Quan Shih Yin

Quan Yin - also known as Kwan Yin has been called many names throughout history. She has been represented as the Feminine Buddha, the Divine Mother - Goddess of Mercy - Angel of Compassion - Protector of incoming Children - Healer of Mankind.

Quan Yin's name is a translation of the Sanskrit name of her ancestor which is Avalokitesvara, also known as Avalokita. In its proper form it is Quan Shih Yin, which means "She who harkens to the cries of the world." Avalokitesvara and Quan Yin are embodiments of compassion

There are many myths and legends surrounding Quan Yin. Celebrated and honored in many countries and different cultures throughout the world, Quan Yin was first depicted as a male. It was not until 406 AD that Quan Yin was referred to in the female form. This was first written by the Chinese Buddhist monk Kumarajiva in his translation of the Lotus Sutra. Buddhist doctrine states that a bodhisattva is both 'god' and 'goddess' - for a bodhisattva may embody any form.

By the ninth century, a statute of
Quan Yin could be found in every Buddhist temple, represented as a goddess in a white robe. It is said that she lived for more than 1,000 years on Earth before she became a "bodhisattva (Chinese "p'u-sa)--literally "a being of Bodhi, or enlightenment".

When she was departing Earth, she heard the cries of the people of the world. In that moment, she pledged herself to remain, to be of service to those who were in need. She vowed to remain on earth and not enter the heavenly realms until all other living things have completed their own enlightenment and thus become liberated from the pain-filled cycle of birth, death, and rebirth. Her encouragement, protection and unconditional compassion has been the source of life for many individuals throughout history.

Once you invoke the name Quan Yin, you invite a very special and unique compassionate vibration to enter your life. It is within this vibration that you can seek all levels of healing, assistance in all manner of issues and empower yourself to live to your fullest potential.

Quan Yin is a Master teacher, a Divine Being of Light, a Bodhisatva and yet - Quan Yin is not a separate energy. Always she has directed that she is an aspect of love that exists within the heart of every man on earth. Once you embrace the vibration of compassion that is within you, you join millions around the planet in an opening of the heart and a shifting within the very collectives of consciousness. The more you ask for love and compassion, the more you are given.

Working with this compassionate vibration, the 'god' 'goddess' Quan Yin clearly demonstrates that the way to the Divine Feminine is through the balance of our masculine and feminine energies.

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All the Mother asks is that you be present and she will appear.

COMPASSION is the very most dignified of experiences on the planet. Place yourself in compassion in the experience of the moment with others.

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