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April 2014

How 'BIG' is Energy, Really?

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Based on the phone calls and emails coming in, it appears there is still a great deal of confusion about simply finding a balance in daily life. We know we are spiritual beings, having a physical life, so how does that complicate finding balance, staying healthy and enjoying the experience? Perhaps it's because we just don't hear our inner voice, or haven't been able to trust our own thoughts. So we ask others for advice, go to different teachers and workshops, read self-help books and get overloaded by information. The dynamics in our own lives pull us out of our center and we don't know what to do. We then feel the best thing to do is nothing, or pull the covers over our head and hope it all just goes away.

Maybe it's because of the emotional dynamics we attract together with the energy that exists in these times in which we live. Do you know the answers to these questions: How big is energy? How much does the energy of the world affect us? Information about the Collective Consciousness and its' shifts were contained in the August, September, October and November 2013 newsletters. The energy of the world is bigger than you can imagine; after all, it represents every thought, word and action of 7 billion people combined with the entire consciousness of energy from all of our past. We are each vulnerable to the emotional barometer of the collective consciousness.

Last year, we gave you a list of questions to ask before opening your heart center, in order to determine first if the emotions of your past would hold you back, or if the energy you are attracting in your life today is complicating your awareness.

These are the four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, become liquid light, move your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and change the vibration of your name. Using these simple tools will help your vibration get clearer and lighter so you become more sensitive and less reactive to what is around you. These also help you become a conscious creator, rather than living by default.

Yet there is still so much confusion about being in the heart center, about the true meaning of Oneness, the actuality of self-empowerment and the existence of awareness.

Remember - the information we share is based upon experiences in energy dynamics for more than 25 years in 39 different countries with millions in workshops and thousands in our personal sessions. It's based on hard work in sometimes difficult situations. Experience provides us with more insights and the awareness of an even 'bigger picture'.

We hear stories from individuals who get hurt by putting various ideas into practice before they learn the very basics about the collective consciousness of energy that exists in the world today.

For example:
1) did you know that when you put yourself (and/or others) inside a pyramid in order to clear or release energy, the intensity of that energy could hurt the weakest part of your body?
2) receiving the energy in a Oneness blessing from someone who is not 'One' (but has issues of fear), lets you become vulnerable to also receiving the energy of that persons' fears?
3) opening and expanding your heart (when there is even one issue of fear inside you) exposes your energy field to the dynamics of the collective consciousness?

Remember this before you seek answers from anyone - before you get yourself hurt by giving away your power to someone else who does not really know more than you do. Ask your teachers -
What happens when something goes wrong?
How do I get out of what I have created then?
Choose someone who has been in energy work for longer than a year, is balanced and healthy in their life, is 'One' with all energy, and does not promote that you stay 'in the light' by avoiding or ignoring the 'dark' that exists in your world.

You can do all these things - and more, in a safe and healthy way. You can be centered in your heart without giving away your power. You can be in the densest of energy and remain clear and unharmed. Just work with the basics first - find out how to keep yourself and your family safe and healthy first. Learn how to handle negative so you can remain positive.

For those who want more information than this: A very special workshop has been developed which gives you an opportunity to ask specific questions relating to you personally, and get the help you want and need. Secrets of the Collective Consciousness is being presented by Ken Page in Zeist, Holland on May 16-17 & !8, 2014.

Answers to the following questions will be presented in the first few hours of the workshop:
How do I get my own answers, and find my inner voice?
How can I get rid of my fears?

In the next two days of this workshop, you will discover truths and insights that no one else really wants you to know. Why? because then you won't need them any longer. You will experience the balance and wholeness of becoming a conscious creator.

See Ken's Interview on Collective Consciousness.

For the rest of you who want ALL the information, join us for one of our 9-day intensive courses.

You can be healthy, you can do anything you choose. Choose wisely and consciously.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

Calendar of Events

*Secrets of the Collective Consciousness: Workshop in Zeist, Holland - May 16-17-18, 2014 -

Based upon information from the Teachings of the Red School and The Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, this workshop is designed to help you experience a lighter vibration, become less reactive to what exists in your world - free yourself from your past - and learn to create from a space of conscious awareness.
This is the ONLY workshop currently scheduled in Europe for 2014 - with insights we know are NOT being shared by anyone else.

ALSO: Your only opportunity to have a personal Heart & Soul Healing Session with Ken Page in Europe!


BEGIN PREPARATION: 9-day Intensive Course: September 20-28, 2014

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