version of your life is your own. Your experiences and your creation are your own. Finding your way takes questioning of self, discovery of tools and recognition of your choices. Know thyself (Plato); To Thine Own Self Be True (Shakespeare). You have within you the courage to change, to live your own best life - your own truths.


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