The Gates of
Quan Shih Yin






*Do you ever question the choices you have made in your life?
*Have you wondered why circumstances and situations occur that often make no sense?
*Do you always know where you are going
 and why?
*Who is really in control of the direction your life has taken?

*Do you yearn for that greater degree of love and compassion for yourself and for others?
*In spite of everything you have accomplished, do you still search for something more on your spiritual path? 

A candle in the darkness becomes: A FLAME:

QuanYin ignites and holds the flame of compassion for each one of us. Known as The Feminine Buddha, The Bodhisattva of Compassion and Mercy, The Eastern Archetypal Mother Mary, QuanYin asks that you retreat with her, learn to breathe with her, feel and experience the compassionate vibration of unconditional Self-Love brought to you through her sacred ‘vibrational gates’ to assist you in becoming The Independent Self.

This gift of self-empowerment is free. All the Mother asks is that you be present and she will appear.

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Come - relax, rest and find the inner truths you have searched for, the compassion you have yearned for and the life purpose you have been waiting for.

Since I was a child, QuanYin has visited me, shared information and showered me with compassion. Before I knew her name, she began imparting wisdom from her ageless soul, always saying to me:

..."If you could see through my eyes - you would see the beautiful Light I see within you”.

She has shown me how to see, encouraged me to experience life in its fullness and in its depths, steered me towards the paths of right action and welcomed me with open arms whenever I needed to rest during challenging, confusing or difficult times.

Several years ago, QuanYin gifted several ‘gates’ that I would, at a given time, reveal and communicate to the world. These 'vibrational gates' of compassion were never before published or shared. Each 'gate' resonates with a corresponding chakra, the energetic wheels of life that govern our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual planes of existence.

The energetics surrounding our human selves on this earth plane signal that NOW is the time for us to fully embrace our loving and compassionate selves, rekindle the beauty of a balance within our male and female energies and enter into true Oneness - arriving in the creative space of full awareness and self-empowerment - The Independent Self.

..."The sacred feminine can not be embraced until we are in balance with our masculine and feminine selves".

Each of these nine gates is a sacred portal for knowledge and awareness. QuanYin directed that the messages and exercises within her sacred Gates will help you find the inner truths you have searched for, the compassion you have yearned for and the life purpose you have been waiting for. Allow QuanYin to bring you to the center point of balance for a true direction on the compass of your life. Discover for yourself - the path to love begins with Compassion (acceptance and non-judgment for ourselves and for others). Move from being a dependent individual to an Independent Self in the balance of human self and spiritual self.

"All the Spiritual Disciplines teach us how to be spiritual - none of them teach us how to be human" Remember - YOU the spiritual being chose your time on this earth to have a human experience.

Workshops embracing the three levels of The Gates of Quan Yin will activate the hidden power within your chakras as initiated through the breath of Quan Shih Yinto provide you with the necessary tools for balance in your day-to-day living. Rev. Dr. Nancy A. Nester will share calligraphs or ancient 'gates' which will assist you in moving to another vibration - not just a lighter or higher vibration - a different awareness vibration than you have ever felt before. It is possible for you to live your life's purpose. Recognize the creator within yourself, bring about the peace and joy you have always wanted.

Perhaps you have explored other philosophies, teachings, modalities and options for self-awareness and/or self-healing and yet - your relationships remain challenging and your world remains in chaos.

If you still feel the need to be 'right', if your choices are not freely and openly made, if your daily happiness and joy is dependent upon the feelings of someone else, if you know in your heart of hearts that something is missing, then come and join us.

Feel and Experience a level of compassion for yourself that only
The Gates of Quan Yin
can provide.


Quan Yin has stated that during this time, she will personally touch the lives of each and every individual who comes to her with an open and willing heart. You can experience first-hand the beauty of this meeting.

Join us as we embark on a journey along the river of awareness, to alignment, to balance and the Independent Self through the

Gates of Quan Yin


You can feel the energy of Quan Yin (known to many as Kwan Yin) for yourself:
Become still.
Breathe in through your nose and out through your mouth.
Place your right hand over your heart.
Close your eyes and call her names three times.

Quan Yin - Quan Yin - Quan Yin
Quan Shih Yin
- Quan Shih Yin - Quan Shih Yin
Quan Yin
- Quan Yin - Quan Yin

You will be surrounded with the vibration of compassion.
The energetic experience of her energy wave will create a sense of knowing within you.
Ask a difficult question - the answer will appear!

Personal and Remote Sessions with Quan Shih Yin as expressed through Rev. Dr. Nancy A. Nester are available. Please contact us for more information

Read more myths, legends and teachings from Quan Yin in Nancy's newest book:
The Independent Sel
(available as print book, download/print .pdf and now digital product).

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