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August 2014

The Art of Transference

August 2014 News:

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Asking Spirit 'Why?' is not always an easy path. The last several years have been challenging and yet, the information that came in has allowed us to look at this world in a different way.

Do you realize that when something emotional happens to you, there is an immediate chemical reaction - a funny taste occurs in your mouth, you hold your breath and get tense. Without even knowing it, you light up a cigarette, get something to eat or go do something...all to get back in control of your own emotions. Every person is affected in someway.

Where do these emotions come from? How old are they? Whose emotions become our own? What energy pattern do we subconsciously keep attracting in our life? Do our children pick up these emotions?

For these last several years, we have been practicing (and teaching in our 9-day intensive course) what we call 'the Art of Transference', helping to release old emotions by transmuting and transforming these old emotional patterns. This practice has allowed us to work with average/normal individuals having no spiritual or metaphysical background. We merely say: "We'd like to help you release old emotions". Some older clients (in their 80's) have openly wept with joy when hearing this. It's something they have known they wanted, but did not know how to release these emotions for themselves.

So why is it so hard to release old emotions? Because they are made up of our entire life history, back to the womb. Most of us would do just about anything to release our past. No matter how much we work on letting go, the past just keeps hanging on. We even attract new people who have the same old emotional patterns. When we were younger, we said other people were to blame for what was wrong in our lives. As we get older (or more aware), we realize that we are a part of the patterns we recognize in our life.

Practicing the Art of Compassion, we have witnessed another reality: more than 50% of the emotions people feel inside actually belong to someone else; and they have become these emotions. Where do these emotions come from? How old are they? Do our children pick up these emotions from us?

Old emotions come from our mother, her mother's mother and our father and his father's father. They are feelings, thoughts, expressions, opinions, judgments, projections and all manner of energetic dynamics from the world around us. This includes our environment, country, religion, culture, siblings, teachers, friends, co-workers, lovers, partners etc. Literally, everyone and everything in our life has contributed to the emotions that we carry around each day.

Our experience shows that often, we are being burdened by the emotional imprints of everyone and everything that we have ever encountered in our past.

If you could release all of your old emotions, what would happen to your past? Could you then heal yourself and help your family? Would that change the way you see your life and your world?

Emotions are the energetic vibrations of everyday life. If we change our vibration to a lighter or less reactive way of being, the emotions of our past can no longer affect us in the same way. We can break free of the patterns that have kept us hostage in the past and no longer need to re-create them. We can become invisible to the energy and emotions of our past.

Start changing your vibration to a lighter state by working with the energetic clearing technique and becoming liquid light. Stop the projections of others by changing the vibration of your name. Become less reactive and heal your DNA by activating your pineal gland with the Living Light Breath. These techniques work! Try them for yourself and begin your own healing.

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Ken and Nancy

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