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June News:

Information Overload

June 2015 NEWS:
Information Overload


Recently we heard from Wali - one of our practitioners in Bali Indonesia. He always shares important things to review and consider. The Shumann resonance of the Sun has jumped from 7.82 hertz to almost 14 hertz. This directly affects our planet. Earth has also increased its' sound. The Shumann resonance of the earth has within the last few years, increased from 7.8 to a recorded 16.5 this past March 2015 in Tomsk, Russia. The number 16.5 is harmonic to the Solfeggio tone 528 which is the exact frequency used by genetic biochemists to repair broken DNA - the genetic blueprint upon which life is based. This has suggested to some that our DNA may be repairing itself today.

What does this mean in human form? That the vibrations of both the Sun and Earth are changing - influencing our physical matter. We are actually being pushed into a lighter vibration. Can we handle this? What does it mean to become lighter? How do we co-exist in a world that is still in such dense turmoil?

These questions have been posed for many years. In fact, our earth has been going through chaotic vibrational changes for quite some time. Our friend Gregg Braden wrote in detail about the effects of these shifts in his 1994 book: 'Awakening to Zero Point: The Collective Initiation'. We encourage you to read this book if you want the accurate scientific details. There are many individuals today suggesting these shifts as 'new insights or awareness' when the information itself has been available for decades and more - through ancient prophecies.

We are all being pushed energetically to change in order to acclimate ourselves and stay in balance. Our sleep patterns, relationships, immune systems, mental functions and emotional cycles are being affected. So really - what is the answer?

Love yourself unconditionally and practice being in the moment - stay focused and clear with your thoughts. Remain in your own (physical body) space, not projecting anything outward from yourself. Energy outside your own body belongs to a world that is already in chaos!

There's too much 'mis-information' that places fear into people. For many around the world, they've gone to so many metaphysical workshops, they no longer want anyone telling them anything anymore.


It is good to be informed, so we have choices in life. Energy consists of thoughts, ideas, opinions, judgments and all manner of emotions. Projections of energy are then placed on people/things/areas... Over the last 30 years, lots of projections have been placed on:
1) The Merkaba. Called by different names in different cultures, this expansion can overwhelm your nervous system and throw you out of balance;
2) Any Pyramid. Unless you have been trained to balance the incoming collective consciousness, you could unknowingly trap yourself in an old energy pattern, thereby affecting the weakest part of your body.
3) Center in your Heart Inwardly before being in your heart outwardly. Here are some questions to ask yourself before opening your heart outwardly. If you move outward before you love yourself unconditionally, you can subconsciously pull in outside energy into those parts of yourself that you don't love. This can overwhelm your nervous system. Here are some questions to ask yourself before opening your heart outwardly.
4) Practicing any type of energy/healing work. Make sure you are healthy (no stress or outside pressures) and in your space so you do not become vulnerable or reactive within the creative flow.

For years we have stressed that energy is everywhere and the only way to deal with it is to stay in balance.

Your Higher Self is a part of Source. It is vital that each of us become that lighter vibration. This happens when you are one with everything in creation - without fear. You then become your Higher Self, gaining a 'knowing/awareness' of your own creations.

Having a quiet mind can help you stay focused. That is not always easy when you are still processing the emotions of others. Would it surprise you to know that the majority of emotions you have are not even yours? You can release the emotions of others and feel free of your past.

Loving yourself, staying focused and balanced will help us all remain energetically safe in these times of chaotic energy shifts. Any questions, please feel free to contact us at anytime.

Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


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