(from: 'The Heart of Soul Healing', Chapter 28)

Most metaphysical and religious people are taught and continually asked to project energy, light, and love to all those around them. We live with many different dualities in our three-dimensional world. Many metaphysical people project their thoughts, energies, and ideas, so that other people will know who and what they are. Many people, when in love, seeking a job, creating, helping, or healing others, end up projecting energetic parts of themselves outside of their own space, hoping to control and interact with others.

We have also observed that the energetic fields of most people are out several hundred yards. To keep themselves energetically safe, they built a barrier around themselves by pushing their energies outward. Another reason for having their fields pushed out is that they are not safe being fully in their bodies.

An interesting phenomenon occurs when we project anything to anybody outside of our personal spaces, no matter how innocent or well-meaning our original intentions might be. By projection, we mean sending to others ideas, meditations, prayers, thoughts, or feelings in an effort to influence them physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.

For instance, if I project love onto you, it would be my idea of love, not yours. The projection is really not love - it is energy. This energy would immediately cause some form of distortion within you and result in an interaction between us. Most of us are doing well just to know what we are learning on a soul level. Even if I believe that I am projecting positive energy onto you, if you have not asked for it, a part of you may subconsciously feel a type of psychic intrusion or personal judgment, because part of you may not be in alignment or balance with whatever energy I am sending to you.

Even if this interaction is only perceived and felt on the inner mind level, the two of us will immediately get into an energetic exchange. Because of the ways we interact with each other, many of us end up feeling psychically roughed up or intruded upon without quite knowing the reasons why.

Sending love to someone else is complicated, because we are not absolutely certain about what they are here to learn. There are millions of different combinations of lessons and life experiences you may have chosen to experience and master. Whatever lesson you have chosen is meant to help you master unconditional love for yourself.

Even though you and I may be learning aspects of the same lesson, you may need to learn things in a different way than I have chosen for myself. All we know for sure is that we are working on certain lessons and have our own personal perspectives of love that we are doing our best to understand.

Each of us has different experiences of loving and being loved and these experiences have shaped our perception of what love is. No two people have the exact same interpretation of love. Perhaps we only experience love to the degree we have been loved and accepted ourselves. How many of us felt one hundred percent loved and accepted by our parents? I would like to suggest the idea of not projecting at all. Rather than sending out energy, become the essence of the energy itself.

Please just consider the idea of non-projection. First, refrain from sending love, light or anything. As we interact with others, simply reflect a state of compassion for all life. In most cases, there is no polarity attached to being in a state of compassion. As we unconditionally love ourselves, the essence of our being-ness automatically radiates out through our compassion and is felt by others within themselves. When you are not projecting anything outward, it’s easier to center yourself.

We have one hundred trillion cells. Each cell represents another consciousness; we are all reflected inside of each other. If you want to help another person, go inside yourself and love that person as he or she exists inside of you. We are able to do this more effectively when we become love-when we unconditionally love all one hundred trillion parts of ourselves. If you want to pray to God, be love, go inside, and address your prayers to your internal divine presence.


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