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March News:

Sending Love & Light

March 2017 NEWS:
Sending Love and Light*

When you are energetically out of balance and trying to help others, what really happens? Do you send love and light based on how you believe others should be or how you think they should be helped?

When you send love, is it love or is it energy? These are absolutely the most important questions you need to ask yourself.

If we think we are sending love — and the receiving party does not perceive it as love but as an indistinguishable form of energy — are we intensifying and distorting another person’s creation, as well as our own? Are we creating chaos and interfering when we think we are helping?

When we send any form of energy through emotion, whether it be love, care, or even thoughts of peace, can we be sure the receiving party will perceive the energy as we intend it? Does that not depend upon the state of mind of the receiver?

How can we be sure, for example, that when we send thoughts of peace to a warring country, the thought form of war does not receive that energy and become forcefully empowered by it.

For one example: does a man perceive love differently than a woman? The variables in our individual interpretation of what 'love' can mean creates billions of differing thoughts, ideas, and emotions. The word love is the most confusing word on the planet today, because you only know how to love based on your past experiences.

The act of ‘sending energy’ is a very powerful action. A huge amount of responsibility is associated with this. When we ‘send’ thoughts, feelings, emotions, light and love, we are actually projecting an energy wave, a force, a power, and it will affect things in a way that may not be truly felt or appreciated in the way we intend. It is like dropping a pebble into the water and the ripples cause a wave that fills the lake. Is the action of sending love like the pebble in the water? What impact will it have?

Ask yourself these questions. Do I love myself unconditionally? Do I love the way I look? My hairline? My body shape? Do I love every aspect of my life? My job? My home? My family?

When there are parts of ourselves we do not love, how can we send 'love and light' to others? What kind of energy do we think we are sending? Will the energy we send be distorted by our own inability to love ourselves unconditionally?

What is your experience of love? Have you ever been loved completely? Did your parents love you completely? Was their love ever enough? It was not until later in life that most of us realized our parents could only love us as much as they loved themselves. Is this also true for us? Can we only love others as much as we love ourselves?

In your relationships, do you and your partner love each other equally? Most of us would say we love our partners more, hoping that as they experience our love for them, they will learn to love us more. Has this happened?

Not only do most of us not fully love ourselves, but our energetic fields are also mixed with others. The energetic fields of many individuals are usually projected outward several hundred yards. This occurred when they were very young to possibly protect themselves from certain family dynamics. It became safer to observe from the outside than be totally present in the body.

When our energetic fields are projected away from our body, everything energetically going on around us affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When our fields are ‘out’ and we send energy to others who also have their fields projected outward, will the collective consciousness around those that we try to help be attracted to our own energetic patterns and tap into our energy, distorting us even further?

Sending love, light, and energy to others when we have not learned to love ourselves uncon-ditionally, will in return attract what we do not love within ourselves. Is there not a gentler way to learn our lessons?

What we advocate is to BE love. To BE love is to love ourselves unconditionally and have uncon-ditional compassion for others. In this manner we do not “send” anything. We are the space. This is the beginning of the path to having unconditional love for all creation. By “being” love, others can feel this vibration within themselves, allowing them the opportunity to have more choices about how they choose to be.

Learn to Love Yourself Unconditionally

Choices = Space for Creativity

*Chapter 6 from "The Way It Works'


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Ken and Nancy


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