What are the Teachings from The Red School?

The Red School is all about staying balanced between dualities so your path will be safer. It can help you trust your inner self and find ease in all your relationships. By also healing your past and the world in which you have been a part, your future will be more open to your joy. What if negativity could not hurt you? You could walk into the densest energy and realize you can learn without having any effects on your body and not being hurt.

There are many things that many people fear. This only creates emotional and physical challenges. With the Red School Teachings, it becomes easy to find peace with old patterns. All energetic patterns exist because people give them power. You can learn to stop giving energy, stop giving away pieces of your own life to anything or anyone that no longer helps you on your journey. The darkness you sometimes feel does not have to be black. You can bring light into the darkness and help change yourself, your families, your friends and the ways in which you live.

All of us are tired of the lies that the world has told us - always trying to keep us in fear of something or by controlling the way we feel. People all over the world are stuck, feeling trapped by the negativity of their past which is creating their reality. These forces have been given energy by humankind for thousands of years.

The energy is actually hard like steel; yet we can change it back into pure creative energy to allow for a space where anything, including miracles can occur. You can free your own soul and bring in a new vibration for your spirit.

These teachings are the result of many years of helping others to find that quiet, pure space within themselves; to find ways of releasing and stopping the dynamics of their entire life, to bring about choice in order to feel free.

Being lighter and being able to embrace a newer vibration is about finding choices to become who you truly are. You would then be able to react or not react to everything and everyone; you would not need protection for your own space would be the safest place; you could change history itself to allow for a different future - no longer living in fear of the shadows of your past.

The Red School Teachings reveal that we are more than we think, more than we feel and more than we experience - providing proof that our DNA and genetic makeup is only a blueprint modeled on the past - not a directive for our life. Releasing the energetics from your past can change and shift your own consciousness, which in turn changes your world. We dedicate these teachings to helping you gain and maintain self-empowerment and inner peace.

Some of the major points of the Red School Teachings encompass:

  1. How to repair your own nervous system and become invisible to your past by releasing emotions and fears held within the cellular makeup of your body.
  2. Understand everything that mankind has created in order to return necessary balance
  3. Learn the truth about karma and dharma – past and future – to help yourself and your family explore each timeless moment
  4. Discover a way of releasing the dualities and polarities existing in life and find a center point with your feelings, thoughts, emotions, ideas, beliefs, judgments, relationships  – every type of energetic dynamic that exists
  5. Bring balance to the male and female energy within yourself

You can discover these truths for yourself at a Red School workshop.  If you wish to live from that place of Oneness, we invite you to join us.  Recognize that you have the ability to take everything ever created in your past and return it to usable creative life force energy. 

Even more, you will question and then discover:

  1. How to change chaos to magic in your daily life
  2. Discover the power within to realize your full potential
  3. Your DNA and genetic makeup is only a blueprint for life, not a pre-determined map.
  4. The new scientific breakthroughs that prove your mind is the final determining factor for your health, wealth
    and all life circumstances. 
  5. What old beliefs, thoughts or emotions are controlling your very existence?


Why The Red School Teachings - NOW?

Almost 20 years ago, Drunvalo and Claudette Melchezedek had purchased the late Brugh Joy's center. Claudette was beginning a Blue School and they both asked Ken to begin the Red School.  Ken did not feel the time was right, nor did he feel he was ready – there was more to understand  before undertaking the task of bringing out the truth of the Red School Teachings to the world.  Consciousness needed to shift and change. Sharing the teachings was not to be entered into lightly.   The wisdom of the Red School teachings would be revealed only after years on the journey, working with clients through Heart & Soul Healing and directly experiencing the middle path of understanding.

The Red Pyramid is one of the three pyramids of Dashur, reported to contain a great triangle of energy.  Two pyramids form the base and one pyramid is at the top. Like our physical reality - the base pyramids are said to be opposite in polarity. The bent pyramid at the base has been referred to as a 'female' pyramid by Egyptian theorists. If that is so, then the polarity of the opposite base pyramid would be 'masculine'. Drunvalo states that the information of the Merkaba is male/linear in nature.   The Blue School Teachings are 'female' in nature as the information uses guided imagery and visualization.  

The opening of the Red Pyramid faces due north - the direction of going within - inner vision.  Its Ancient Egyptian name was 'The Shining One' and it was the first 'true' pyramid in Egypt, having correct angular sides and bases.  The Red Pyramid has a gentler angle than any other pyramid in Egypt. 

Formed from insights received in the Kings Chamber at Giza, as well as from consciousness itself, the Red School teachings encompass every energetic dynamic of life, uncovering your ability to heal anything and everything within yourself - showing you the true path to self-empowerment. They state that the last duality in our physical reality is the balance of male and female. True creating requires that we have the full information necessary to be safe regardless of the energetic dynamics going on around us. Using only information from one path creates polarities and dualities, causing friction and chaos.  

Almost all spiritual teachers share only the right handed path - using the mind to create.  Learning this way actually requires more time to find that place of quiet and peace - for the right side of the brain forces you to deal with every single issue in your face. You are then pushed into the opposite polarity - the physical left side.  That throws you out of balance, for the left side contains all manner of physical and emotional conditions.  If you start going into the mental/creative side without first bringing balance to your physical/emotional side -- you will have many challenges.

The Blue school is all about creating with the mind through imagery and visualization - a right hand path. That is why we have intensely explored hypnotherapy and how the creative mind works with the realities of the physical - left handed path.  So the right hand path has been called female and the left hand path has been called male. For us to create a balanced and centered life, we need the balance of male and female together. This middle path can be easier and gentler. 

After nearly thirty (30) years of working with clients in Heart & Soul Healing, we have witnessed people getting hurt by being caught up in the physical earth vibrations. They could not grasp the power of mastering the elements within the left hand path. Our experience has shown us that the energetic dynamics of this physical reality are the hardest to deal with. That is why we have stressed the importance of a balance with the physical realities of life while walking the path of spiritual enlightenment. That realization alone placed us on the middle path of clear light. We found that mastering a balance of the left hand path was necessary before attempting to create through the right-hand path.  

The Red school first explores the teachings of the left handed path - which are all the energetics of our physical reality. We are now able to bring you the Red School Teachings, for they derive their insights from the basics of polarity: male/female - good/bad - right/wrong - judgment/acceptance.

By completely understanding this part of your brain, you can move to finding a balance which allows your body to handle the extremes of polarities and dualities. This allows you to access the right side of your brain in a gentler, easier way.   

It is correct that these teachings be named 'The Red School' for they provide an advanced path for awareness and growth by balancing the male and female and providing an expanded shift through the discovery of the middle or center path. This path changes all dualities and polarities. Most importantly, these teachings allow you to uncover the easier, gentler way of being - to wholeness and Oneness.

Discover ways to master the dynamics of your physical  self (left-hand side) with the creative power of your mind (the right hand side). You can then find the true balance - a middle path of clarity and inner peace, of self-empowerment and enlightenment

Now, after more than three decades of countless workshops, courses, private sessions and experiences in the dynamics of every kind of energy known to mankind, the time has come. Through our working with individual clients (normal, everyday people - not just metaphysical people), we can say:  we are ready.  It was necessary that we personally experience each of these teachings in our own lives before the full understanding and the great power that the Red School teachings provide could be revealed – an advanced path for awareness and growth through balance of the male and female, discovery of the middle path for an expanded shift, thereby changing dualities and polarities. Most importantly, these teachings allow you to find the path to wholeness and Oneness. We are confident that we can assist you in connecting with this vibration yourself - The Mastery of Creatorship.


Who Needs The Red School Teachings?

Anyone who is working within any of the healing modalities, individuals involved in any service profession that requires your energy to keep things moving, every person who gets overwhelmed by so much negative energy that their nervous system has begun to collapse or burn out, people dealing with the problems of others - anyone in chaos.  In reality – everyone can benefit.

The Red School Teachings will show a middle balanced path that creates that timeless space within the moment.    Everyone can benefit from realizing more choices in life, including the choice not to react to the past thoughts, emotions or dynamics of life.

More Teachings from The Red School

A Red School Workshop:
NOTE:  In every Red School Teaching workshop:   It is our choice to provide you with techniques for energy management, balance and self-empowerment – all simple tools to utilize in your daily life. 

We feel it is not enough that you would ‘have a great experience’ during a workshop if those emotions  and feelings can’t be easily translated or used with the situations and dynamics existing in your every day life. 

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