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February 2014


February 2014 News:

*What is Karma?
*Universal Law of Cause and Effect
*Release Past Karma

*Why would we write about something that everyone knows about?  Because we’ve never heard so much mis-understanding about one word.   (well,  actually we have a second word: ‘love’ is just as confusing).  In the current way of thinking, karma has become the ‘big stick’ that punishes or rewards.

A few questions for you: 
Is everything made up of energy? 
Is that energy filled with emotion?
The culture, society, area where we live has its’ own energy and thus its’ own karma.  Our racial heritage has its’ own energy and its’ own karma.  

Now here is the biggest question:  are we evolving or are we accidents? 

Is there a spiritual growth or are we living in a mere physical world? 

If energy is everywhere, it must have different vibrations or levels of being in life.  So actually, Karma is very simple.  It is only another name for every energy or vibration that has ever been experienced.   It merely reflects its’ origins – like a mirror.  When we reflect good, we receive good.  When we reflect anger, we receive anger etc. 

*Karma is the result of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect.
That would then ask another question:  are we Creators or are we Victims? 

Lots of people feel they are victimized by the circumstances in their life.  If we are indeed evolving, those feelings and emotions of being a victim would sooner or later, attract (like a magnet) the very ‘karma’ that the victim persona believes they are entitled to – not more and not less.   If we believe we are creators and that our life circumstances reflect (like a mirror) the energetic karma we are sending out or projecting, that awareness has the potential to influence our circumstances so we can magnetically attract a different vibration to us – and change ourselves. 

To move into that awareness, there is one simple thing you can do each day.  Ask that your spiritual life manifest physically for you – ask that whatever you are to learn spiritually become physical in your life so your ‘lessons’ or growth patterns can actually recognize what is going on.   Your awareness will then guide you on your own path.  

Sound right?  Or was that too confusing?  Okay – let’s say I am a part of the collective consciousness of everything (since I am made up of everything in creation).  I needed to understand  myself on all levels:  spiritual, physical, mental and emotional.  My own issues of power and control were mirrored for me by my parents; they reflected back to me the very issues I came to learn about.  They did this because on some level, we chose each other as teachers. Does this sound familiar to you?

*So how far do you think this energy goes back into history? 
Another question to ask yourself: Was I a part of history, a part of power and control energy in the past? 
Of course, the answer is ‘yes’.  So if that’s the case, then I am the perfect karmic reflection to change this type of energy – for myself, for others and for the past and the future. 

When we heal ourselves and our past, we heal our future.  It can have a different vibration, a different outcome than the old karmic energy of our past.  We would be free to create without all the limitations that were placed on us by our past experiences.

So Karma does not judge or punish or reward.  It reflects everything to us until we initiate change.  Until we are ready, the awareness that we have the ability to change ourselves and thus our karmic past will not occur.  When we are ready to create the action of change, there can be the reaction needed to affect us, thereby releasing  past karma or maybe even all karma - no past equals a new future.

When you are ready to begin letting go and releasing, the first place to begin is to start loving yourself. We know: this sounds like a broken record, because we ask that you do this nearly every newsletter. Well, it's the most important gift you can give to yourself so your vibration can get LIGHTER. That will make you less reactive to what you have created - and help with your own karma. Learn to Love Yourself FIRST.

There's also a simple book that might just help: Stop*Look*Listen. It's your free gift with any phone/skype session.

We send you blessings along your path. 
We believe you can do this and help yourself.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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*Replies to the December HOPE News.
We'd like to say thank you for the many emails we received in response to our December news: A Message of Hope. Please read and re-read this message, as it applies to you individually. You can begin again each and every day.


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