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Heart Of Soul Healing Book CoverThird Edition 2004: The Heart of Soul Healing

Over 425 pages. All new Third Edition contains additional chapters and updated information from new work with the collective consciousness of today. Filled with Ken's personal journey of initiation and discovery, this book includes insight in how the Soul works and the illumination of the Heart. Ken also discusses the development of his innovative system of transformation known as Heart & Soul Healing. Contains specific directions on spirit release and includes accounts from actual case studies. Over 150 dramatic illustrations. Prerequisite to the 9-Day Practitioner Training (included with your tuition deposit)

ISBN: 0-9649703-2-5 $29.95 US


e-Book Choiceorder and download: $15.00 US


The Way It Works Book CoverKen's Best-Selling Technique Handbook: The Way It Works

The answer to the ultimate question: Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose? Ken's simple and straightforward answers may surprise you. The Way It Works offers clear techniques and exercises, giving you the answers to lead you down a fascinating road of self discovery and personal adventure.

This timely book explores such exciting topics as earth changes, the collapse of time, communicating with your Higher Self, experiencing dimensional INscension and instantaneous creation, taking your personal power, and using the technique of the Living Light Breath as a gateway to Unity Consciousness.


ISBN: 0-9649703-6-8 $6.95 US

**Order this Book in Polish by contacting Akasha


e-Book Choiceorder and download: $3.00 US


Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement Book CoverSecret Manuscript: The Art of Transference - Healing through Compassion

When the 'giving' of ourselves to others begins to hurt us, it's time to find out what is really going on. Discover easily why you sometimes feel overwhelmed in the world around you; why - when helping others, you feel drained or get sick. We can show you how you can be completely safe in any type of energy exchange - not pick up any residual from any situation - feel better around your families and in your relationships - stay balanced in your every day life - remain healthy to continue being of service to yourself and to others. Everything really is different than we have been told.

Find out the truth for yourself. There is a better way of living. There is a better way to BE who you are, where you are and why you are.

ISBN: 0-9770842-3-X     $29.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $15.00 US


How to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free Book CoverHow to Clear Yourself, Release Old Energy & Feel Free

authors: Ken Page and Nancy Nester


Manual includes specific information about changing the perspective of what is happening. Stop asking others what they think, LOOK for the answers provided, LISTEN with discernment to your creative higher self. Techniques for detecting and changing negative energy, mastering and claiming your own space, energetic looping with others, becoming energetically healthy, conscious and subconscious addictions, the energy of love and much more.

March 18, 2008 issue date

ISBN: 0-9770842-7-2     $11.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $6.00 US


Manual of the Chakras and The Gates of Quan Yin Book CoverManual of the Chakras and The Gates of Quan Yin

author: Nancy A. Nester

Excerpts from “Initiation of the Chakras Through the Gates of Quan Yin - Guidebook to the Independent Self” by Nancy Nester. Manual includes much information on the Seven main Chakras, Symbols - Gates of Quan Yin, Exercises for use of each Gate, Techniques and Meditations for working with the chakras and with the Gates. Color plates of chakras and gates.

March 18, 2008 issue date

ISBN: 0-9770842-8-0     $11.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $ 6.00 US


Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement Book CoverHeart & Soul Healing - Energy Techniques for Spirit Releasement

The vibration of the Angelic realm is much lighter than the density of our physical world. In order to help lost souls, it has been necessary for angelic vibrations to align with our human natures. In this book, Ken Page & Nancy Nester provide a history of spirituality, man's search for soul, karma and darma, space-time continuum, addictions and the energetics present within each of us. Chapter topics include: factors in soul confusion - soul fragments; multiple personality disorder-dissociative disorder; freeing pieces of spirits or souls trapped in the past; the demonic- negative non-human energies; psychic attack; witchcraft, spells and curses; techniques for releasing energy imprints, entities, discarnate souls and earthbound spirits; degrees of possession and spirit attachment, and much more. Also provides easy techniques to balance your energy, change your vibration and feel safe in your own space.

ISBN: 0-9770842-0-5     $19.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $ 10.00 US



Heart and Soul Healing Manual Book CoverGuidebook of Applications and Philosophies: Heart & Soul Healing Manual

More than just a manual - this guidebook is fast becoming a daily introspective journal, asking you to move even deeper to explore your inner being. Includes detailed information about accessing the whole brain, moving beyond the senses, moving out of polarities, creation and creatorship, the Living Light Breath, how we perceive - learn and communicate.

ISBN: 0-9649703-3-3 $19.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $ 10.00 US


The Traveler and the End of Time Book CoverAutobiography: The Traveler and the End of Time -- The Secret Life of Ken Page

Contains dozens of fascinating and inspiring true stories, from the life of Ken Page. Starting with his humble beginnings as a seven year old entrepreneur, through his years as a millionaire businessman, Ken's story culminates in a dramatic series of miracles, tragedies and triumphs, all leading to his successful and inspiring healing practice today.

ISBN: 0-9649703-1-7 $11.95 US


e-Book Choice order and download: $ 6.00 US


The Traveler Ken Page and the Fallen Angel Book CoverAn Adventure: The Traveler Ken Page and the Fallen Angel.

The touching and riveting story of Ken Page, his former partner and her former husband. Join Ken and Daniel as they search for a meaning to life which speaks, both to your heart and emotions, and most importantly to your soul. This adventurous story has been likened to a 90's version of the 'Search for the Holy Grail' and will hold your imagination from beginning to end.

ISBN: 0-9649703-0-9 $0.00 US

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Flower Spirit Cards Book CoverFlower Spirit Cards by Melanie Eclare

In an ever increasing chaotic world, many are looking to slow down and lead a more balanced life. Melanie Eclare is a certified practitioner of Heart & Soul Healing, a gardener and a professional photographer. She works closely with the nature spirits and devas in the gardens she photographs. She lives in Cornwall, U.K.with her husband Tom Petherick and daughter Rose. These 44 flowers as photographed by Melanie in the early morning hours, present a peaceful consciousness. They draw their inspirational guidance from the wisdom and teachings of Heart & Soul Healing. We proudly present them for your use.

ISBN: 1-84400-106-7 $19.95 US


Graphic Charts

Grpahic Charts - Chart 1 - imageEvolution of the Soul - Pathway to the Soul's Purpose on Earth(series of 8 charts) 12“ x 18“ full color (UV coated on front)

Chart One is the simplest of all the charts (examples below) - it shows the beginning of our journey in helping anyone else. A full description will give you more insight into the graphics and flow of this chart.

The balance of the charts become increasingly more dynamic in the way the information is presented. Together with written descriptions, these charts provide:
  • the answers on karma
  • the dynamics of all energy
  • time changing reality
  • how to find the parts of us that are lost
  • releasing all fears
  • releasing attachments with others
  • the truth about the Akashic records
  • how we affect the weather
  • how to change your past completely
  • how to take all your own power and keep it safe
  • how to find the balance of your male and female aspects
  • and much more...

Chart One Chart Two Chart Four Chart Seven

(full descriptions are provided on the back of each chart)

$34.95 US



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