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May 2018

Our Heart Center

May 2018 News:

Our Heart Center:
Since the early 1990's, we've taught about centering in the heart; suggesting that individuals first come into balance with their human selves and the dynamics of their daily lives before attempting to remain in their heart center.

As we continue to work and explore with clients and students, we have come to realize that there is a lot of information being shared today about centering in the heart (or heart chakra).

Unfortunately, many people come to us after being taught different ways on how to center in their hearts - by opening outwardly rather than inwardly. They find themselves experiencing chaos, fear, disharmony and imbalance. These feelings were not only affecting them, but others in their family as well. This kind of intensity can cause anyone to become overwhelmed, like their life is out of control.

These insights are prompting us to share with you again -some things that we ask you to consider before centering in your heart - without first preparing yourself for the incoming energy, and creating a balance in your life circumstances.

Love of Self - the First and Most Important Step
Most people subconsciously do not love themselves unconditionally. It is this acceptance that allows us to remain in the heart. What we hear from clients and students is that 80-90% of them is afraid of being open inside their heart - for fear of being hurt again. Is it any wonder that we close down our heart, because it is too painful to be centered? We open our hearts outward to receive what we think is love - we close it down when it gets hurt by feeling life's emotions. Like a circuit breaker, we are shutting ourselves off and then turning ourselves on - over and over. No wonder we feel overwhelmed and fearful.

By not loving ourselves unconditionally, we remain in a denser, heavier vibration - continuing to gather even more dense, heavy emotional energy. This causes our nervous system to burn out, overwhelming our physical and emotional selves.

Key Factor of Unconditional Love
Learning the difference between 'sensing' what is energetically around you - without having to bring everything inside yourself - in order to 'feel' it. It is with 'feeling' that we become overwhelmed. Moving to your pineal gland with The Living Light Breath - and staying there for a few weeks before moving back into your heart, will show you the difference.

Factors that Contribute to Emotional Overload
Your family life (parents, partners, children), health issues (sickness, disease, age impairment, disability), economic and living conditions, job struggles (employers and co-workers), addictions (smoking, eating, alcohol, drugs - anything that hurts our body), death, divorce, separation, conflict in your own country. There are hundreds of other problems that can pull you away from your center. When we open our heart center outwardly, we expose ourselves to everything in creation - every type of emotion and all forms of energy. Without being in balance and loving ourselves, we can actually create chaos in our lives.

The reality: there are too many things here on earth that we don't need to 'feel' energetically and/or emotionally.

In our experience of working with Heart & Soul Healing through the Art of Transference, more than one-half of the emotions that people carry do not even belong to them; they have been imprinted by the emotions of their families, friends, relationships, work etc. Carrying around the emotions of others actually makes us feel like we are living in a microwave...too many feelings to process. It's hard enough to be open to the emotions we feel outwardly; even harder to expose ourselves to everything we feel inwardly.

Be Informed
It is good to be informed, so we have choices in life.
Energy consists of thoughts, ideas, opinions, judgments and all manner of emotions. Projections of energy are then placed on people/things/areas...

Over the last 30 years, lots of projections have been placed on:
1) The Merkaba. Called by different names in different cultures, this expansion of outward energy can overwhelm your nervous system and throw you out of balance;

2) Any Pyramid. Unless you have been trained to balance the incoming collective consciousness, you could unknowingly trap yourself in an old energy pattern, thereby affecting the weakest part of your body;

3) Centering in your Heart Inwardly before being in your Heart Outwardly. Here are some questions to ask yourself before opening your heart outwardly. If you move outward before you love yourself unconditionally, you can subconsciously pull in outside energy into those parts of yourself that you don't love. This can overwhelm your nervous system and in time, even cause physical challenges.

4) Practicing any type of energy/healing work. Make sure you are healthy (no stress or outside pressures) and in your space so you do not become vulnerable or reactive within the creative flow.

For years we have stressed that energy is everywhere and the only way to deal with it is to stay in balance.

Help For You
All these situations affect your connection to your Higher Self - therefore making it impossible to stay centered in your heart.

So you see - it takes getting the right information and learning the right techniques to be energetically within your own space before you open yourself to everything else in creation. When you leave a meeting or workshop (and the like-minded people around you) with an open heart, you unknowingly expose yourslf to outside energetic dynamcs. Be safe. You can open your heart - inwardly to yourself - and experience the spiritual connection you've been seeking.

Your Higher Self is a part of Source. It is vital that each of us become that lighter vibration. This happens when you are one with everything in creation - without fear. You then become your Higher Self, gaining a 'knowing/awareness' of your own creations.

More Help (yes - the techniques!!)
Life gets easier when you become invisible to old patterns. Loving yourself is the first place to start - using the Energetic Clearing Technique.

Become Liquid Light Technique - the truth contained within your cellular being - and avoid the projections of others.

Change the Vibration of your Name Technique- avoid the opinions, judgments, thoughts and feelings (projections) of others.

The next best way out is to become more sensitive and less reactive to energy. Move away from your emotions by first centering in your hara point (with the Living Light Breath), to heal your lower three 'human' chakras and develop subtle senses so your normal senses will not become overwhelmed. You can then activate your pineal gland to feel and experience the total expansiveness of your own universe, healing your very DNA. Stay in your pineal for awhile, then move back to center in your heart in a safer way.

Find each of these easy Techniques on our YOU TUBE CHANNEL and follow along as they are demonstrated for you.

Thanks for Reading. As always, we welcome your feedback.
Ken and Nancy

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