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April 2017 News:

Energetic Looping

April 2017 NEWS:
Energetic Looping

In last month's news the message about 'sending love and light' and energetically looping with others was too long. It's been written about in different ways, too many times before. So why do it again?

Because many of you are still getting sick, feeling bad and hurt. So you realize - 'Everyone' energetically loops with someone. Others want to dump their old feelings and emotions onto you because they are addicted to taking your energy, in return. They tap into your energy field and could literally be 'sucking' the life force from you. Think of yourself as a battery with other people plugged into you through different connections. This could be your family, children, relatives, co-workers, friends...

It seems that no matter how much you give, others will want more. Many people have no boundaries. Just don't give them a piece of yourself!

When you want to help someone, it is best if you help with soup, food, clothes, housework... Anything that is more physical and less giving of your own energetic self.

Too many individuals tell us that they feel everything. They are feeling too much and that hurts, burning out their nervous system.

Did you know -
-Most people have drawn an energetic line above their belly? That way they don't have to feel anything in the lower half of their body.
-Nearly half of your emotions are not even yours? You have become the emotions that you have experienced around you throughout your life.
-Of the sixty thousand thoughts you have every day, nearly 90% of them are thoughts of the past? They actually keep you stuck in millions and millions of old emotions and feelings. (Deepak Chopra)

With more than 1700 different religious belief systems in the world - we can see billions of different ideas from everyone in religion. Even metaphysical teachings can be confusing. Is it any wonder we don't feel that we fit in - anywhere? So we just keep working and writing and allowing others to find their true path.

One thing we do know: as long as you keep giving away your own power you will stay stuck and trapped in the past; as long as you keep looking outside of yourself for answers, you will never take your power.

For more than 30 years we have been available to help anyone who asked. Yet we still see people getting hurt because they won't take 10 minutes each day to help themselves change their vibration to become lighter - less reactive to what is hurting them.

We have friends who passed away because they got themselves stuck in an energetic dynamic - trapped in the loop and could not get themselves free. They forgot how to take care of themselves and only took care of others. They gave away every piece of energy they had, and that affected the weakest part of their body. They broke down, got sick and died.

You can create a different path for yourself. Visit our website homepage and use the search bar to ask anything you want to know about. Thousands of pages contain all our experiences around the world with millions of insights helping people from every country, religion, culture and heritage.

Want to know more? Ready for an in-depth course in how energy really works in your life and how you can release the emotional past that keeps you stuck? In our October 2017 Intensive Course, we will share everything we know, show you how to come into balance and stay there with your own creative self. How you can take back and keep your own power to heal and thrive in your life. Much more than we could ever write about.


Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


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