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January 2014

Begin Again

January 2014 News:

*Begin Again in 2014
How can you begin again when everything from your past says that you will only create more of the same? How can you move forward when you bring your past with you? How is it possible to create a new space for becoming your truest Self, living the free life you want and deserve? One sure way is to allow your life to flow rather than pushing or trying to force creation to acknowledge you. The next is to take the time to read this newsletter, including all the links. You will have a better understanding of how to give yourself an extreme makeover.

First, let go of your past ideas, judgments and opinions. Sounds easy, right? Actually, it is and it is not. The easy part is learning to love yourself in each and every moment, being present with your own creations and acknowledging that you alone have the power to change everything in your life. For some, that is a scary prospect, and you reach out to others for help, assistance and guidance. Unfortunately what you often get in return is fear, judgment and more negative information. That's the part that is a bit more challenging. This is when your own discernment must be used. This is when you must decide for yourself whether the advice of others is harmful or helpful. In some cases, what is being told is not just hurtful, it is destructive, old and chaotic.

We've given you lots of encouragement before about using discernment with teachers (good one to re-read) and most recently, how fear only attracts more fear. We hear some of the most horrific things from people who were looking for help - information they have been told by their teacher, healer, intuitive, astrologer, psychic etc. What some are told is based on old teachings that have now become twisted or distorted. Some teachings have changed so much they no longer reflect the original truth. Healers and other helpers find themselves being challenged every day to stay healthy, unless they can open themselves up to the present day consciousness and change their old ideas of what they learned in the past.

Examples of 'old teachings':
1) 'surround yourselves with black or white light'. Remember, these are polarities. Only use clear light (the space between black and white light) to keep yourself in balance.

2) 'hold a space'. Energetically, this can throw you out of the moment of the present and pull you back to the past. Just BE the space or moment. If you are a healer, remain in the moment while you are working with your client on their past. This will keep you in balance.

3) 'sending love to people or areas of the world'. Each of us only know what love is based upon our own experiences of love; which are all completely different in feeling and in vibration. First we must master unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion (acceptance without judgment) for others. By sending love to others or areas, you hold them in your own energy - which is not like their own energy so it can cause chaos.

4) 'push out your energy field to protect yourself'. Your body is your own energetic space. Outside your physical body is the energetic dynamics of your world. Remaining in your space will keep you in balance and keep your energy from mixing with 'everything out there'. Please consider non-projection of your energy.

5) 'taking on the energy of those we love in order to help them'. Helping those we love is the most challenge we have. We love our families and some others so much we will do anything to help them. We even think we know what is best for them. Allowing those we love to follow their own path will save us from the heartbreak of trying and failing to change their outcome - for we never can.

These are just a few things we have seen that have become distorted and have been harmful to others. Yet we still get calls and emails from individuals who are hurting because of what they were told by the person they went to for help. One woman told of a psychic in her country who wanted a part of her soul. Another related how a medium stated his own soul had died and the 'new' soul was sitting a foot above his head. Yet a different person told of an astrologer who stated she would never have a good relationship or any amount of money because a planet was opposing her moon. Please: How can mis-information possibly help anyone? How does giving out fearful information ever help?

Everyone: healers, teachers, intuitives, psychics, mediums, helpers of others - love yourself by opening your heart inwardly, to yourself. Find unconditional love for yourselves first before you begin to work with others. "Fix the inside and the outside will follow" .

If you've gotten this far and read all the links, congratulations! You are well on your way to creating a new beginning for yourself in 2014.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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*Replies to the December News.
We'd like to say thank you for the many emails we received in response to our December news: A Message of Hope. Please read and re-read this message, as it applies to you individually. You can begin again each and every day.


* Tribute to a Friend
We recently heard that one of our dear friends, Faith Ranoli of Colorado, USA had passed away. Ranoli (as she was known to many) lived a life full of experience and was a tribute to beginning again, starting over and the wisdom in enjoying the moment. Her story was included in our July 2004 newsletter and again in our book 'Spirit Releasement'. She will be missed by many.

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