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July News:

New Videos & A
New Revised Book!!

July 2016 NEWS:
NEW VIDEOS and a New Revised Book!

Thank you - to those of you who have subscribed to our Clear Light Arts YouTube Channel As of today - there are 20 new videos providing information on taking your power, keeping your vibration lighter, releasing negativity, healing your past, communicating with your Higher Self and much much more! We hope this will help you find your own answers about yourself.

As we mentioned in an earlier newsletter, our Canadian practitioner Dany purchased the camera and microphone so we could bring Heart & Soul Healing to more individuals around the world. This past month, he came to help with filming more videos. We are so thankful to him. He worked hard, not just on the newer videos, but assisting in cleaning up the grounds and doing the work that normally requires individuals who are a bit 'younger and stronger'. !!

To encourage more of you to subscribe and watch these videos, we want to offer a free gift: the -New, Completely Revised- book: 'The Way It Works'.

After 12 years, this best selling manual has just been updated with current information, new techniques and helpful ways in which you can support yourself along life's journey and your pwn healing path. The book has been changed to address and meet the needs of the chaotic times we live in.

Subscribe to the YouTube Channel and then write a short testimonial about Heart & Soul Healing and how the information/services have assisted you. Copy that testimonial and paste it into an email to us . We'll then send you a printable .pdf of the new book. If you are already a subscriber of the Clear Light Arts YouTube channel, then write the testimonial and send it to us. We'll send your free book.

Finding the quiet place within our mind and bodies is more important now than ever before. We've seen the chaos in our world damaging our nervous systems. If you belong to a group and would like to set up a conference call for your members, please let us know. We can discuss any subject or challenges that the members/friends in your group might be experiencing.

If you would like a remote (phone/skype) Heart & Soul Healing session, we can schedule that easily for you. From July 10 - September 10, all HSH sessions are discounted to $125.00. Watch the YouTube video about a remote (phone/skype) session and see if this is the right time for you. If you and a friend or family member together schedule sessions, we offer an even better discount! We can help you find your answers and the power within yourself.

We hope you enjoy watching the new videos and can't wait to share the revised book with you! Write and let us know.


Thanks for Reading.
As always, we welcome your feedback.

Ken and Nancy


Calendar of Events

NEW: October 15-23, 2017 - 9-day Intensive Course
Cleveland, Georgia USA

More specifics about this life-changing course.

Read testimonials from others.

If you have not attended a 9-day intensive course since 2007 - your training is not current and your certification is not up to date. Changes in the Collective Consciousness and the many shifts in energy that have occurred on our planet - REQUIRE that you be practicing 'The Art of Transference' during all HSH sessions. Join us now - update your certification - become an Advanced Practitioner and stay safe in your healing practice and gain more tools to help everyone else.


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