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August News:

Freedom for Our Future

August 2015 NEWS:
Freedom for Our Future

Over the years, we have explored the past in many different ways. It appears everyone has the same questions about an experience: Why Me, Why This and Why Now? Most people attempt to move away from their past, yet still find themselves re-living the same feelings and all the emotional details; which only serves to bring their past into their present moment. Often, they get caught up in past experiences without ever reaching any type of understanding. By default, they can remain in those same patterns of energy for years.

Each of us were trained as clinical hypnotherapists. Traditional hypnotherapy suggests that by experiencing any past trauma, one can release that trauma. From working with so many clients over the years, we discovered that any re-experience of past trauma actually re-traumatizes the physical body of today.

Through Heart & Soul Healing-The Art of Transference™, our clients have shown us that the purpose of life is to experience all Creation and to have compassion for everything and everyone. The more experiences we have, the more compassion we have for others and ourselves. By first clearing the energetic dynamics from their past, we can assist each individual to review a past painful experience without emotion — as an observer. No further trauma takes place within the physical body and they are able to successfully reach an understanding that allows them to finally move forward.

When we become conscious of our emotional past and understand our choices on every level: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual - we have the ability to change not only ourselves but the Consciousness of the emotions that we have experienced. It unwinds the fiber of what we might consider Karma or Dharma. Because we now have the wisdom and understanding of our experience, there is no longer a need to have a past and the energy of Karma is changed. The future also changes because we no longer need time to be reflected in a linear fashion. If we no longer have to define ourselves by our past, we open ourselves to many different possibilities.

The more a person cam be accepting - compassionate - with who he or she really is, and no longer needs to find their identity from outside, that person's relationships will completely change. The energetics of the planet will also change because another emotional energy pattern - a consciousness - has changed and shifted.

Many people are beginning to feel they have no past whatsoever. They have looked at everything and find there is nothing from the past that has any remaining emotional 'charge'. They have come to terms with their own humanity by integrating their experiences with compassion. They have become "knowing-aware."

Being in the place of knowing, we become conscious — an endless and timeless place where we actually occupy many different spaces simultaneously. Our awareness changes. It also means that we can then have many simultaneous experiences. Perhaps that is when we truly recognize we are a part of Creator. Is that what Creator is doing? Does Creator have multiple simultaneous experiences?

When we understand our past experiences, we reach a level of compassion for ourselves that resonates to an acceptance of everyone and everything in creation. This is what we call Oneness. Having compassion - without judgment or opinion.

Our future can be different than our past as we gain the understanding for our choices. We are now free to become conscious creators rather than continuing the past by default.

Acceptance of 'what is' within each moment, we can reach a level of compassion that resonates and allows the soul to vibrate within us. This allows Creator to be a part of us. This is happening to many of us as we start to make that connection.

The compassion and love we have for ourselves becomes the compassion and love we have for all.


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