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May 2019

Healing Ourself Means: Healing Our Past

May 2019 News:

Is there a reason we are all here - on earth? Are we evolving? We know physically that our bodies are not. We do know that spiritually, we are connected to the bigger picture that says we are part of Creator.

One thing we believe: subconsciously we each continue to attract individuals to us that reflect things about ourselves that we don't understand. Our past has millions of different emotions (pain, loss, power and control, abandonment, confusion etc) which hold us in the same vibrational state until we can heal ourselves. For most individuals, their past is 'something' to forget or get far away from.

Yet, can we heal the past? Karma - the energy of our past - holds us until we release its' subconscious programming. Is that how we free ourselves from our past? If we heal ourselves from our past, do we then change the energetic dynamics of karma so we can stop attracting that duality to us? Can we change our past? Can we heal our karma?

We see duality existing all over the world. That is the basis of Karma. Karma represents the duality that exists when experiences needed for our growth are manifested into our physical reality. Our teachings share that karma is based upon energy. We stress that the balance of our emotions with all other energies is necessary to heal. Each time we attempt to separate or disconnect from anything or anyone - we only create more duality. When we are in balance, there is no need for Duality or Karma.

When we balance our past, we will also release the energetic Collective Consciousness that has held us. Energy and the Collective Consciousness is the basis of all Karma. (Aug.2013): Newsletter

By healing our past and releasing karma, this will change the Akashic Records which encompass all consciousness and reflect all creation in this dimension. As more and more individuals release their karma, these records are losing their physical or linear form. The records themselves are becoming fluid. This means that we are also losing our connection to the past and the future. We are becoming fluid to facilitate our movement through times of change. The Akashic records reflect not only what is happening to us, but also what is happening to all consciousness. Life as we know it is starting to collapse. Physical consciousness and structures of society are losing their form and their connections to the past and to the future. Since we are connected to the Akashic records - as they become fluid - we too must change and flow with them. Is it possible that Karma and Dharma will dissolve as the Akashic recortds change? As this occurs, it affects all consciousness everywhere.

So when we heal ourselves, we heal Karma and the Collective Consciousness. We would then be free to create a future based upon a new reality - one that is no longer based upon our past.

Having a lighter vibration can help us on this journey. We suggest working with specific techniques to discover for yourselves what freedom from your past can do for you.

Here are the techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing techniquebecoming liquid lightmoving your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and changing the vibration of your name.

Note: It's a true challenge to share our understanding of Karma in just this newsletter, so we have given you links in this news to earlier postings that will provide more details and information. A full understanding of our past energy, Karma and the Collective Consciousness is shared over 2-3 days during one of our intensive courses.

If you have any questions - at any time - please feel free to contact us.

**All four (4) clearing techniques are demonstrated on the YouTube channel. Watch each one by scrolling through the videos to find each one labeled 'technique'.

Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy

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