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December 2013

A Message of HOPE

December 2013 News:

*A Message of HOPE - for YOU.

We know that often, your 'in-box' is so full that newsletters may just get the 'delete' button. Before you hit 'delete', please read on.

There are many things-thoughts-and others that can get in the way of how you truly feel, who you really are, and where you are going while on your path. It's not often you are given an encouraging word, and this can make anyone feel lonely, hopeless or sad. Sometimes you can even feel like giving up.

Please - read this Message of Hope.
We get insights (messages/channelings) and intuitive 'ramblings' which we sometimes pass along in the hopes that you find them helpful in your daily lives. The following is a message received by Nancy- one that speaks to each of us, and to YOU:

******** You are So Close!
You are closer than you know. Without these supportive words, you may feel you have too much to overcome and your health or your age will give up on you before your dreams are realized. We are here to tell you: YOU ARE SO CLOSE ! You are in reality, in sight of your goals.

We have asked for this message to be given today - for today is your moment. You have the awareness of these words within you, yet human capacity needs encouragement and praise. It is time for you to renew your spirit and all energetic promises more firmly than you have ever done in the past. It is time for you to reclaim life's passion in everything you do and in everything you intend for - you are favored. You are blessed by the gracious hand of Creator/God. Less, you forget - we are here to remind you.

When you exist in the energy of kindness, joy and compassion with yourself and with others - you know that your world is right. You are also aware that when you move outside that space, the tendency of conscious mind is to point towards negativity. We remind you that Creator can only focus on what is right; not on faults, weaknesses or other human characteristics that fear and insecurity may create. Do not allow the disappointments of yesterday to ruin your hope for tomorrow.

The dreams placed and held in your heart are known and nurtured by Source for you were also given the gift, the capacity of fulfilling those dreams. This truth you have always known. You and you alone have the ability to see and feel this as truth. Your energy will follow your thoughts and your mind's attention. Place your thoughts and your attention on forward movement only.

Remember that you must begin each and every day with joy for vigor, perseverance and hope. You are so close to having the type of creatorship you have dreamt of, the quality of life you have wished for and the peace of mind that has eluded you. Your attitude today must be: 'I have come too far to back down. I realize that the reason the energetics are more intense and that my life dynamics appear more challenging is because: I am about to realize my dreams'.

Blessings fall upon you like rain from the sky. Do you not feel or recognize them? When you feel you are in a 'dry spell', trust and believe that a cloud of blessings follows you. Entitlement to those blessings is your birthright.

At times you miss out on the best blessings, for you give up too soon. You have allowed thoughts less positive, less than believing to come into your conscious mind. Those negative thoughts have held that 'Creator/God/Spirit/Source does not care - does not support you, that nothing in your life will ever change, this is the way that it is, this will never be any better...'

Your conscious timing is not always in synchronicity with the timing of universal creation. In past efforts, you have been tempted to get discouraged. Your thoughts in that moment changed the forward motion of your dreams, altering the timing of your own creation.

We remain here, faithful to you. Whenever dynamics of life seem to be difficult, when the intensity of your own choices are turned up to 'high voltage', that is your sign - that you are close to your victory. This was taught to you so long ago. It is now time for you to remember the teachings that tell of the greatest prize to be awarded to the warrior who has fought the greatest battles. Choose wisely on engaging in future conflict, as all are merely distractions.

It is time for you to regain your life passion, to push forward with your life path, to remain in trust and in belief of your dreams. Remember to love yourself for that is returning love to Creator/God. Go inward and trust. The way you love and treat yourself is the way you can love and treat others. It is not okay to be invisible or to shrink away from life. Stop expecting things to go wrong - rather expect that things will go right. Your thoughts and your intentions are powerful in your life. This has been your message many times before. Your knowing states that ALL is energetically connected and all is part of One. You have the innate power to create exactly what you desire.

Now again - you are SO CLOSE!! You are on the verge of seeing a victory along your journey. You can not give up on yourself now - do not cast away your confidence just yet, for this perseverance will be richly rewarded. You must continue. You must begin again. In reality - you are in labor about to give birth to your dreams. So now - at this time - you must pull your energy back to you in a new attitude. These times are not the times to give in. You are close to being the Victor and leave behind the Victim.

Let these words sink into your very being. You might not have the full vision for it appears the road before you may not be so straight. We remind you that your sight has never really failed you - your ability to see around corners remains intact. Do not give up - not on yourself, not on those who love you, not on your relationships, not on those who support and believe in you. You are closer than you think.

No matter how long it appears to have taken or how impossible the future appears - know that this shall easily pass if you will only just allow. It may feel easier to say 'seeing is believing'. We tell you - believing will allow you to see. Feel and expect blessings. Renew yourself, your life passion and your spirit.

This day could be the day - tomorrow could be the day. Believe. Hope. Feed your own Spirit. We have heard you and watched you and now we answer you. Creator/God finds favor with you. Be thankful and grateful in the awareness that all things have been arranged for you. You are blessed. It's time to open your eyes and see and feel your own beauty. You are So Close!

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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