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February News:

How Far Will You Go?

February 2016 NEWS:
How Far Will You Go?

Often when something challenging comes up, we question, doubt and second-guess ourselves. Is what we want or what we feel we must do -even worth it? Do we have the will to continue even in the face of resistance? Does persistence in our quest have meaning?

Here's a story from Ken's autobiography 'The End of Time'.

In 1984, a strange force pulled me into a store that contained thousands of crystals.  One in particular - a huge smoky mountain quartz crystal was so large I had to hold it with two hands. Inside was a phantom pyramid which pulsated. I knew we had a history together, that crystal and I, and I was to take it somewhere to reconnect it to Mother Earth for healing and vibrational change. Over the years, my experiences with crystals grew to understand that these earth gems hold immense amounts of energy and knowledge.

In 1985, voices on the wind in my own backyard chanted ‘Blue Lake’ over and over.  This was the sign I had been looking for. I wrote to the Taos Pueblo seeking permission to take this crystal to their protected ceremonial Blue Lake. This lake was energetically linked to sacred sites all over the world. Blue Lake was high in the Sangre de Christo mountains, sacred to the Taos Indians. My mother had been instrumental in the campaign to have the US Government return Blue Lake to the Taos Tribe. The Pueblo’s reply came on an imposing letterhead: War Council. They would not permit me to go to Blue Lake as they were fearful of black magic. 

I knew there had to be another way to help Mother Earth. Jimmy Reyna was an old friend of the Taos Pueblo Indians.  At about 60 years old, I thought he had heard everything. I told him what I felt drawn to do at Blue Lake.  He agreed to help and introduced Mariano, a 76 year old Kiva Indian in charge of the spiritual education of the pueblo.  Mariano asked for a medicine dream to show the truth of giving this crystal to the earth by placing it in Blue Lake.  He was told this could change the world.   Mariano said we would all go together at the time when the sun and moon joined. 

The weather was very cold, snow had been falling for hours. Not good weather to begin a quest.  Jimmy could only catch 2 horses for the trip.  We began the trail through the mountains towards Blue Lake with Jimmy’s horse out front and me sitting behind Mariano, holding onto the back of the saddle with both hands.  Along the river, a great snowy owl flew in front of us. We knew that owls were powerful medicine animals.  The Apache and Lakota believe the owl (Hinhan) represents death, calling the name of those whose time it was to die. The owl spirit (Hinhan Nagi) guards the spirit road, and those travelers not ready for the journey are kept on earth to become ghost wanderers.  

Snow continued to fall, getting steeper as we climbed upwards.  Crossing and re-crossing the river took us on paths overgrown with downed trees.  The trail seemed to disappear and our horses were slipping as we climbed/ Jimmy was in the lead, then Mariano and me.  I looked down to the river some thirty feet below.  Mariano’s horse slipped and began falling backwards, throwing me off into a downward roll for about 15-20 feet.  The horse continued trying to get balance.  His back legs caught on a fallen tree, causing both rider and horse to flip over and crash down the embankment towards the river.  As the horse contacted the tree, the tree slid downward to the river, pinning my leg behind its’ upward stump.  I was left hanging face-down, suspended over the river. Yet I was alive. Jimmy heard the crashing and screaming and rode back towards us.  He saw me hanging there and headed down to the river to check on Mariano. Standing in the foot deep icy water, he shifted the tree slightly so I could pull my ankle free.  The three of us felt like we had survived a war.  Mariano had unfortunately broken some ribs and we were forced to ride back down to find a clearing and make a fire. 

This journey had come to an end. I said that perhaps our accident was some kind of omen. Jimmy and Mariano shook their heads. They saw resistance as a positive sign, like the spring in a sapling. What we were doing was very important, they said. Otherwise, why had Creator seen fit to test us in this way? I knew that I would return to Blue Lake. I'd even wait until the time came when I heard that owl call my name if I had to, and I was taking that smoky quartz crystal with me.

A few months after that trip to Blue Lake, I began having trouble sleeping - hearing a loud hum in my head.  Playing music, unplugging the clock – nothing would diminish the hum.  Sitting quietly, I closed my eyes and released all thoughts. The humming became louder. Clearly, if I was hearing this sound, I must also perceive it on other levels. The more I focused, the louder it became. Opening my eyes, I walked to the glass display cabinet holding the smoky quartz crystal. It was creating a low, pulsating hum. Reaching for the crystal that had nearly killed me, I yanked my hand away – it was hot! Not knowing exactly what to do, I retrieved a pair of gloves and a shovel, dug a hole under a tree out back and buried the crystal, point down. That took care of the infernal hum.  It did nothing to release the crystal from my consciousness.

Jimmy and I had spoken on the phone a few times over the winter.  He wanted to join me in taking the crystal ‘home’ to Blue Lake.  Mariano was still mending.  All of us felt strongly that this was something needing to be done in accordance with divine order and the healing of Mother Earth.  We trusted that a gateway would appear.

Late in the Summer of 1987, Jimmy announced the time. The entire Pueblo trekked to Blue Lake once every year for important ceremonies. We would have a small window of opportunity after they left.  Jimmy’s friend Fred had told him about three shamans who'd come all the way from Mexico. The shamans, Jimmy said, had built a medicine wheel on the side of a hill overlooking the pueblo. Jimmy had been told they'd all heard sounds and seen dancing lights over the crystals that the shamans had used. The purpose of the medicine wheel, the shamans said, was to prepare for the arrival of a crystal. Jimmy gave me a significant look and I nodded. He hadn't told anyone about our quest; somehow these old men who barely spoke English knew. Meeting the shamans was delightful; they appeared ageless despite being quite old, and wore elaborately beaded buckskin robes. Unwrapping the crystal to show them, the setting sun made the crystal look as if it was a flame in my hands. The old shamans' eyes were as wide as saucers. This was the crystal, they explained to me in broken English, the reason they'd traveled to the Pueblo. I could feel the crystal throbbing. It had brought all of us together. We had traveled thousands of miles thinking we were alone, but we had been together the entire time.

The next morning Jimmy and I set out on horseback.  Climbing up beyond the tree line, we saw Blue Lake below us. The down-hill path was steep enough to dismount and lead the horses.  My anticipation grew.  Finally I was going to complete something that had driven me for years and had risked three lives in the process.

Reaching the lake, we stepped towards a flat rock jutting out into the lake.  Mariano had gifted feathers from different birds and Jimmy had wrapped them around the crystal inside corn husks tied with leather laces.  A white buckskin pouch filled with sacred corn meal had been given to me by Cradle Flower (Mary Schlosser).  We honored the four directions of the earth with the corn meal. Jimmy chanted Pueblo songs and began to dance.  The lake surface was smooth and crystal clear.  After an hour of prayer and ceremony, we moved to the tip of the rock with the crystal.  The lake began to ripple, spreading in broad circles from a central vortex.

The hum that I had heard in my house was audible and growing louder.  Putting my hand on Jimmy’s shoulder, he threw the crystal directly into the center of the vortex in the lake. Instantly, we were hit by a blast of energy like a hurricane.  I felt the energy inside myself changing, moving up an octave, like the scale on a piano.   It moved from my heart upwards to my throat. Jimmy’s asthma was triggered and he was lying on the ground grabbing at his throat; yet he waved me away.  The ripples on the lake were larger and the hum was louder. Kneeling down, I hummed a tone equal to the sound coming from the lake and then attempted to move the tone higher.  The next thing I knew, I was lying on the ground next to Jimmy. As soon as I had tried to raise the pitch of the sound, I had pain in my third eye, as if a knife had struck me.

Slowly, Jimmy and I looked at each other and grinned.  We both felt as if we had fallen off a train. Listening to the hum of the lake, we rested until it was time to leave.  Making our way back to the trailhead, I saw something that nearly made me fall off of my horse. The trail was lined on both sides with the ghosts of hundreds of Native Americans. They stared up at Jimmy and me, their faces shining with joy and gratitude. I felt my own heart singing, in resonance with them. I knew what we had done was big, but now I knew that it was really big, big enough for a parade even. My eyes brimmed with tears as we rode slowly past them. Both men and women were there and all of them were wearing ceremonial costumes.

Over the years, I received more information about what really happened at Blue Lake that day. The final piece came on my last visit to Taos. For several years residents of Taos had complained about a mysterious hum. A congressional inquiry, and a number of scientific investigations later, the "Taos Hum," as the newspapers dubbed it, continues to frustrate residents to this day.

In August of 1995, Jimmy and I met again.  Conversation quickly turned to the subject of the noise that everyone seemed to be able to hear but no one had been able to record. "You know what it is, don't you Ken?" Jimmy said.   I thought about it for a moment. Then I looked at him - hard.
"It's the same noise, right?" he said. I nodded slowly. He was right. It was. Exactly. The Taos Hum – the Hum of Mother Earth.


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Ken and Nancy


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