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April News:

Why Am I Here on Earth?

April 2016 NEWS:
Why Am I Here On Earth?

Loving Ourselves

Our work has taken us around the world to many countries, with different cultures, nationalities and religious beliefs. Yet the questions we hear remain the same: "Why am I here on Earth? What is my purpose? Why did I pick a planet and lifetime with so much pain and suffering?"

Perhaps a better question is, "Are we creators or are we victims?" Most people believe and behave as if they are victims. It's hard for them to believe they would purposely create the things that happen to them. As creators, we believe we are here on Earth to master all the conditions we, as humans, have placed on love. The situations we create in our lives allow us opportunities to master these conditions; We believe we return here over and over until we do master all the conditions we have placed on love.

Earth is a realm of dualities consisting of love at one pole and hate at the other. In between are all the other dualities we experience as humans: War-Peace. Joy-Anguish. Hope-Despair. Happiness-Sadness. Abundance-Poverty. Betrayal-Loyalty. Beauty-Ugliness. Dualities are the dynamic fields in which we compose the lessons we create for ourselves.

If we are here on Earth to master unconditional love, don't we also have to master love's duality - hate? How many of us have mastered the love-hate duality within ourselves? How many of us actually hate (don't unconditionally love) ourselves? Or even parts of ourselves?

We are not sure it's possible to unconditionally love another until we first learn to love ourselves. What we can do now, however, is have unconditional compassion for others while we are learning to have unconditional love for ourselves.

During a Heart & Soul Healing session, we assist others on their journey toward love, compassion, and to an understanding of their purpose here on Earth. The dynamics of many of our lessons about love often originate in past experiences, many of them held within our subconscious mind.

Does this mean that we have a past life? One thing we know - we all have a past. Whether past lives are linear or holographic life times, they are the way our subconscious minds create stories that help us look at and understand our present day lives in a different way.

We believe we are all a part of God-Source and the collective consciousness of all creation. If all of us are One and part of the Creator, sharing a collective consciousness, then we collectively experience everyone else's physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual realities. If this theory is true, then everything that has ever happened to anyone anywhere - at anytime - is also a part of us.

Perhaps this concept is too overwhelming because of the linear way most of us perceive our lives. So for now, let's agree that there may be past lives, or at minimum, we've had past experiences; and we have been on a linear path to this time and place. How does this understanding help answer the question of how we ended up here, often in the middle of so much suffering?

What if we saw, heard or experienced something in a past experience that made us want to say: I am going to do something about this situation if it's the last thing I ever do. What if the energy and feelings around that statement is still with us today? How would that affect our life now?

All of us have two spiritual tasks to address in this lifetime. We need to master unconditional love for ourselves and then, complete whatever promise we made to ourselves in the past. We begin this process by choosing our birth parents. Their energetic patterns are what initially attract us to them. Their energies and issues are the exact reflection of those conditions we need to master in order for our soul to evolve.

Most individuals subconsciously continue to use the same energetic patterns, first encountered in their parents, to attract people, relationships, and challenging situations to help them learn to master unconditional love. The love-hate duality is a major life lesson we all must master in our spiritual evolution.

We can free ourselves from past energetic patterns by loving ourselves as we are today - in spite of everything we don't like about ourselves - and then by having unconditional compassion first, for our parents.

Subconscious Patterns

It is apparent we have forgotten what we came to Earth to learn and master. Even if we do not consciously remember what our lessons are, they will still be drawn to us energetically. Whatever we attract in our business and personal relationships will reflect the conditions we are here to master in this life.

As we said, we chose our parents and others in our lives to help our transition from being pure spiritual energy into the physical manifestation of being human. They help start us on our way to mastering unconditional love here on Earth.

Most of us have only a few conditions left to understand and love in this lifetime. We test ourselves on our issues over and over by energetically finding people to reflect our issues back to us. Our subconscious mind looks for energy patterns similar to what we still need to master in our lives and attracts them to us like a magnet. The person now standing in front of us is a mirror image of what we need to look at within ourselves.

Everything that has ever happened to any of us must be understood emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and physically. At the moment of our death, we believe we go back to Creator and the collective consciousness to reflect on the lifetime we just experienced in our attempt to make sense of what happened. We always come to Earth to learn or teach some form of love. In order to understand the lessons of the life we just left, we start at the beginning when we were with God. We view our life like a movie and stop at every feeling and situation during its course that we did not fully understand.

If we master every condition we have placed on love, we can gain unconditional compassion for all creation. We come to Earth lifetime after lifetime and eventually experience everything that has been created. By experiencing all possible creations ourselves, we learn unconditional compassion for the creations of others -without judgment.

Judgments create separation from others, ourselves, and our Creator. When we no longer separate ourselves through judgment, and love ourselves unconditionally, others will feel that love in themselves.

Begin today by loving yourself - First!

Then, ask yourself the question: Why Am I Here On Earth? and get your own answers!


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Ken and Nancy


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