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*Are you ready to 'let go' of your past and release the 'imprints' of billions of energetic patterns from old thoughts, feelings and emotions? Your present moment reflects those past energy patterns - they do not have to predict your future.

*Are you ready to feel safe in your own space? *Would you like to be fearless when faced with anything - energetically invisible when needed? *If there is bad/evil/demonic energy, would you like to learn how to protect yourself by knowing what 'it' really is?

*Are you ready to free yourself and your family from karma or past lineage?

*Are you ready for an energetic release of spells and curses, entities and demonic control, earth patterns and the collective consciousness energies? *Do you want to learn about dehaunting locations, removing implants, ET and UFO negotiations, soul fragments and more?

*Are you ready for a quiet mind - to discover what 'ONENESS' really means?

*Are you ready to Consciously create a limitless future based upon what you DO want rather than a future based upon what you DON't want from your past?

*Are you ready to understand about creative energy in its purest form - to learn about creating with miracles?

*Are you ready to learn the truth about yourself - to being open to your own Higher Self?

*Are you ready to establish angelic connections and learn about past and future lives?

*Are you ready to cut through all the books, the teachings, the mountains of information and get to what is real for you in your day to day life?

*Are you ready to experience what millions on the planet have discovered? *Are you ready to learn more than you can imagine...

*Are you ready to learn from real teachers with almost 60 years of direct experience who walk their walk and talk their talk - real people who have been on the front lines dealing with the densest of energy on the planet (the dark arts) ?

Still curious? You may first want to experience Heart & Soul Healing for yourself - private sessions available. You may also want to join us in one of our many workshops and events.

If you answered 'yes' to any of the above questions, then maybe YOU ARE ready for something more.

It all happens during a 9-day intensive Course that will change the way you think, feel and BE in each moment of your life. The information you receive may be the very keys needed to unlock the questions you've been asking for years.

Join us for these experiences and more. Read what others have said.

For those facilitators of the healing arts, we offer a specialization that builds upon your own skills and provides a deeper and more powerful way to work with your clients!

ALL NEW: The Breath of Compassion - Healing through Transference from our newest book.

Certification in Heart & Soul Healing also offered. For more information on course dates, tuition, pre-requisites and lodging, visit , or contact us.

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