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September News:

The Higher Brain States

September 2016 NEWS:
The Higher Brain States

In our August 2016 Newsletter - we detailed the factors involved in balancing our First Four Brain States - what each brain state activates and how we can determine if we are fully working within our true capacity as human selves. Please read that newsletter first - to gain insights about your human self.

The Higher Brain States are activated once we are in balance with the Four Human Brain States - our Earth Training. (from our book: HSH - Energy Dynamics Vol.I)

These four higher brain states connect us to our inner wisdom, our Higher Self, and the oneness of Source. Many ancient mystery schools and cultures created specific techniques designed to move their initiates into higher awareness. These teachings originated with the Mythra sect and the civilizations of Ur and Sumner.

Throughout history both the right hand and the left hand mystery schools had been seeking the same thing: Spiritual enlightenment and physical immortality. Each of these ancient schools developed their own methodology to achieve that end. (It is the essential balance of these paths that brought about our 'Teachings of the Red School' workshops and book.)

The Four Higher Brain States are considered ‘extraterrestrial’ in nature. They are located and accessible through the usually non-active right lobe and are primarily focused for our future evolution.

Fifth Brain State: Activated when we move into multi-dimensionality - from a linear visual space to an all encompassing sensory space. Imprinted by ecstatic experience, sensory enrichment, sensual bliss and a perceptual delight.

Sixth Brain State:
In this realm, what is believed by the mind is true or becomes true within limits to be learned. At this level, one simply elects consciously, whether or not to share another’s reality model. Activating this brain circuit prepares us for direct feedback and telepathy.

Seventh Brain State:
This circuit ‘kicks into action’ when our nervous system begins to consciously receive signals from within the individual neurons of our DNA-RNA. The akashic records of Blavansky’s Theosophy and the collective unconscious of Jung are modern terms for this circuit.

Eighth Brain State:
This level represents cosmic consciousness - access to a quantum circuit that includes out of body experiences, astral projections and space-time perceptions without space-time constraints.

As we said in the previous newsletter: Only a small minority of the global population, those with sufficient leisure time, have accessed any of these higher states that are concerned with time: body time, brain time, DNA time, and quantum time. Who and how we are usually changes dramatically when we begin to access the four higher brain states. They also deal with energies within the human body, the nervous system, the DNA code, and the structure of the atom.

It is by accessing these higher brain states that we are able to activate our psychic abilities, bridge with past lives and other aspects of ourselves, and establish our conscious connection with our Higher Self.

During a Heart & Soul Healing Session, we assist each individual to balance the first Four Brain States, become aware of their multi-dimensionality and activate the the Four Higher Brain States.


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Ken and Nancy


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