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October 2013

The Collective Consciousness of FEAR

October 2013 News:

*The Collective Consciousness of FEAR

For the last two months, we've been writing about the connection of energy and its' collective consciousness - and how that has an effect on our daily lives. One Collective Consciousness in particular is very large based on the amount of energy given by every individual in our world - at one time or other, each and every day. This Collective Consciousness is Fear - a consciousness with billions of people giving energy to some type of fear.

Many people throughout the world (and some entire countries) appear to be consumed by the emotion of fear, by their struggle with hopelessness, helplessness and desperation.

This unfortunately isn’t something new because of the world's economic problems. These old fears of being stuck or trapped have been felt by many people around the world for many years. In 2011, we held a 24-hour world-wide release of fear and requested that people write and tell us what fears they wished to release. Nearly five inches thick - their replies covered every energetic dynamic in existence. These fears still remain and in fact, have unfortunately grown even larger.

We can say that everything is changing; and for some people, change can represent a good thing. For many though, their fear of change is so great it is almost overwhelming. It’s not about things or stuff or possessions or careers or whatever you want to call it. It’s not about having someone else define us or tell us what or who we are. The old identity we thought we had is now lost in the rubble of crisis and change. We must seek to find our new space within the stillness inside us or remain caught in the veil of illusion.

We cannot control anything outside ourselves. We must seek that inner peace or risk losing ourselves to the consuming energy of fear around us that only leads to more desperation.

We often say: what you trust is not necessarily what you like, yet it is what you have survived. So although you don't like your emotion or circumstance, you remain in the same place, because you trust that you can once again survive

People get sick because of fear. Their resistance to change has only created more terror and panic within themselves. They have now become the energy of fear in its purest state. This emotion begins to overwhelm them, causing them stress and sleepless nights. Eventually, the nervous system begins to break down.

The only answer we continue to receive is:‘surrender, let go’ of the fearful emotions we are holding. Complete surrender to everything and anything is necessary. We know that old ideas limit us from being more; fears limit us from seeing the available space of change.

Hopefully our compassion can create a space for new choices to be found so they will find that space inside themselves that allows for change. We must stop using our past to tell us who we are today; we are always more today than we were yesterday.

The realm of healing (or helping) others who need our assistance or guidance must also change. We must always be responsible in what we do and in what we say.  We must always be conscious of helping others, asking them not to react to fear or the feelings of being stuck, trapped, helpless or hopeless. These are lifeless feelings; each a very old consciousness that no longer needs to exist. We can no longer be a part of these energetic dynamics.

Each of us needs to be mindful of not adding our own feelings, thoughts or ideas to the fears of others. This does not empower anyone. We can show others how to find peace within themselves. One easy way is to share the energetic clearing technique. By loving ourselves like something we love to do - we can lighten our vibration. We can also become invisible to the projections of others by thinking of ourselves as liquid light. This in turn helps us to change. Our change can then help others to change themselves. It is now time for all of us to help others, not hold them back. It is now time for us to empower others to be more than they are.

This will lessen the energy of fear within ourselves which will reduce the Collective Consciousness of Fear.

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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

Calendar of Events

Ken will be giving a workshop on the Secrets of The Collective Consciousness - the first of its' kind. The date is November 22 -24, 2013 in Helsinki, Finland. It will help those people afraid of their past or those who work with family or others.

"I will show you how to free yourself from this old energy that now has formed into karma. There has never been a workshop like this ever given. It will give you more choices in your life to create a future different than your past. Remember, nationality of origin, culture, country and environment where you live, male/female dynamics, age, education - all of this and more play a role in the collective consciousness of which we are each a part. For thousands of years, history has been hard, sometimes even deadly. Unless we can allow these old, stuck emotions still trapped in the energy of collective consciousness to be free, we will never find that part of ourselves or our family members to find peace and wholeness.

For nearly 30 years, I have been working with every kind of collective consciousness in the world. I have seen everything, including pure evil. If you give it no energy, it cannot hurt you. I will show you how to be safe and how to keep your family and friends from harm. We will talk about levels of collective consciousness, why it is here on earth, why we are here on earth, how to become invisible to every kind of energy on earth, to change your vibration and to become free to be who you are.

Join me to learn the secrets behind the reason collective consciousness was re-created and why we are each a part of it. You deserve and your world needs different choices. "

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