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Working with Children

We believe children are here to teach us unconditional love. Children love - they also absorb energy/emotions and feelings of others like sponges. Yet, children can not process adult emotions. Because they love unconditionally - this is exactly what they will attempt to do. Our children become the environment in which they live, especially the emotional make-up of the people closest to them. Unfortunately, the energetic dynamics of their world can become chaotic and overwhelming. Children then become emotionally distraught, acting out in various ways; they can also become physically ill.

For this reason, it is important to help your children release the emotions/feelings/projections that do not belong to them. Before you work with any child,, you should pull your energetic field into your own space. (You can use the clearing technique to do this) By being in your own space it's easier to sense chaotic energy. Wait until your child is resting, perhaps watching television or looking at a book. Place your open 'pulling' hand, palm side down, on their lower back, just above their waist. If it is more convenient, place your open hand gently on their stomach. Men will use their right hand and women will use their left hand. Spread your fingers wide open to receive the energy easily.

Use your intention to release any emotions, feelings, thoughts or any other energy that is not of clear light from your child. It's not necessary for you to say any words, but you can if you feel your child would understand. If you have older children and they ask what you are doing - allow them to know that you are helping them to feel better.

Releasing this energy may feel like thousands of tiny 'hits' on the palm of your hand. Leave your hand on the child until you are certain there is nothing more to be released.

You can also use your 'pulling' hand on your child's forehead when they have a headache, or any other part of their body that is hurting. Energy can be released each and every time.

This is a basic technique for helping your own children. We work with children under 10 years of age - free - when their parent comes to us for a Heart & Soul Healing Session. We can also release birth trauma from babies. Contact us for further information.


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