Testimonials on the Intensive Heart & Soul Healing Course
from students and practitioners

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"Ken and Nancy are both wonderful teachers! The knowledge they give you is so precious and techniques so easy for everyday use! They widen your awareness in such a subtle way. The way they are sharing their knowledge is delightful and stimulating. I especially like the fact that you took the time for each of us. Thank you both! I respect you from the bottom of my heart. You have changed my life by showing me how to love myself and that I always have options."Jana (Slovenia)
"It was really sad to say goodbye. I will miss you and am so grateful to you both for such an amazing and life fulfilling experience and privilege. I am really looking forward to implementing the work. It feels so right for me......finally". Bridget (AU)
" I feel words may fail to truly explain my gratitude for the life changing experience I had when I recently attended the 9 day Intensive course in Georgia USA hosted by Ken and Nancy.  I feel so blessed to have had the opportunity to do this course as it fulfilled all my expectations and more.  Ken and Nancy are passionate and engaging speakers who captivated the group with their life stories and wisdom.  The grace, compassion and understanding they showed to all who attended was heartfelt and their dedication to share all of their experience and knowledge was remarkable.  My own personal healing journey was gentle but constant.  I soon realised that my boundaries were shifting into my new consciousness.  My life is now calmer and more expansive and I have new tools to move ahead with more acceptance of what is." Pene (AU)
"Darling, Nancy and Ken!
Great honor to me was to learn from you, because I've never met a couple who would dedicate their lives to their work, learning and improving life on Earth. I learned a lot from you..." (Ireny, Slovenia.)

"What I experienced during the Heart and Soul Healing course was Transformation of Life Itself. Prior to taking this course, I considered myself well-versed and trained in many spiritual philosophies and practices, healing techniques, religions, meditations, and martial arts. I had been doing healing work for a number of years, but found that my clients would often come back with the same issues over and over. Even though I was channeling powerful energy during my healing work, the results were often hit-or-miss. There seemed to be something missing, something preventing my healing work from having a lasting and meaningful effect. I also noticed after healing sessions, I could become physically drained and tired. Despite all my training, my life was still filled with dualities. I didn’t understand what was going on...I was following everything I had learned from my teachers.

I met Ken at one of the workshops. After experiencing a small portion of his work, I felt confident this particular course could offer the breakthroughs in my healing work I had looked for. During the Course ...(with Ken and Nancy), I experienced something beyond what I thought possible. I would say I did indeed learn amazing techniques that produced exactly the results I was seeking. Heart & Soul Healing is refined so that anyone, regardless of background, can quickly and confidently get to the root cause of any issues. My clients and friends who later experienced a Heart and Soul healing from me, make comments that it has a lasting and profound effect on their lives.
But, those were results I expected from this course. While amazing and exciting on their own, the results were not a huge surprise. What was totally unexpected and surprising however, was the transformation that the Heart & Soul Healing course brought into all other aspects of my life! This was truly a course beyond simply helping others! I experienced new way of BEING in life - one of balance, power, and harmony!

Understanding how to bring balance and harmony into my life, I began to create from an entirely new realm. I have a new outlook on life. Before I saw things as black or white, good or bad, right or wrong; my new outlook has brought a more comprehensive awareness of the wholeness inherent in all things. I began to understand more completely my role as a conscious creator, and as a part of the wholeness of God and the Universe. When I was working in the realm of the polarities listed above, the results in my healing work and in my life were reflective of those polarities. So I either had a powerful healing session with someone or I didn’t. I could be completely immersed in light, joy and love and then at the next moment experience something completely opposite. I was “ping ponging” back and forth between two very distinct and opposite realms of consciousness.

By stepping into balance, the results in my healing work and in what I created in my life were lasting. By simple BEING balance, I no longer had to bounce back and forth between extremes. I actually found myself communicating with people, being with people, and engaging life in a completely new and transformed way. These are some of the surprising results that can not truly be understood by simply reading the class syllabus. This course has truly taught me the path and wisdom of balance, and in that realm all healing and all things are possible. And in this realm, I am a powerful healer every time." Mike (USA)

"What I can tell for sure, and with lot of confidence is that your course and also the healing session with Nancy helped me lot ...the course itself and all happenings there, helped me to add lot of knowledge to my understanding and I feel so much gratitude for this. My view was so much opened with new understandings...I feel lot of gratitude to Ken, because with his teachings he broadened my borders of knowledge and gave me a much deeper understanding about the energies, about old cosciousness, and all subjects discussed.
So, as you see I received lot of gifts, coming to your course, gifts which I really apreciate them with all my being." (Cristina,Romania)


"I am speechless with a lack of words to express my honor and respect for you both and all you have done for me and others on this planet. You have encouraged me and taught me by your example so very much that again it leaves me without the words to express my love and compassion. Because of you I have the strength to move forward with life in acceptance and in greater love for the things that I have not given love to for myself. I deeply acknowledge with humility my gratitude for both of you. You inspire me with your lives to march on. I (also) wanted to say thank you for all that you both did during my training time. I have never met anyone who works so diligently taking good care and with so much love and hospitality. I appreciated the focused attention of all our needs and concerns. I am grateful to know that the two of you are on this planet and that I got to get to know you...Thank you for giving me encouragement to make different choices and to march on with inspiration. I am proud that I am now a practitioner of Heart & Soul Healing" Anthousa (USA).

"Thank you. Thank you. Thank you very much for helping me and my family. The 9-day training really was a quantum leap forward! ...Incredible!!...I realize now how blessed I was to have met you both. Thank you." Gregor (Slovenia)

"Thank you both for such a wonderful 9-day course... I feel grateful to be able to learn from you both. It is such a blessing for everyone that you reach through your work, including those practitioners you teach, that you have such openness, passion and commitment to sharing all you have learned and the vast knowledge you hold. Thank you for offering this opportunity to me." Rachael (UK)

"I am so grateful for the opportunities I've had to learn what you know and to practice with you...You helped me clear influences that had been interfering with my choices. So I learned how to heal others while I was really healing myself. As my past came roaring into the present, I had ...a safe, effective way to deal with it and understand more of the big picture. You have taught me to free myself....You have touched my life in a deeply meaningful way. With my deepest respect and gratitude" Jill (USA)

"You are even more my heroes than ever before...My thanks comes from all 70 trillion cells in my body. Through teaching us, you will touch so many more lives - you are my guides and angels here. May you be blessed in all the ways you deserve." Jackie.( USA)

"The workshop was great... a push in(to) another larger reality that I am starting to explore and getting use to now. Things are slowly more and more becoming logic(al) and integrated in my world. Thank you for this experience" Anina (Slovenia)

"Thank you both for this life saving experience and training." Andrea (Slovenia)

"I hope you will come to the Netherlands, to meet you again and to learn more. I do one or two healings per week and I love to do it. It is magical. Well, my whole life changed after the intensive." Arianne (Netherlands)

"I have had nine magical days! The Heart & Soul Healing and all the knowledge Ken and Nancy shared with us was exactly what I felt and did know deep down inside. For me it was a kind of reminding and I was amazed that someone had found the words for the things I knew but could not make concrete. I have seen Ken and Nancy's endless wisdom but also their humanness and vulnerability. I have seen two people who came to The Netherlands to tell about the one thing they were living for...I am very grateful that they wanted to explain their way of looking at the world and share their knowledge with us. I've had some insights, and that makes me feel good. The more I know and understand the more I can look at myself and at the people around me without judgments. And that's a very pretty way of living my life." Caro (Netherlands).

"Feel blessed to the core ; and it's not going away the feeling, ever, I know"
Tanja (Slovenia)

"I have been profoundly changed by your 9-day workshop. I've worked so hard for so long and yet I feared that the day would never come where I would say I'm at peace with my past. I came to the training to learn H&S Healing so that I could better help the clients who come to me. I came with no other expectations. What I received is beyond words. Because of you and your work I am no longer my "walking story." I am no longer my past...I can't even find the energy or charge or any of it inside of me! I've released the trauma, the horror, the fear, the negative beliefs about myself, all of it is GONE. I still can't quite wrap my brain around it. Please know that I am not one of those people who throws around the word "miracle" in every other sentence. That said, what you offered me (at the beginning of my session) when you said, "I have one question for you: are you ready to let go of your past?," and then made it happen is nothing short of a miracle. There is no way I can adequately thank you for the gift that you have given me. The only way I can think of is to continue to study and learn and bring to my own Heart and Soul Healing practice the same integrity, dedication, and compassion that I see in you. I have never been to see a male practitioner/teacher before and now I know why. I was passing right over everyone else... waiting to see the best!!

The Training...
The training exceeded all my expectations....from start to finish it was outstanding. The setting, logistics, food, and amenities were all top of the line. The course content was both easy to understand and follow and yet your presentations and discussions were extremely challenging and stimulating. I loved every second of it. Being somewhat new to energy work... I felt like you met me right at the level of my needs. From the bottom of my heart, thank you, thank you, thank you for your work and your willingness to share it so freely" Lois (USA)

"I am very grateful and glad I did this course...I have done sessions, wonderful to practice it. And I am also practicing a lot with energy. I've become more sensitive to it and feel more empowered to work with it - very special. For myself, I feel more detached from my work, which is a blessing...my body feels light and there are kilos of weight gone from my shoulders. So I am happy and looking forward to create more opportunities for HSH sessions. Thank you for your lovely course, I have not regretted being there just one second!" Ans (Netherlands)

"I've experienced the nine day intensive Heart & Soul Healing course in Belgium as a gift for myself. I just felt I had to go there, without really knowing the purpose or having a goal. I'm not in the active healing business at all; actually I'm working in an installation company designing and realising food production process lines. I've had some teaching on chakra's, energies and levels of consciousness. I've solved a couple of problems within myself the last five years, mostly on emotional level. Ken's website gave me a lot of new information and he presents almost all information for free. I was attracted to his wisdom and knowledge and really wanted to be around this guy for some time. The course was the best way to go.
The course was well structured, so we learned level by level in a very pleasant way. Ken and Nancy were easily keeping the attention of the whole group. The book is a very good basis for preparing yourself for this course. In the end we were practising Heart & Soul Healing step by step on volunteers. I was not aware before that I was going to do this, but it seemed to be my path, and it worked out fine for me and for everybody. There was much time to ask every question you had and we always got a serious balanced answer.
During the course I've cleared two main energies (anger and power) that I still carried within myself. This was a main relief and I'm more able now to understand, heal and help other people if they ask. This is wonderful and a big payback for my joining the HSH course.
Nancy and Ken are two wonderful loving people; I carry fine memories of them in my heart. It's nice to experience full unconditional love so I know where to go. I recommend this course to everybody for oneself and for the wisdom one can learn or remember again.
Ken and Nancy, thank you both and keep enjoying love and life.' Lex( Netherlands)

"About 10 years ago I learned about Ken Page for the first time. I read the information on the website and felt no connection. I did not want to know more about it and so I closed this chapter for myself. I cannot remember how, but a couple of months ago his name came to my attention once more. Again I visited the website and as I started to read, I really felt that this was perfect for me.
I do readings and healing, and in my work I realised there were some things missing, I could not always offer, what the client needed. Not only for me as a healer but also for me as a person in a contsant flow of development there were things missing. ( how literally that was, I did not realize just then). I had some issues on which I did a lot of healing already, sometimes with the help of others, but I never succeeded to really heal all aspects of it.
Immediately, spirit started to bring messages on my path, that confirmed that Heart and Soul healing would make a huge difference for me. I decided to take part in a nine day intensive of Heart and Soul healing in Belgium, 2006. This was the greatest gift I could have given myself and now I feel priviledged that I can also give this gift on to my clients. The things we talked about in the course, were exactly the missing pieces of my puzzle. There are so many things that play a huge role in our lives that we are not aware of, that don't need to influence us anymore. It feels so free and joyful to have cleared and let go of all these things.
On the first day of the course I had the priviledge to do a session with Ken, in front of the class and that started a proces in me that is so beautifull, a proces of healing, recognition and knowing. There was so much of me missing, parts of me that were just floating around somewhere in the cosmos. These parts of me enjoyed the floating, but they could not evolve. It appeared that at night, when I was sleeping, I set out on a search looking for these parts, but I never found them. That caused me waking up very tired in the morning.
No wonder, I had such a hard time staying really grounded in my body ! Now I feel very present in everything I do and my body is warm again. I feel my passion and enjoy every second of my life. I always have known that I am from another planet, but now in that session I learned that I come from the future and that bringing that frequency to earth is one of the things that I came to do in this life. This explained so much for me, it also gives me permission to feel and be different.
People tell me now, how good I look and wonder what I did... I am very sensitive and used to (unconciously) absorb a lot of the emotions of the people around me. That coused a lot of physical pains for me. Now that I use the clearing techniques and know how to be more and more fluïd and transparant, my body is sighing a sigh of relief! While the snow is falling down outside, I feel like a blossom in springtime, radiating and shining, I feel the sun shining down on me. After the 9 day course beautiful lightorbs started to appear on the photos I took, as if they are tellling me how beautiful I really am.
I am thankful that Heart and Soul healing came on my path and that I had the courage to listen and take the steps nececarry. I thank Ken and Nancy for their love, compassion, patience, knowledge and wisdom, they are really great teachers. I thank the group I was with in Belgium showed me we are all on a mission to love and honor ourselves and others". Marion (Netherlands.)

The HSH training was an amazing experience for me, pivotal. I have very little heart left for hiding out after this - and am honored to have had the opportunity to learn from you and to find myself so deeply, I dare to believe it! May all the unconditional love you have given come back to you multiplied many times, and I include my love in that wave..." Marilyn (USA)


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