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September News:

Sending Love and Light

September 2014 NEWS:
Sending Love and Light

When you are energetically out of balance and trying to help others, what really happens? Do you send love and light based on how you believe others should be or how you think they should be helped? When you send love, is it love or is it energy? These are absolutely the most important questions you need to ask yourself.

If we think we are sending love--and it's actually energy--are we intensifying and distorting another person's creation, as well as our own? Are we hurting others when we think we're helping?

How many of us love ourselves unconditionally? Do you love the way you look? Your hairline? Your body shape? Do you love every aspect of your life? Your job? Your house? Your family?

When there are parts of ourselves we do not love, how can we send love and light to others? What kind of energy do we think we're sending? Will the energy we send be distorted by our own inability to love ourselves unconditionally?

What is your experience of love? Have you ever been loved completely? Did your parents love you completely? Was their love ever enough? It wasn't until later in life that most of us realized our parents could only love us as much as they loved themselves. Is this also true for us? Can we only love others as much as we love ourselves?

In your relationships, do you and your partner love each other equally? Most of us would say we love our partners more, hoping that as they experience our love for them, they will learn to love us equally. Has this happened yet?

Not only do most of us not fully love ourselves, our energetic fields are mixed with others. We find the majority of individuals have energetic fields that are usually projected outward several hundred yards. When our fields are projected
away from our bodies that far, everything negative going on around us affects our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual bodies. When our fields are out and we send energy to others who have their fields projected out also, will the collective consciousness around those we try to help energetically rebound and tap in on us, distorting our energy
even further?

Sending love, light, and energy to others when we have not learned to love ourselves unconditionally, will in return attract what we do not love within ourselves. Isn't there an easier way to learn our lessons?

What we advocate is to BE love. To BE love is to love ourselves
unconditionally and have unconditional compassion for others. This is the beginning of the path to having unconditional love for all creation.

Learn to love yourself unconditionally with the energetic clearing technique.

This information is from Chapter 6 in 'The Way It Works'. A full hour of discussion on this topic is at our radio show by the same name. Launch the media player and go to Group #1 - Show #4

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Ken and Nancy

"Love is being willing to die for someone even when you sometimes want to kill them yourself!"

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