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both2017There are several workshops, classes and courses offered by Clear Light Arts, ADL, the non-profit organization which hosts Ken Page and Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester throughout the world. We continue to research and develop new insights to present information pertinent to the continuing shifts in consciousness. In each workshop/class/course, you will be guided and supported in understanding the dramatic changes we all experience, to prepare for the shifts of energy and to feel and experience your own self-empowerment. Every workshop, class or course provides you with tools and simple techniques for use in your day-to-day life as you progress on your own path of spirituality toward your own truths. We are at a time where all information is collapsing onto this very moment and there are no longer any secrets.

"We have found a whole new way of looking at the ancient teachings found throughout the world. Their origins stretch over thousands of years and intertwine with all major civilizations of the world. There exists a blending of polarities (opposities) within these ancient teachings - a middle path to wisdom. Join us, understand for yourself how to enter your own sacred state of being from the middle path, the path of full enlightenment and power. This middle path accesses higher brain states and shows us how to stay in those higher states, incorporating them into our daily lives.""

Discover How Your Own Sacred Initiation of Personal Wisdom Has Already Begun.

Ken and Nancy share their latest awareness of healing and emotional release techniques to assist you in achieving the highest and purest vibration available within yourself. This experience will support you in attracting and creating a more positive and healthy life.

Every participant is shown how to find their own self-empowerment and become One with their Higher Self. We live in the time mankind has awaited since the beginning, in an initiation encoded into our DNA millions of years ago. To help prepare for the tremendous changes about to take place, you will be guided through a series of personal experiences that will leave you forever changed; able to witness for yourself what is happening on the planet at this time.

Mindfulness & The Art of Meditation: a 6-week course offered throughout the year in White County, Georgia by Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester. Based on MBSR training (Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction), Nancy guides you to become more aware of the present moment, providing helpful and informative tools each week. Every class ends with a guided meditation to assist you in finding the quiet mind you seek. Watch the Calendar of Events for the next course offered.

In their newest workshop: "Secrets of the Collective Consciousness" , both Ken and Nancy guide you to a place of balance so you can deal with the energy of your world, how you process and assimilate, how you attract it and how you can remain healthy and happy within it. Attractive to those within the healing arts who want to stay healthy while working with energy that is dense, this workshop is also very informative to anyone wanting to clear negative or harmful dynamics or past patterns. Taught during one day of the 9-day intensive, this workshop provides even more in-depth information to help you awaken to the energetic patterns and dynamics that are part of the shift in our collective consciousness today. Ask yourself - how can I stay balanced in a world of polarity? Learn the secrets in this workshop. Held over 3-4 days - benefits everyone.

'Balance the energy in your Daily Life' has become quite popular as an introduction to the world of energy. When the 'giving' of ourselves in relationship with others begins to hurt, it's time to find out what's really going on. This workshop assists individuals in feeling safe; freeing them from the often overwhelming energy of their world. Easily presented by both Ken and Nancy in 2 days.

'The Red School Teachings', is based upon years of working with the left hand path and the right hand path from the ancient mystery schools. We are all subject to a world whose deeper aspects lie hidden from our physical senses.  Yet we also possess abilities which, when cultivated, can lift the veil that separates us from inner Spiritual knowing, revealing insights born of Spirit.  This type of schooling, or learning experience, is called Esoteric, or Mystery Schooling.   Brought to you by our Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, these teachings show a balanced - middle path of awareness which leads to a life of abundance and joy. Normally, this workshop is a 3-day (Friday to Sunday evening).

The most popular workshop by far has been "Oneness". In our facility in Georgia, we work on this philosophy over four days. In other locations, it is easily disseminated over 2 1/2 days. Find out for yourself the depth of what it means to become One with all creation.

Do you know how emotions, energy and thoughtforms work in your life and in your relationships? Find out how they continue to attract people and circumstances in your life. Are you the master of what you create? In our 'The Art of Heaven on Earth' workshop, you will learn to: Access the fifth level of your brain and discover a mutation in your DNA that allows you to experience higher levels of consciousness, Understand the atomic structure of consciousness, Illuminate your pineal gland and move into the sun, Illuminate your heart and merge with your soul, Experience Living Light Language™ and the alchemy of the Soul, Ignite your own Sphere of Creation, Experience INscension™ and conscious awareness of being fully present in the moment within your body. Find out if your first four levels of consciousness are out of balance and how you can consciously re-imprint and balance them.Determine your own Personal Power and Life Choices. Ken and Nancy will also share awareness and information from their book: "The Art of Transference: Healing through Compassion. This workshop is guaranteed to be a powerful multidimensional experience.

All the secrets of the Mystery Schools (from the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School) are included in the popular workshop based on their book 'The Art of Transference: Healing through compassion. The Art of transference workshop also includes the full graphic charts, clearly depicting the Evolution of the Soul. This workshop presents information to enable you to discover the 'why' and 'how come' in your life, the answers on karma, time changing reality, releasing all fears, releasing attachments with others, the truth about the Akashic records and much, much more. (sample flyer: The Art of Transference)

Another workshop is based upon Ken Page and Nancy Nester's book: "Heart & Soul Healing - Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement". The vibration of the angelic realm is much lighter than the density of our physical world. In order to help lost souls, discarnate and earthbound spirits return to the Light of Source, it has been necessary for angelic vibrations to align with our human natures. We can then go into the darkest of spaces with confidence and assist all who need help. Each of us can act as a gate to allow energy to transcend through our vibration. Dense energies are attracted to our light vibration. We are the gates that can help these energies to transcend. Allow yourself to become the gate that you already are - a Gatekeeper for Lost Souls.

Learn about the energetic effects of carrying around past events; the awareness of energy as a consciousness; factors in soul confusion and freeing pieces of spirits or souls trapped in the past. You will experience and learn different ways of dealing with energy imprints, soul fragments, degrees of possession and spirit attachment. You will be provided with specific techniques to balance your energy and change your vibration through the use of Clear Light and energetic clearing. This workshop will demonstrate how to effectively clear yourself and help others become energetically free and clear.

The 'Animal Healing and Clearing' workshop taught by Ken offers you an opportunity to assist your animals by using simple techniques from Heart & Soul Healing. Learn empathic communication with animals, how emotions affect them and how to release energetic patterns from your pets and other animal friends. This workshop can easily be done in 3 1/2 - 4 hours and works well on a Sunday afternoon or evening. Live animals are brought in by volunteers and all participants are given an opportunity to experience the energies of our animal companions.

'The Gates of Quan Yin™', is an experiential workshop based upon Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester's newest book "The Independent Self". The Goddess of Compassion shares the vibration of compassionate healing together with sacred 'gates' gifted for self-empowerment. These sacred 'gates' are shared in three Levels: Level One activates the first three lower chakras; Level Two brings balance and harmony within the Heart and Throat while Level Three increases awareness and enlightenment. The last duality in our physical reality is balancing our masculine and feminine selves. Explore the feminine mystique, the masculine archetypal roles within each of us - allow Quan Shi Yin to bring you to the center point of balance for a true direction on the compass of your life. Discover for yourself - the path to love begins with Compassion (acceptance and non-judgment of ourselves and others). Move from being a dependent individual to an independent individual in the balance of human self and spiritual self. 'All the Spiritual Disciplines teach us how to be spiritual - none of them teach us how to be human'. Our choice on this earthwalk is a spiritual experience within a human relationship: This workshop is truly an experience for those yearning for awareness and completion on their path. Activation of the sacred gates will give you the tools you need to become an Independent Self

In the ‘Eye to Eye with God’ workshop, you will be taught principles from the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School and guided towards a blending of the polarities, a middle path of wisdom. Access the higher brain states completely, learn how to stay in those higher states and incorporate them into your daily life. These teachings allow you to open all of your hidden senses and bring these sensory abilities to conscious awareness, along with information from Source, resulting in the achievement of Unity Consciousness and living a life of balance, clarity, joy, love and compassion.

'Chakras - Organs of Consciousness' - with Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester. Based upon her newest book: "Chakras, Forces of Energy'. Ask yourself: Ever feel energized one day and tired the next? Your chakras could be unbalanced, holding energy from thousands of life experiences. Find out where your energy powerhouse is, and how to tap into your greatest strengths! This workshop explores the identity and purpose for each chakra together with the characteristics of excessive and deficient energy. You will be provided with techniques for clearing, spinning and balancing your chakras. For more than thirty years, Nancy has been exploring and discovering new roles for these building blocks of all reality. Join her to release the old energy stored within your chakras; discover the role that each chakra holds in your path for spiritual awareness and tap into your greatest strengths.

Nancy also teaches many different classes from her newest book 'Life through Relation-Shifts" (in final edit) such as:

*From Stuck to Liberated:

Ever feel like you are working harder yet not getting anything in return?  Are you having trouble ‘letting go’  of anything or anyone? Often, when you think you are stuck, it can feel like a prison with no choices.  Attend this workshop and realize the three choices you always have in every situation, and the four positions of perception that can release you from the pain and torture that keep you stuck. Exercises to liberate you and help you feel free will be provided.

* In the Game of Relationship – is it Offense or Defense? 
Relationship is often played like a game with two people on opposite sides, each taking a position.  Do you even know what language your partner, business associate or boss is speaking?  Everyone talks a good game.  Learn how to play a good game by staying  within the lines and not going out of bounds.  Find out the four corner positions that lead to separation instead of common ground.  Discover that you can play fair and still have the kind of relationship you deserve.

*Relationships - the Alchemy of Emotion
Anger is part of any relationship.  Even in business, boundaries are important for the individual to maintain respect and self-power.  The true balance is in accepting those characteristics and archetypal patterns that everyone brings into any kind of  relationship.  Good emotion in relationship is a blending – an alchemical process that allows anger to bring about the passion for a creative individual life.

Anyone who chooses to maintain a healthy life force for balance, clarity, emotional and physical well-being will benefit from Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester's uniquely created healing method in the form of 'Blended Energy™ - The Healing of Heart & Soul'. This experiential workshop is designed to assist in manifesting and creating the type of life that is truly deserved. Not just for those dedicated to assisting others to heal themselves or to a facilitator of the healing arts, but places emphasis on personal understanding, clearing and balancing. ‘We can only be of service to others to the degree that we ourselves are clear’. You will be provided with three energetic techniques to clear old karmic patterns and energy from your nervous system, your spinal cord and your chakras.

**Discounts offered to medical personnel, massage therapists and healing arts practitioners. Assist your clients in a greater receptivity of healing from their sessions with you - allowing the energy to have greater power towards their well-being. Previously taught only to practitioners of Heart & Soul Healing, these techniques can be easily combined with your own healing practice, providing a higher degree of healing receptivity for your clients. Learn to stay healthy while you help others heal.

In some designated 2-3 day workshops, you will also learn three Heart & Soul Healing Techniques (previously taught only to HSH practitioners):

  1. Nervous System Balancing: Clears old patterns and energy you have been carrying your entire life. The average person has 60,000 thoughts a day, 90% of which are thoughts of yesterday. Clear all of these old thoughts and patterns!

  2. Spinal Cord Balancing: Clear karmic patterns from your brain and spinal cord fluids taken on from your parent's genetic line.

  3. Chakra Clearing: Release millions of old thoughts and feelings around chakras so the energetics of your Higher Self can flow through you.

Ken Page and Nancy Nester are also both survivors of a dis-ease known as cancer and offer their experiences to those individuals or family members dealing with crisis, terminal illness, sickness and the energetic dynamics of life-threatening circumstances. Contact the Institute for more information on one-on-one and /or group counseling and life-coaching.

Nancy Nester offers her certified mediation skills to assist individuals in business and personal relationships to move from adversarial or outcome-based roles towards a centered approach, enhancing a more fluid understanding and a better perspective, allowing for the creation of an open and trusting safe space. 'Bringing clarity to conflict situations'

All life is a series of relationships.  Our entire life is about our relationship with the ‘Self’.  How you live your life, whether in fear or with passion is directly dependent upon your relationship with yourself.  Ken Page and Rev. Dr. Nancy Nester can help you to discover your true self, your own inner power so you can live a life with passion, love, prosperity, health and fulfillment. Why continue living your life based on past projections and programming?  It's time to recognize the Being that you are and express the powerful soul that you have within.  The power lies with you.
Ken and Nancy have created unique programs that can intuitively guide you to clear the self-sabatoging programs and create new ones that serve your highest potential.  You will also get connected to your own intuitive ability.  This program is designed to reconnect you with YOU, giving you back your power to create the rest of your life.
If you're ready to move forward to really transform your life, then register for a course - or schedule a Heart & Soul Healing session today. 
Imagine having a spiritually-based support team with others like you to empower you, release your past, heal and connect to your true self, discover your inner power to access all knowledge and wisdom to guide you throughout your life.  Wow.  What more can you ask?
We are approaching a time of great change.  The journey you are about to begin is the greatest gift you can give yourself.   Imagine a life with no fear! That would be true freedom to live your passion every Day.

Ken and NancyThere are numerous other workshops on various topics such as: 'Our Holographic Universe - Holographic Stair-Stepping' to move beyond the outer reaches of our conscious reality; The Role of the Spiritual Witness; Looking Beyond Terminal Disease; Free Your Karma and Move to your Future; Re-Patterning Past and Future Lives; Rebirthing; Past Lives - Present Life Lessons; and more.

The Institute additionally offers many customized workshops to fill every need on topics you request from Hypnosis to the Mystery Schools and beyond.

In each of these workshops, you will receive guidance which will assist you in achieving the highest and purest vibration available within yourself. Learn to create from an ecstatic state each and every moment. This experience will support you in attracting and creating a more positive, healthy, and abundant life. Through stories and demonstrations, you can find your own self-empowerment and oneness with your Higher Self.

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