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February News:

Emotional Triggers - Part Two

February 2015 NEWS:
Emotional Triggers - Part Two

If you have not yet done so, we recommend that you: read Part One (1)

All of us have a part of ourselves that seems weaker than the rest of us. It's the place inside where all our anger, fear, stress, disappointment etc. goes. We know where it is, because when things get 'too much', this part of our body reacts and we begin to feel even more distress; sometimes we get sick.

One thing most people don't realize or ask themselves: who is the weakest person in your relationships or your family life? This person could appear to be strong on the outside, yet they could be ready to break down on the inside. Perhaps they don't really have healthy eating habits, or they smoke, take certain medications, use drugs or drink too much alcohol. You've noticed that this person appears to be stressed or sad most of the time, or their relationship is not the best.

Subconsciously, everyone in your life 'dumps' their emotional stuff onto you. After all, when you are caring or willing to be of assistance, it's easy for others to energetically give you everything they don't want. Remember, this is done subconsciously. Yet, it can become addictive for the one doing the 'dumping'. They feel bad or stressed and it's easy for them to leave you with their 'stuff'. Sometimes you even wonder why you suddenly feel bad, when you were feeling great and happy! It's hard to believe that the most dangerous people in our lives are those closest to us. Why? Because we don't have good boundaries with them. Their emotional energetics can often overwhelm your nervous system. You don't see it coming, you just get sick or hurt.

Thousands of different energetics can affect us. Do you realize that we have a chemical reaction to emotions? If we feel controlled or fearful, our body gives us a chemical reaction in our mouth. We immediately hold our breath and tense up. Sometimes, we do this several hundred times a day. Instinctively, we turn to eating, smoking, drinking - anything we can do in order to feel we are getting back in control of ourselves.

Ken: 'Most of you don't know that nearly 5 months ago, I had a bad fall and hurt my ankle, requiring surgery, casts an air-boot and now physical therapy. Actually, this has been one of the best things to happen to me. I became 'handicapped'. Not so bad for me because there at least was an end in sight. I knew I had to look at everything that was going on in my life. Guess you might say my ankle was the weakest part of my body. My sleep was interrupted, and I began waking up at 3:00 am. This became the opportunity to look at the patterns in my own life. I did not share this, just kept asking 'How could I do better, how could it get easier - for myself, and for others'. All of you know that I've worked with the energetic dynamics of others for nearly 30 years now. My most important work is 'Oneness', being One with everything in creation (not just the happy-good-loving-energy). It's not what other spiritual teachers are advocating. It's taken years to gain a level of compassion for others and not react to their energy so I could decide - have a choice - of what I wanted to feel. Do we need to feel someone else's pain in order to know what pain feels like? Sometimes it's best to be a thousand times more sensitive, yet emotionally less reactive. This allows me to help others and access those places that have very old, heavy, dense (even deadly) energy; then start a chain reaction that transforms the energy back to pure creativity.

For years, I have realized that most of us are out of time. Each one of us must find our own present moment. For these last 5 months, I was not strong outside, yet I could still find that present moment place inside. In that place there came a different new understanding. This required that I pay close attention to me, my family, even my dog - to be sure that no one was affected while I was working, searching and exploring."

Past experience has proven to us that any ideas of what change should be or how change ought to look like only interferes with the change itself. You have to get out of the way, or the energy will react to your own ideas. Is this the same way we should be when we are helping others? If we know the weakest part of our body, can we keep it healthy?

There is a quiet, innocent place within each of us - that place where our past holds us and makes it harder for us to be in the present moment. We look at our past as our family, our culture, where we come from as a part of us. It is after all, within our DNA. History tells us that five (5) certain things have either killed us or affected each of us (through our past heritage, lineage, culture...): war, sickness, hunger, disasters and religion. The energy in each of these dynamics is very old, hard, heavy, dense (even deadly) and has the effect of holding us in place; not allowing us to more forward. It makes it harder for us to create a future that is not based on the past. All of us would rather create something new in our future.

This information is not new; perhaps it's just set out in a different way to show you that we can all change. By being happy, being lighter and doing the things that we love to do, we can release our creative self. It also requires that we stop judging and just be easier on ourselves. We've said often in our lectures and workshops: the older we get, the more we judge ourselves, especially when comparing ourselves to others. Remember, if you can love yourself only one percent (1%) more than you have ever loved yourself, your vibration will become lighter and you will change; your life will change.

Watch for Part Three!


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Ken and Nancy


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