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November News:

The 'Oneness' Within

November 2015 NEWS:
The ONENESS Within

One of the main aspects about being here on this planet is trying to figure out who we are and what our role is in relation to ourselves and others. We often look at others and outside of ourselves to try and figure this out.  The concept of being one with all things is to realize that the only way to find ourselves is to look within, heal the parts that do not feel right and serve our highest good and clear them.

When individuals speak about being ‘One’, they often relate that space to being One with love, light, joy, peace and all good things.  This type of ‘Oneness’ can also create separation.  The old adage ‘what we resist, often persists’ is true within the aspect of being ‘One’ with only the good stuff. 

Oneness is something we need to know and truly believe.  The challenge with this awareness is we get tested each day on what we don’t want to be ‘one’ with!  In our world, or just down the street, there are five different things that seem to be the hardest to be ‘one’ with:  war, hunger, sickness-disease, disaster, religion.  Why?  Because people throughout history have been involved in these events.   Each of these types of experiences are in our own background, culture, lineage and religious ideology.  So how can we find the oneness with life?

We have found another way of being within the sacred space of Oneness:  unconditional compassion.  Having compassion for everything and everyone within creation – without judgment, opinion or any thought of change. 

Sounds simple yet for the majority of humans on this earth, this simple statement is not easily put into practice.  Oh it sounds good to say: ' I AM ONE with all there is'.  Yet how many really know and can actually accept what that means?  To be ‘One’ is to accept - without thought, judgment, opinion or fear - every single human in existence as a creator capable of experiencing their own truth.  It means that there really is only ONE mind, ONE thought, ONE existence in this Universe.  Only a small problem though - that also includes your neighbors, landlords, co-workers, boss, partner, wife/husband, children, the exploiters, war mongers etc.

There are times when we pray, call out for God to help.  This comes from a space of need, of conflict, of desperation and of fear.  The truth can often be elusive:  the realization that the Oneness of all that exists in creation is a unified consciousness residing within the vibration of peace, joy, unconditional love and compassion.  It does not resonate with conflict, desperation and fear. 

With thousands of different religious belief systems in the world; each of which holds their way to be the only way to spiritual enlightenment, we can honestly say there does not appear to be only one way to become spiritually aware. All ways are perfect for the individual who is making their particular choice. Each one of us must find that truth within ourselves and then, we must walk our own truth. Not everyone can walk his or her own talk. In reality, there are over 7 billion different paths to enlightenment.  Each one of us must follow our own, by fostering a relationship with our Higher Self;  doing the best to be truthful to ourselves and helping others; being kind, having unconditional love for ourselves and unconditional compassion for others wherever they are and whatever their own choices might be, without judgment or opinion.

Loving ourselves unconditionally is a really big deal because we have to practice believing this each and every day.  If we compare ourselves to others, we don’t accept our own perfection, so loving all the imperfections of ourselves is the first step.  Each of us really is a perfect reflection of the Creator within.  Then we can have unconditional compassion for others exactly where they are in that moment.  That type of compassion is the deepest form of love we can have in life.

Allowing ourselves to move into the space of quiet – peace without noise – to accept and allow everything and everyone to just BE what ‘IS’ within that moment – that is being One with Source, One with Creator/God, One with our Higher Self, ‘One’ with all that IS.

This Oneness is unique as it helps people find their own internal connection to God; the more they integrate, the less separation they feel.  This sense of Oneness with all creation allows anyone to heal their past, which in turn changes their future.  Being One with the good and bad of everything and everyone is easy when combined with the unconditional compassion of acceptance.  With this philosophy and experience, people discover their own inner truths and take back their personal power, learning ways to love themselves and others even more; becoming a part of Creator/Source/God manifested in the physical form. 

Communicating with our Higher Self and receiving our own answers creates the awareness of the space of ‘Oneness’ within, providing us with self-empowerment, releasing anxiousness and fear, and promoting the concept of finding the truths within our own BEing. 

Only time will prove to each of us that it is our own true nature to be still with a quiet mind, and be One with everything.  Being One includes the ritual ceremony of asking questions to our Higher Self and receiving Answers.   Easy with this simple technique.

When we love ourselves completely, it changes the experiences in our past.  That then allows us to realize more choices for our future.  Find out for yourself – close your eyes –allow your mind to become quiet as you discover the space where everything IS, and yet no emotional conditions pull you into any type of polarity.   No judgment, no opinion, no thought of anything different than BEing exactly where you are and who you are – One, not separate.   You will come to know yourself as One, connecting with the Oneness  that is your birthright, the truth of your BEing, free to be only who YOU truly are within that moment.  This centered space of total acceptance is the Sacred Space of Oneness Within.  Creating this space within ourselves allows others to discover that space of choice within themselves. 

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Ken and Nancy


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