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March 2015News:

Emotional Triggers-
Part Three

March 2014 NEWS:
Emotional Triggers, Part Three


We encourage you to read Emotional Triggers Part One and Part Two before this newsletter. Are we evolving spiritually?  If so, why do we look to the past?  Our past serves the purpose of getting us into this moment now.  Does our past hold us?  Does it keep us in old energetic patterns? 

We do know that subconsciously, we continue to attract people who have similar energy – for good or bad.  We also know that we can heal ourselves by releasing our past.  Only one challenge:  how far back does our past go?  Our lineage, heritage, culture, country of origin and religion are within us.  Subconsciously, we continue to create based on our past.  We can energetically heal our past by ‘letting go’.  Yet letting go does not mean giving up or giving in.  It means to leave the past there – in the past, and become present in the now so we can create a future that is no longer based upon our past. 

We believe that we are here on earth to let go of our past in order to bring in a lighter vibration of ourselves.

There are still people/teachers telling us to connect to various energy grids or expand our energy field outward.  This only intensifies everything inside us that we don’t love, can overwhelm our nervous system and affect the weakest part of our body and the weakest person in our relationships.  We then become stuck or trapped in energy that is old, dense and hurting us.

All of the 7 billion people in our world have different ideas, different thoughts, opinions and judgments.  These are all energy projections, sent outward into the world’s cumulative energy.  Not everyone actually believes that we are each a part of Spirit-Source-God-Creator. 

Let’s look at this in a simple way:  Are we part of creator?  Can we find that peaceful vibration within ourselves?  Yes – when we love ourselves without judgment, regardless of what is going on in our life today.  We do our best to be exactly who we are and in having unconditional compassion for ourselves; loving what we don’t like about ourselves.  This allows us to have compassion for all others in creation, meeting them where they are with acceptance and without judgment or opinion. 

Our Higher Self is our God-Creative self.  We have all felt this at one time or another.  The challenge is staying in that energy flow of creation.  The more creative we are in doing what we love to do, the closer we are to Spirit-Source-God.

Our past is dense and heavy.  Unfortunately there are many people today who are still engaged in dense and heavy energetic dynamics (war, greed, anger, rage etc.). When we are in a lighter vibration, we become invisible to dense and heavy energy.  This gives us more choices to feel our Higher Self within us.  Remember how it feels to be in that moment of ‘divine’ flow?  We also remember how we felt when we were pulled out of it and began to feel heavy, sad, depressed… We felt the dis-connection…

Each of us is a unique powerful individual.  As long as we remember to do what we love, love ourselves without judgment and allow ourselves to be in that place of creative innocence, we can remain open to who we truly are.  So we must go easy on ourselves; remembering to take care of ourselves first – that is not selfish, that is self-empowering!  Play more, do things that bring joy.  Listen to music, garden, dance, rest.  We are each a part of Creation.  Loving ourselves will allow us to discover this within.



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