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August 2013

Energy and the Collective Consciousness

August 2013 News:

*Energy and the Collective Consciousness

We've written about the connection of energy and its' collective consciousness before, though not as specific as this month's newsletter. Our next newsletter will provide even more info on this very important consideration.

It's become increasingly evident to us that healers are not being taught about the relationship of energy and its' collective consciousness. There are now more people doing healing work than ever before - and either getting themselves sick/hurt, or not fully capable of helping others to really heal. If you are a healer, you may feel, think and believe that you are dealing with the energy of the person before you. On one level, that is correct. On every other level of probability, you are placing yourself and the person before you into a potentially harmful situation. How do you stay safe and not take on the energy of someone else that you are helping? Another factor to know: while the energy you are working with might not boomerang to affect you, the energy could go to wherever or whomever is the weakest 'link' in your relationships.

If something comes up during the healing session that you are not familiar with, what do you do? When a person comes to you with an entity, what do you do? When a person says they have a specific disease, what do you do? And did you know that all the issues (beliefs, opinions, judgments, fears, worries...) you still have within you are affecting the energy you bring to a healing session with someone else? Even if you are not a 'healer', all of us are 'healing helpers' who want to assist our friends and/or family members with their problems. That can also create challenges, not just for them, but for you.

We've gotten more calls and emails from healers than 'regular' people these last months - and more calls and emails from people who have gone to a healer only to be told 'you have a soul attached so that's why you have a disease', or 'your mother/father/sister/partner... is to blame for your negative energy' and the list goes on and on. The thoughts, ideas, fears, beliefs and projections of the healer are then imprinted on the individual who came to them for help, and both are now locked in the collective consciousness of the energy that brought them together. We think it is the collective consciousness of all energy that makes up karma - our past. Each of us has the ability to heal our past because we were a part of it.

Do you realize that you when you are doing any type of healing work, you are dealing with the entire collective consciousness of every single energetic dynamic 'out there'? You may think you are dealing with one person when in actuality, you are dealing with that person's entire depth of experiences and inter-actions, from their own heritage, culture, religion and lineage to the same factors continuing with their partner, siblings, friends, co-workers, neighbors, community, country and so on...

Every energy (fear, disease, anxiousness, worry, sickness to name a few) has a collective consciousness built from all of the same energy fed to it by the billions of people on the planet. So when you think you are dealing with fear and you want to embrace love, you first have to deal with the collective consciousness of fear and its' powerful collective consciousness.

Each of us has a specific purpose for being on the planet; every single one of us is here to balance something in their individual lives. We think that we are each here to balance the patterns of our past which includes the collective consciousness of energy.

So what can we do about this? How can we heal ourselves, help someone else heal themselves and in turn, help to heal our planet? If there was ever a catalyst for change, it's the billions of people on earth continuing to give their life and energy to old past ways and ideas from their cultures, religions and belief systems. The level of confusion, chaos, hunger, war, anger, devastation, sickness and pain is heartfelt by the earth and mankind. Do you think we are hurting or destroying our planet based on our personal addictions, feelings, emotions and projections?

Don't you wonder if the Earth is looking for us to be all we can be so that she can heal from all the pain and hurt we have projected onto her? Can the Earth feel our energy and its' vibration? Is there a rhythm between the Earth and ourselves? How can we help our planet and not project our energy or ideas into the already confusing world of chaotic energy that exists today?

Finding the collective consciousness that an individual is balancing is extremely important. Once people find the energetic collective consciousness that they have been working with their entire lives, they are then able to balance it, their vibration changes and they stop attracting that type of energy. All the rest of us then have a space to heal the same consciousness around us and even free others trapped in that vibration. There are pieces of all of us trapped in these old patterns. Releasing the energy of collective consciousness is one of our most important spiritual jobs - freeing a piece of us 'out' of this time, frozen in the past, not in alignment with who we are today.

It is vital for people to discover their purpose in balancing their individual collective consciousness. It proves how special and unique we each are, and that we all have an important role here on Earth. It is necessary for us to know that we have been doing our own healing, for even though some people know they are special, they still compare themselves to others without seeing the uniqueness of their own path. Many have a great deal of frustration as they have yet to find the vehicle to prove to themselves they really are the individual they think they are.

We believe we are a part of God/Spirit/Source while we are both in spirit and physical forms and that Creator experiences life through us. If this is possible, we have each experienced everything in one way or another. Old collective consciousness from our past is attracted to us, because the consciousness believes we are part of its' vibration, and continues to follow us, knowing that we can help free it to be more than it is.

We think the combination of the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual realities is a key to healing ourselves and our past. In our healing practice, the first thing we do for the individual before us is release the primary energy or collective consciousness around them - which comes from their past times, or something that happened in their lineage, heritage, and/or culture. We then help them discover what promises or agreements they made in the past. Maybe it was a long time ago when they said, "I'm going to do something about sickness," or when they were a child who said, "I'm going to do something about sadness". We help them discover the part they had in creating the very energetic dynamic that still plays out in their present moment. This understanding takes us out of the victim role and proves to us that we are actually part of creation. It also makes it easier on the healer because we do not have to 'hold' destructive and negative energy in our own energy fields. We think that's why healers get hurt - by holding energy for themselves or others. It's our desire that every healer learn to stay safe when doing the work they love.

Our next newsletters will give some examples of the types of collective consciousness that different people, from different walks of life with different past experiences - and who don't know each other - are all simultaneously working to balance and capable of releasing.

As always, we welcome your comments.
Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

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