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September News:

LIFE Will Trip You Up!

September 2015 NEWS:
LIFE Will Trip You Up!

Ask yourself a few quick questions: Am I healthy...really? Am I stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, worried? Why when things seem to be going so 'right' does something go 'wrong'?

For Ken, for more than a full year, he's been in physical injury, recovery and rehabilitation! What started all of this?

The questions we all have when something happens: Why me, why this and why now?

To get to those answers, it takes another question: How many things (how much stuff) are you giving attention (energy) to or having to keep track of right now, in most minutes of your day: 3, 5, 8 or more? Remember, life can be very full with work, home, environment, health, relationship, family, friends and all manner of activity. Everything takes our attention, our focus and our energy.

Life can often be dangerous and requires us to be present and in the moment: when driving a car, riding a bicycle, working with power tools, crossing a busy intersection, going down the stairs, climbing a ladder...

Has life changed for you now? Was it different when you were younger? The answer to those questions (if we are all honest) is of course: Yes! We felt we could intellectually multi-task with ease, keep up with all manner of physical activities and be involved with everyone.

That works - until it doesn't any longer. And as we continue to run fast, small things get missed or overlooked, processes back up and we get stressed ..we lose our focus, we become scattered and no longer present. That's when life can become dangerous for us - and something occurs to stop us. We might get hurt, lose a job, have to move, end a relationship or become sick/ill. Only then do we begin to ask 'why?'.

Ken: "That's how I got hurt. After 16 years with an artificial right knee, some of the parts had worn out. My knee gave me a lot of pain for at least 5-6 years, just by walking a block or standing an hour. The surgeon sent me to physical therapy to get my entire right leg stronger for a knee revision. That was going to require about 4 months of me being less than 'whole', so I was working fast to get everything done. I was so busy that I did not see something dangerous in my path and I fell - 2 weeks before the date of my knee surgery. I tore the ligaments and tendons of my left ankle and it took surgery and nearly 5 months of rehabilitation to repair and heal. Then everything began again to prepare for my knee surgery this past June. Now, more than a year later, I feel like me - like new again! It's been a tough journey"

When we become aware of all the 'stuff' we have been 'doing', we may discover that our focus was not present - our attention was everywhere and nowhere. Being present is the key to staying healthy. Yet this takes practice each and every day. Practice being liquid to avoid the projections of others, change the vibration of your name to release the way other people 'hold you' in their thoughts and opinions. Practice loving yourselves and being in your own space, so you can stop giving all that you are to everyone and everything else.

Ken:"When I was hurt, I was having to give focus and nearly all my energy to healing my body. That did not leave me with very much emotional energy to give to anyone else. Some people might never understand that to heal ourselves, we have to focus on ourselves. Selfish? Not really - unless we take care of ourselves, are we any good to - can we really help - anyone else?"


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Ken and Nancy


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