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JULY News:

A 'Do Over' on REIKI

July 2015 NEWS:
A 'Do Over' on REIKI

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REIKI and the Battle of the Warriors

This newsletter was initially sent out several years ago. With all the discussion about REIKI and energy healing today, we felt it was time for a 'do over' in this area. Our library contains books on REIKI energy and REIKI healing. Both of us have been trained as REIKI 'Masters' and have been teaching REIKI for many years.

Throughout our years with REIKI, we have become aware of the many different ideas and beliefs that have been integrated by various teachers of this healing modality. What we say may or may not agree with you – this only our own observations based on our experiences. We are consciously aware that we are often called to be a witness who becomes a messenger. Judgment of others attracts a judgment of ourselves.

First of all, the word ‘master' is not really quite accurate. The term means becoming a master of REIKI energy, which is often challenging when we are in human form. REIKI means 'universal Life Force Energy'. By definition, this would encompass being a 'Master' of every type of energy within the Collectives of Consciousness - the positive and the negative. We've discussed being One with all creation in lots of newsletters before. We are either ONE or we are separate. Being separate from even one energy (a bad, negative, harmful energy) means we are separate. It's a tough call when dealing with energy healing, for every one of us wants to say we can be within the flow of creation and not have one single human thought to interrupt that flow.

Mastering all of the energy in the world and becoming quiet with all creation is the goal of each of us on our own journey.  Once we have found that space, no one else can even begin to understand what we have mastered, for it is only ourself in the space. 

Heart and Soul Healing has provided us with the opportunity to work with hundreds (if not thousands) of Reiki Masters that were so badly damaged by their healing practice, they had stopped using Reiki. They in physical and psychological pain from their own experiences, often becoming overwhelmed by their own emotions or the dynamics around them. 

REIKI is also being used for long distance healing - sending the energy to others.  Without permission, this becomes a projection of energy from one human to another.  If we are truly all spiritually evolving in every lifetime, we must be creators learning and experiencing life in order to gain the inner knowing of compassion.  What we may be taught about Reiki in a weekend or a series of classes could, in some cultures, require a persons entire lifetime for the dedication in the understanding of life force energy.

One of  the saddest things is to watch a person who, often for the first time in their life, is in the flow of Chi or Ki energy and helping someone else.  They feel like they finally belong.  Then another person tells them they are doing something wrong or not right.  Look in that practitioners eye.  It looks like someone has just kicked them in the stomach.  Where is the compassionate person who continues to nurture another to grow and experience for themselves?

The other very sad situation that exists today is there is dysfunction among Reiki Masters themselves.  One Reiki form or tradition versus another Reiki form or tradition; different belief structures; questions about heritage and lineage; costs for training and whether that meant you were a better Reiki Master.  Even good teachers are being judged by those who have not yet found their own energetic power.  So many opposing forces have formed a destructive energy for power and control; which is very much a part of Reiki today.

This is not a part of the pure Reiki Chi-Ki-Life force energy.  It is only a part of human's nature to control others.  It is not about who is better, my rules or your rules.  It is not about your symbols or my symbols, or whether you were taught incorrectly or correctly.  The pure energy of Reiki is always perfect.  Reiki always works, as long as there is a willing recipient and a practitioner who is in the flow of this vibration.  Being in the flow without distortion is not easy, especially when there are family issues, personalities, opinions and judgments involved. The moment a REIKI practitioner judges or has an opinion of what is best during the healing process, the entire healing stops. This also occurs when the Reiki practitioner is attached to an outcome in their healing process. None of us are capable of precisely knowing what the Higher Self of any one other individual might hold for their future.

For the Reiki vibration to be experienced, one must feel and be within the pure energy of creation, with a clear mind, no attachment, and in their own energetic space so no residual of energy is attracted. In the Usui tradition, It was Dr. Mikao Usui who experienced complete consciousness and awareness - he found the secrets and the vibration of the REIKI energy.

If each one of us can find that space - that vibration within ourselves, we could experience the compassion necessary to help ourselves and others in our world. We think it is simple to begin - by becoming clear and loving ourselves.


Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


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