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November News:

Surrender to the Dream

November 2016 NEWS:
Surrender to the Dream

Does Anything Make Sense?

With all of the changes taking place in our own country as well as other countries around the world, both of us feel that it is definitely time to empty out the old to make way for the new.

It might be easier to just 'Start Over'. Because we have traveled and worked with many different individuals throughout the years, we find that some people put a lot of effort into just 'fitting in' with those around them.

What that does however, is cause us to adapt to those persons around us, and to their ways of being. When we attempt to move into the same space as other people, we first must move out of our present moment to find their specific place of being. In attempting to understand the way that others are in the world, we have become aware that basically - there is so much we do not understand.

Why do we work so hard to fit in or to be accepted? How does that make sense to our emotional well-being? How does that affect our physical bodies?

Think about that for a moment. Actually - working hard to understand others - to 'fit in' to the space that they occupy so we don't feel so alone - actually does not make any sense! This is what becomes the most challenging in our lives .

One thing we have learned from our clients and students over these past years: Nearly 80% of everything 'out there', - we don't care to be a part of: war, hate, evil, distortion, sickness, polarities between male and female, power and control issues etc. And yet, those conscious forms persist and actually increase because so many people will give energy to them every day.

When we hold onto an idea of what something must look like, or how someone must act, our own expectations can cause disappointment and sadness. Even when we judge ourselves, it's usually based upon what society, our parents, friends or coworkers, partners or spouses think about us. So why does that matter to us? What are our dreams made of? How do we surrender to our dreams and create the life we desire?

See what we mean? How does any of this make any sense? In one of our earlier newsletters we wrote: "Our choices have brought us to this space - an opportunity to start over, even if today, we don't know where that will lead us".

We all come from Source through different and yet unique paths. Each of us has memories and dreams that we can not explain, nor even perhaps rationalize in our present world. Do our dreams even make any sense? They hold a reality that our worldly selves may not understand - a key to the destiny of our soul - even the purpose of our life.

For us, it means continuing with what we feel is our job and what we know that job to be. We remain focused on what we came to do and be as present in each moment as we can be.

We also practice Lucid Dreaming for additional insights into ourselves. Slowly, not always within the timing we choose, some things can then begin to make sense.

Our dream state is another dimensional aspect of our own reality. From this place we are creating new realities and testing how they feel. We are living them, experiencing how we can change and whether change will take us to where we want to go. We are pre-testing in our dream state, testing ourselves for a new dimension of awareness, a different level in our own consciousness. We then can re-create our dream in our physical lives to see how everything plays out.

Lucid dreaming is a powerful method of creating. It is probably one of the most important things to practice every day. In this way, we can 'check in' to understand what in our physical reality may be hindering us, or keeping us from our dreams.

Understanding is the key to acceptance. Acceptance leads to compassion and the present quiet moment. Within that moment, we recognize our potential.

Slowly - we can awaken to our dreams.


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Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy


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