1. From an early age you started communicating and receiving guidance from angels, ascended masters and other energies of light beings. A lot of kids do that, but later they “forget it”. How did you keep this communication and maintain it until adulthood? What was this kind of communication bringing to you in the past and what is it bringing you now? Please, describe it in concrete; some events.

2. Your healing and clairvoyant abilities opened to you in the early years of your life. How did you incorporate these abilities into your life; where did you learn and how did you use them?

4. You are aware of multidimensionality of the soul and its journey. How would you describe this multidimensionality of the soul to an ordinary person in an understandable language?

5. You condense your life philosophy in a sentence: “There is but One Mind, One Truth, One Source in the Universe, and I AM ONE with ALL there is". How would you explain this truth to someone, who doesn’t know anything about spirituality and how can we live this truth and live “here and now”? 

I agree – many of us have the experiences of communicating with ‘invisible friends’ when we are young.  Some children are encouraged and others are advised to ‘grow up’ and stop playing make-believe.  Some things we often wonder about:  Did the angels really hold me?  Did the beautiful woman who floated around on a flower really sit on the edge of my bed?  Were these real, did I imagine or dream them?  When I was young, it was always fun and easy for me to separate myself from the physical world and step into the realm of being with my ‘friends’.  These experiences were mine alone. There were many times growing up when I felt I was an observer watching and yet experiencing something very special.

             I was raised in a very strict French - Roman Catholic family.  Mass and other religious functions became important, for I often felt more at home inside the walls of the church.  Colors would occur around people and lights would seem to shine from out of nowhere. I would even hear the soft voice of an angelic choir sometimes.  Everything felt like heaven – a place I had been taught to expect to visit when I died.  Yet I was alive and full of the wonder of the experience.  It was the energy of the space and the spiritual connection I felt. In that moment, time stood still, everything felt so alive and perfect. 

            Those types of moments are almost addictive.  I believe we continue to search our entire lives for experiences like these:  where we can remember what it feels like to be ourselves – who we are - in the middle of a spiritual present-moment.   For me, these experiences provided a sense of confidence and knowing. 

             When I was in my teenage years, I was formally introduced to the beautiful woman who was in the flower.  We met in an oriental store where I first saw her statue and knew she was the same visitor I’d  had since childhood.   I now know her to be called Quan Shih Yin.  Throughout the years she has shared information and showered me with compassion.  She has shown me how to see, encouraged me to experience life in its fullness and in its depths, steered me towards the paths of right action and welcomed me with open arms whenever I needed to rest during challenging, confusing or difficult times.  We all exist in a multi-dimensional world where aspects of ourselves continue to experience.  As I have grown in awareness, I now accept that everything is within my own reality.  Everything that happens to me happens to everyone of us.  The beautiful woman known as Quan Shih Yin is an aspect of myself – there is no separation.   

            I believe this is what is meant by the journey of the soul in a multidimensional existence.  We have all had experiences of deja vu – knowing that we have been in a place before, having a sense of being familiar with another individual we have not previously met, doing something that we just know we have done before.  Each of us is a part of the Universal One Mind – Creator – Source – God.  When we experience that perfect moment when even time appears to stand still, when everything around us feels clean and crisp – that is the flow of the One Source in this Universe and it is at that moment that we realize:  I AM ONE with ALL that is.  We feel the depth of the connection within us to everything in creation.  Being in our passion – doing what we most love to do – being present for every single experience of every single moment – that is when we are truly in the creative flow.  

3.  Your near death experiences where also very strong; you have experienced few of them.  How did they look (write some examples) and how did they change you?

Yes, I have had a few near death experiences.  Some of them were very similar:  I found myself in a beautiful light.  There was no question for me, no answer to be given.  It was a sense of knowing that I was there for that moment.  On two separate times, I moved into what appeared to be a large theatre. I was sitting down, watching myself act on a stage.  I was also aware that I was the director standing near the edge of the stage.  Suddenly I was on the stage, interacting with another me, directing me and also  looking out at myself in the audience. It became clear at that moment that for every life circumstance, we only have one perspective.  We are the one looking out through our eyes, experiencing through our body. During the 'life review', we again look through our eyes and then we change to see ourselves through the eyes of others that joined us in that particular life situation.  So we get to witness what we did in that moment AND what we could have done in that moment. Those experiences were very strong as they demonstrated the need to be present and aware in every moment to ensure we are consciously creating our choices.

            In another death experience, I heard the doctor tell my family that I was 'gone'.  I realized that I was watching from above as they wheeled me out of the laboratory, into the elevator for a rush to the operating room. Then another 'life review' occurred and I was allowed to rest, seemingly floating on a soft cloud with my angel. The last near- death experience involved the consciousness of sadness.  I wrote a full newsletter about this death experience in December of 2003.  at:  http://www.kenpage.com/mchnewsletter/0206relationships.html  (Please feel free to cut and paste from this)  

7. How does a Doctorate in Metaphysics and Divinity and other degrees in religious studies help you in assisting and helping other people to find and live their own true being?

8. You are an ordained ADL minister. What kind of minister work do you do and to which church do you belong? How does your spiritual and family counseling work function in this manner?

          Even though I had many beautiful spiritual experiences throughout my life, when I was younger, I found the Roman Catholic rules to be rigid and harsh.  My ‘free thinking’ was definitely not encouraged.  I found myself disagreeing with the teachings that God would punish me for being ‘bad’, even as a young innocent.  Not all my friends were Catholic and the woman that cared for us while our parents were at work was not Catholic.  It was when I visited a Jamaican church, a Jewish temple, took part in holy day rituals from other faiths and read every book on oriental philosophy that I could get – that’s when my own curiosity about other religions had me enrolling in a world religions study course.

            This gave me such an appreciation of the background of religious culture and the effect that heritage can have on our psyche.  Each religious culture brings with it a richness and a history that forms the foundation of our own ideas, thoughts and feelings throughout life, whether we accept that in our reality or not.  Reading the different books of different faiths, (i.e.:  the Bible, the Jewish Book of Common Prayer, the Buddhist Lotus Sutra, Zhuan Falun, Gnostic Scriptures, Vedas etc.) provided an acceptance, a non-judgmental compassion of the faith of every one individual, regardless of their beliefs. 

            During the time I was studying world religions, two events catapulted me into the depths of my own ‘dark night of the soul’ and I literally felt I had to fight my way out in order to move forward.  The deaths of two very young sons sent me in quest of why?  That led me to Metaphysics, the study of Oneness and Unity combined with experiences that are not limited to the physical realm.  I had a driving need to understand – everything and every experience that I questioned for myself.  The beautiful energy of Reiki found me and helped me find myself.  While there had been many ‘A-HA’ moments throughout my life, Reiki became the first most important one for me as a seeker of spiritual truths for myself. 

            During the course of my apprenticeship toward Reiki-Master-Teacher, I had many more spiritual experiences which made me question even more my own  journey, my desire  to help others, and the ways in which we honor our own truths.  I joined a meditation group which blessed me with a teacher who would become my spiritual grandmother.  She challenged me to push beyond every limitation and to accept the abilities I had somewhat resisted while practicing the business of life.  She encouraged me to open at my own pace, remain curious, keep an open mind without judgment and find compassion for all other beings in my life.

            Subsequently I became an ordained minister with Alliance of Divine Love (ADL).  The philosophy of this religious organization is to seek the greatest good in all circumstances, always providing Divine Love and Compassion in every instance. This too became a cornerstone in my healing work. 

6. Do you think that compassion is the key element in all the areas of your work? What is compassion, how do you approach a person with compassion? Does this mean to negate and subordinate yourself to other people’s desires?

10. You are performing strong technique Heart & Soul Healing™ and help people to let free them self from physical, mental, emotional and spiritual patterns from the past. How does the session works, on which principles? What does releasing of these patterns by individual mean to his/her life and how fast? How can learn this kind of session?

When we can BE with ourselves with unconditional love for every aspect of our life, then we practice having unconditional compassion for others. The emotion of compassion is the truth of Oneness – allowing everyone to be exactly where they are in their life creation – recognizing every other being as a creator.  If I am a creator and you are a creator, then we each accept responsibility for our own creations.  That leaves no one a victim of someone or something outside of ourselves.  When I recognize myself as a creator, I can compassionately be with anyone, in any type of life dynamics.  No one is more important than me.  The life journey I choose for myself as a creator is mine alone.  I am not more important than anyone else.  Everyone is a creator, capable of choice and creating their life experiences.  Since we are all equal, there is no need to subordinate myself or become less than I AM.    
            This is also the philosophy behind Heart & Soul Healing™ – the second most important ‘A HA’ in my life.  So often we allow ourselves to fall into the role of victim – after all that gives us someone or something else to blame for things in our lives.  The first awareness for ourselves is:  accepting that we are creators and not victims.  We create circumstances and draw people to us in order to learn the lessons we have chosen for our soul’s journey.  The second awareness that we suggest is Oneness.  We are not separate from anything.  We are One with everything.  This gives us a clearer path for connecting to our Higher Self, our inner voice, the wisdom within, Creator – God – Source.

            During a Heart & Soul Healing™ Session, we can trace energy patterns that have been with us for all of our existence, whether or not we believe in past lives.  Old energy can often become stuck, entangled or disruptive in our present-day life.  We continue to have similar  things happen to us and wonder why?  Through powerful clearing techniques, we can assist people to free themselves from past energetic distortions, release karmic ties, bring about relationships in a more balanced way and provide them with the meaning of their soul’s purpose.  The past can no longer affect them in the same way.  Individuals learn simple, easy techniques that help them remain energetically clear and present in the moment.   This helps them move forward in a completely different way – to experience life to the fullest potential as creators, not victims. We truly believe that miracles occur during one Heart & Soul Healing session.  Anyone can become a certified practitioner at any of our training courses, offered at many times throughout the year in different parts of the world. 

9. You are Founder and Director of Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Centre, Director of Clear Light Arts and Co-Director of The Institute of Multidimensional Cellular Healing™, and the Third Eye of Horus Mystery School. These are big projects. How can you mannage all this work? How does this school and Centers opperate – something about their work!

Wow!  When you repeat everything like that, it does sound like a lot of work.  Yes, we have many projects that the Institute is involved with – most importantly the sharing of Oneness, awareness and healing on the planet. Both Ancient Wisdom Spiritual Centre and Clear Light Arts, ADL operate as federally recognized charitable religious organizations, which means that we can legally accept donations. We have also been blessed throughout the years by having people assist in so many different ways.  Our facility can hold 10 full residential students and about 30 day students for various workshops and courses.  We have many different workshops involving various topics that are offered.  Additionally, we work with sponsors to bring our events to many areas around the world.  Currently we count 45 countries that have embraced Heart & Soul Healing. Our website (www.KenPage.com)  lists the calendar of events and is updated monthly. The website of our non-profit: www.ClearLightArts.org  provides additional information on what we offer.

11. You also work on area of relationships. How can we, on personal and business area, move from adversarial to more centered approach and a better understanding?

There is an extensive article about relationships.  This information is fully detailed at: http://www.kenpage.com/mchnewsletter/0206relationships.html  (feel free to cut anything from this)

I have also worked with private counseling for individuals and couples for many years, performing weddings and offering tools for better communication and becoming conscious partners in relationships.  More than 30 years in the legal profession brought many insights into the game of ‘offense and defense’ in all types of relationships – both personal and business.  The same philosophies apply to relationships that apply to other areas of our lives.  When we accept that we are creators – responsible for the actions and consequences of ourselves – we can approach life challenges from a more centered place of being.  When we feel that we are victims – that is when the adversarial role occurs.  Becoming trained as a mediator involved in resolving conflict situations has reinforced this over and over. Better understanding comes about when we accept responsibility for ourselves,  when we stop pointing fingers at others who have wronged us.  Better understanding comes when we apply forgiveness and compassion. A centered approach of resolving conflict occurs when both sides are willing to listen to reality speaking.  They accomplish this by voicing what they really want, seeking an area of compromise they can feel good about and remaining flexible for an outcome that can satisfy everyone.  Those are the necessary factors to keep everyone a winner in the game of life. Sort of like Peace Negotiations where everyone goes away happy. 

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