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March 2014

The 'I AM' Technique

March 2014 News:

*A NEW Technique
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*Change the Vibration of your Name
It is so important - vital and necessary - that each of us change our vibration to become lighter and therefore - less reactive to what is happening in our world. We've been asking you to use the energetic clearing technique, become liquid light and move your center to your pineal gland to heal your DNA (before centering in your heart). Yet we hear your stories, and many people are still feeling stuck and depressed.

The world is trapped in its own beliefs - each culture, country, religion, society, group and organization have their own ideas and beliefs. Many of us can not see or feel any way out of the space we are in and surely can not accept that we alone have created that space and are responsible for everything that exists in our own creation!

If we really want to feel free from old energy projections, imprints and old patterns so we no longer attract the same types of people and experiences - then we have to change.

Each of us have our own unique 'signature' vibration. We are constantly testing ourselves to see if we are ready to shift and change our vibration to a lighter, easier space. Surely staying in the same space and expecting a different outcome has not occurred. When we heal ourselves and our past, we can heal our future.  It can have a different vibration, a different outcome than the old energy of our past.  We would then be free to create without all the limitations that were placed on us by our past experiences and all the people in our lives.

Our signature vibration is made up of our personality, our DNA and everything from our past. It is also contained within our name. Changing our vibration includes changing the way everyone in our lives perceive us. We've moved forward yet for others, we still remain the way they energetically 'hold onto us' with their own ideas, opinions and judgments. So changing the vibration of our name can help free us from all projections, not just those in the past, but also free us from the projections of others in our lives today. Those projections connect with our signature vibration and we are then vulnerable to others who then tap into our energy.

Many individuals change their name when they want to change their life. That can cause an entirely new set of energetic dynamics to occur and rather than creating change, it can create chaos. What we are recommending is an easier, safer way to become the lightest vibration you want, without the expense, challenge or drastic measures.

Our name can become the lightest vibration, when we think of ourselves - change our own perception of ourselves - in ways that the world itself would neither recognize, nor become aware of. Our name must be so light that no one else can project or even think about us and use our energy.

*The 'I AM' Technique:
This simple exercise is best used when you go to bed, before you go to sleep each night. It requires only about three (3) minutes of your time, and will help you change your vibration within three (3) days. Continued use of this exercise, each and every day, will help you heal yourself and become a conscious creator.

First: Write down ten (10) things that you love, things that are perfect. Below are some examples, where we have two (2) or more things, just choose one (1) for yourself.

1. The Stars
2. The Moon
3. The Ocean, Lakes, Water
4. The Sunrise - its' Colors
5. The Sunset - its' Beauty
6. Nature, Flowers, Mountains, Walking in the Woods, Gardening
7. Sleeping in on a Rainy Day
8. Music, Dancing, Singing, Reading
9. Travel, Vacation, Train Rides
10. ... anything else in your life that you love... - just don't use anyone else
11. Your name - first and last name

Each night, say the same ten (10) things that you wrote down for yourself, finishing with your first and last name.

(for example):
"I Am the Stars, I Am the Moon, I Am the Water, I Am the Sunset, I Am the Flowers, I Am the Mountains, I Am Music, I Am Dancing, I Am Reading, I Am Travel, I Am (here add your name).

Then start over again at the beginning, so you are saying the same ten (10) things you love, plus your name at the end.

Don't show your ten (10) things to anyone -this is for you to change the vibration of your name to its' lightest potential. Your name now becomes a broader, more encompassing vibration, and no one in the world will think of you in this way. No one will be able to 'tap' into your energy anymore, based upon the way they have 'held you' in the past.


These are the four (4) techniques that we recommend to change your vibration entirely:
the energetic clearing technique, become liquid light, move your center to your pineal gland until you become safe to open your heart and change the vibration of your name.

Many Blessings,
Ken and Nancy

Calendar of Events

*Secrets of the Collective Consciousness: Workshop in Zeist, Holland - May 16-17-18, 2014 -

Based upon information from the Teachings of the Red School and The Third Eye of Horus Mystery School, this workshop is designed to help you experience a lighter vibration, become less reactive to what exists in your world - free yourself from your past - and learn to create from a space of conscious awareness.
This is the ONLY workshop currently scheduled in Europe for 2014 - with insights we know are NOT being shared by anyone else.


BEGIN PREPARATION: 9-day Intensive Course: September 20-28, 2014

Are you Ready?

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NOTE: If there is a subconscious program playing out that says ‘you do not deserve’, ‘you can never have’, or any other self-sabotaging statement – you will not be able to attract to you what you do choose and want.  Release old emotions, discover underlying beliefs, break old karma and realize your full potential.

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