Heart & Soul Healing is a powerful process incorporating empathic awareness of energy patterns. Ken will demonstrate practical tools to easily and efficiently balance and clear old energetic patterns on people and companion animals that are left over from injuries, illnesses, and traumatic experiences.

Animals have a very special place here on Earth. Ken believes that our companion animals are here to be our examples of unconditional love. Before you work with your companion animals, you must pull your energetic field in and approach them from their place of being. All creatures will be more receptive to you if you meet them where they are. Do not expect them to feel like a human being.

When you are in your own space, it is easier to feel or hear the animal¹s needs. Once you have established trust and rapport with your friend, Ken will show you how to use energetic hand-scanning techniques to find energetic variations in his or her field. These energetic "hot spots" are created in response to trauma. Somewhere in time, your friend felt hurt, abandonment, starved, neglected, or traumatized. This spot is energetically very similar to the subconscious patterns that humans wear.

In the workshop, you will experience:

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